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How to add the share button below post title easily?

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the biggest platforms for bloggers where we can create free blogs. This blogger was First developed by Pyra Labs, which then was bought by Google company in 2003. Millions of free blogs are on air on Blogspot for a long time. From the food, technology, medicine, health hygiene, engineering, artist, all kinds of blogs can be found in Blogspot. 

How to add share button below post title easily

How to add the share button below post title easily. blogger tips

These Blogspot have nowadays had the hacks and tips to modify which makes it more powerful to the blogger. We can add the different blogger templates and modify them according to the way. In the same way we can put the share button below post title easy without any hacks or codes.

Adding these buttons to your Blogger blog is fairly straightforward and easy. It can be simply done by adding the default social widget in the layout option of the blogger from the administration panel . This social sharing widget will contain four sharing buttons which include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon. As Google has already discontinued google plus, this icon is removed I think. 
These social media are playing a very great role. they help to connect with your online reader by increasing the readership over your blog. 

Besides that in that same setting you can use the email option below the post title in the same way. 

Here are the working steps to add the share button below the post title easily. 

Step 1: Log in to your blogger and go to blogger dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the blogger layout. 

Step 3: On “blog posts” click “edit”. 
  • Now you can the layout window; 
  • scroll down you will see “Arrange Items”.
  •  You drag the items so drag the share buttons and place them below “Post title”.

 Step 4: Save layout settings and view your blog. 

You are now done with the fastest share button placement below every post title and you can see the share button just below post titles of your Blogspot post. 
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