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How to Register np Domain Free in Nepal

How to Register np Domain Free in Nepal is a free given by mercantile Nepal. Many people don’t know we can register domain free or free website in Nepal.

Actually .np domain in Nepal can be freely registered. No need to pay out any amount on registration. Mercantile company in Nepal offers .np domain registration service freely.

As said earlier, Mercantile Domain Registration is a domain registration service for Nepal. The services include DNS pointing, booking renewal, transfer, etc. It takes care of all aspects of the domain such as booking, renewal, DNS pointing, DNS transfer, etc.

For .np domain registration, there are two criteria that must be fulfilled by you:

  • Local presence: You must be in Nepal when you are registering for the domain.
  • Name: The domain name must be directly linked to your name if it is for personal use and must be based on the name of the company, organization, or brand name if it is for business use.
How to Register np Domain Free in Nepal
How to Register .np Domain Free in Nepal

As said earlier Domain registrations under.NP ccTLD is free of cost.  Follow the following steps for the free .np registrations from the Nepal technology guide.

Steps to Register np Domain Free in Nepal

STEP 1.  Go to Website

Go to this site to directly to  Register ( . This is the mercantile official site.

STEP 2. Enter Domain Name

Enter the domain name and choose an appropriate suffix from the drop-down list (Example-, .net, np, etc.). Follow Policy For Domain Name Registration Under NP CCTLD

STEP 3.  Go to Domain Basket

If your domain is available to drag the box of your domain name to the right side into the domain basket

STEP 4.  Enter Username and Register

Fill forms details with username, email and click “Register”

STEP 5. Check Email

Check your email. An email from Mercantile subject “Hostmaster – NPccTLD Registration Services”. Open your mail and must click on the link for confirmation.
** Note that if you don’t check or click that link within 3 days, the domain registration will be canceled.

STEP 6. Login Domain Account

The new form will appear, fill up form details. and login to your domain account.

STEP 7. Log in Mercantile Domain register site

You can log in to with your username and password.

STEP 8. Give Administrative Details

Fill out your administrative details (Name, address, admin email, admin phone, admin mobile number) and it’s for your company details (Org name, Org address, Org email, Org Phone, Org mobile). Click “Submit”
  • You will have to provide information regarding the domain name, full name, e-mail address, contact number, address, and primary and secondary name server. You will have no problem providing this information. For the domain name, use your name or the company’s name.
  • Provide your full address in the respective field. The primary and secondary name server is required so that you can host your web page in WWW (World Wide Web). There are many free web hosting services that you can find.
  • You can use their primary and secondary name servers. ” If you are confused, just enter in the primary name server and in the secondary name server. 000Webhost is the company that has been providing free web hosting services and is very popular as well.”
  • Then you will have to upload a file for the verification. The size must be <800 KB. So, you should have a scanned copy of your required documents beforehand. For personal domain, you can use your citizenship card, license card, or passport.
  • For the organization domain, you should have documents regarding registration of the company/organization, citizenship, and application for requesting domain in the company’s letter pad.

STEP 9. Upload Request Letter

After that upload a request letter (if you are a company you will need a request letter typed in the company’s official letterhead) and a scanned copy of your Nepali Citizenship card (for organizations you will need a copy of the official registration certificate)

STEP 10. Domain Approval

Once the registration process is completed, your application will be verified by the host-master. If all the information details and request letters are correct, your domain will be approved within 1-2 working days.

STEP 11. Wait for the Approval 

 Mercantile will let you know by email whether your domain is approved or not. Free .np domain registration in Nepal
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