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How To Make Instagram Profile Pictures Bigger ? – Easy & Free

Making the Instagram profile pictures bigger make your Instagram more alluring to your follower. Let’s Learn this tip to make your picture larger with ease and free. By this, you can view Instagram profile pictures big. 

The Mobile Application and the Instagram app do not allow you to enlarge an Instagram profile picture, regardless of whether or not you follow the person who posted it. And, at times, this can be irritating; for example, I know a few people on Instagram who have the same name and exact usernames, making it difficult to tell them apart if the profile is private.

The majority of Instagram users browse the platform on their smartphones, and if you happen to come along with a profile picture, it’s a tiny 50*50-pixel image in a circle that can’t be clicked or able to zoom in. It should be easy to view Instagram profile pictures smoothly which may need to know How To Use Instagram effectively

Increase the size of your Instagram profile pic on your computer’s desktop

Instagram is designed to be used on mobile devices, but it can also be accessed through any desktop browser. If you want to look at the profile picture of a particular account, you can do so right here as well as elsewhere.

The inspect elements option is not recommended because it can only display the already compressed image, which is approximately 150px wide, and therefore is not useful. Instead, we’ll use an app called, which can retrieve a high-definition image from Instagram using the API. The app is functional on both the web and mobile devices, which is fantastic.

view Instagram profile pictures big size
view Instagram profile pictures big size

To look up a user’s profile picture on Instagram for Insta Zoom, open a web browser on your computer and navigate to in your web browser. To view Instagram profile pictures good follow these steps keenly.

After the app loads, simply type in their Instagram username and press enter, and the app will display all of the relevant users’ accounts for them to follow. When you click on the desired profile, you should be able to see the profile pic in high definition.

Insta Zoom

Instazoom is a website that is used to download Instagram Profile Pictures, all you have to do is go to the website on your phone to get the website. You’ll notice that the app doesn’t have many options; it simply displays a text box in which you can type your username and a gallery of profile pictures to browse.

To look up a profile, simply type the username into the textbox and hit the enter button. You’ll be presented with a list of all the possible results that are similar to the username you just entered. Select the one you’re looking for by tapping it.

You can now clearly see their high-definition profile picture using Insta zoom and identify who they are. If you want, you can even download their profile picture by selecting it and pressing the download icon. When you search for a profile in the website, it appears as your search history, which you can delete with a single tap. To delete all of your histories, simply tap the Delete All button at the bottom of your screen.

Qeek Enlarge

Qeek is another related app for Zoom Insta that can be used to enlarge an Instagram picture on both Android and iOS devices. Like Instaprofile, you can easily look up a profile by its username and then download a high-quality Profile picture from that profile.

From your Android or iOS device’s Play Store or App Store, you can download and install the app to your device. Open the app and enter your username in the textbox at the top of the screen. The profile would be loaded into the app, and you could then tap the Full-screen button to see the Profile Picture. In order to view the Profile Pics in high definition, you would need to make a $1.99 one-time in-app purchase.

Increase the size of your Instagram profile pictures.

This is one method of viewing the profile pics of strangers who may have begun following you at random on social media. It is always possible to ask people who they are, but it is much more useful to simply look at their profile picture. To obtain the profile picture, you can use any app that is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Increase the size of your Instagram profile pictures
Increase the size of your Instagram profile pictures

To make and view Instagram profile pictures bigger, Instaprofile can only retrieve the profile pictures of users with the help of Instagram’s own API, which is not publicly available.



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