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Hair Dye and Breast Cancer Risk to be Known

Hair dye and breast cancer Risk to be known not only female, but it’s also one of the essential to men too. Recently most young people use dye mostly so let’s know these can lead to breast cancer risk or not.

Hair dye and breast cancer Risk
Hair dye and breast cancer Risk

What is breast cancer and Hair dye relation?

Breast cancer is commonly diagnosed as the most cancer in women. It simply starts with breast cancer lumps during the lifetime.  Data represent approximately 1 in 8 which is about 12% of women develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

If breast cancer is detected early and treated promptly, the chance of a successful recovery is greatly increased. Radiation for breast cancer treatment, triple-negative breast cancer treatment, and surgical treatment of breast is the treatment of breast cancer in the early stage.

But when there is late presentation then this treatment is not possible and it spread out enormously lately causing death.

In the developing country society, it is believed that the female can only have breast cancer but obviously the male breast although they have the remnant of breast tissue, they are also prone to have breast cancer. Lots of breast cancer risk factors are still there too.

Although there are fewer data showing breast cancer in males, the high-risk group is female with breast cancer lumps.

Now we are discussing here the hair dye and breast cancer risk to be known by the females as well as male. Most of the young females in their lifetime get hair dyes by using the different chemicals used dyes. Let’s know about the type of dye generally used.

Hair dyes and Hair Dyes Types?

To know Hair dye and breast cancer Risk or breast cancer risk factors, lets first Know about hair dyes and its types. Hair dyes are simply the chemical make-up for the hair. Sometimes need Hair Restoration Shampoo Best Sellers to make good selection for good dye There are three major types of hair dyes we can find.

  1. Temporary dyes:

    • They cover the surface of the hair and they don’t penetrate into the hair shaft.
    • last for 1 to 2 washings only
  2. Semi-permanent dyes:

    • they do penetrate into the hair shaft.
    • typically, last for 5 to 10 items of washing.
  3. Permanent hair dyes:

  • Also called oxidative dyes
  • These dyes cause chemical changes in the hair shaft.
  • This dye is mostly used hair dyes,
  • typically, last for a long time. remains dyed until the hair is replaced by new growth.

If we see which one is cancer risk according to dye type, mostly semi-permanent dyes and permanent dyes are mostly prone to cause cancer.

In the same way, the darker dyes are a high chance for cancer as these darker dyes use more chemicals that are the sort of  Hair Dye and Breast Cancer Risk to be Known

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What content in hair dye causes cancer?

Some hair products like coloring dyes contain more chemicals. These chemicals include mutagenic and hormone-disrupting properties. So, these unwanted chemicals used these days can cause cancer especially saying it can cause female breast cancer in women.

Most of the studies on the hair dye products showing that there is an increase in the risk of cancer like leukemia, bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and breast cancer.

Who is prone to hair dye and breast cancer risk?

Different studies showed that the following person mention are prone to hair dye and breast cancer risk.

  • Those females who use hair dyes regularly
  • Those females who are exposed at work time

There had been lots of studies regarding the hair dye and its association with breast cancer in females. Most of the studied done nationally and internationally had shown the use of permanent and temporary hair dyes are prone to have increased risk of breast cancer

Some studies have shown that certain chemicals used in hair dye induce tumors and tumor aggravating in the mammary glands of rats and same study  showed that the hair products and breast cancer in human populations have produced negative results too.

Again the studies in the analysis of 5000 women study showed that with the use of permanent hair dye and the hair straightening chemicals are associated with a higher risk for breast cancer than those who never used. Moreover, the risks are particularly pronounced more among black women.

A study conducted by the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) also found that women who regularly used permanent hair dye were 9% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who didn’t. This article was published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Cancer

Overall we can say that the hair dye which could be permanent or temporary is highly prevalent mutagenic chemical exposures that can lead to a higher chance of breast carcinogenesis




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