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7 Best Facebook Widget Plugins For WordPress

Facebook widget on your WordPress website can make your presence felt to your customer. Try these best Facebook Widget plugins to make your website more engaging.

Almost every brand and business has made a solid social media presence nowadays. In fact, social media has become a major marketing touchpoint and interaction platform to increase communication between brands and their customers.

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular platforms that is growing tremendously and being leveraged by all the big labels to new start-ups.

Brands and businesses are making complete use of social media and leveraging Facebook marketing for establishing their place.

In such a scenario, the content created by the brand users on Facebook, especially while using their products and services or while tagging or mentioning them in their posts is extremely valuable for brands and is being used for increasing their reach, sales, and engagement level.

Best Facebook Widget Plugins For WordPress
Best Facebook Widget Plugins For WordPress

Keep reading the blog as we have mentioned the best Facebook widget plugins which you can embed Facebook feeds on your WordPress website.

Let’s get started!

  1. Taggbox Widget Plugin

The first on the list is Taggbox Widget Plugin. Taggbox is a User-Generated Content and a social media aggregation platform that enables users to fetch content from various social media platforms including Facebook, curate it and embed it on their WordPress website.

The plugin offers its users the ability to customize the Facebook widget as per their convenience and preference. The users have the option to select from various colors, fonts, templates, and various other branding options.

This responsive plugin also offers an advanced content moderation panel to its users for monitoring the content and also to ensure premium and high-quality content before publishing it on the website.

The analytics option allows the users to get insightful details into the performance of the Facebook widget on the website.

These details give an insight into the total impressions, behavioral analysis of the users, the number of clicks and users, and other important insights.

Taggbox provides complete assistance and support to its users if they come across any hindrance or technical problems while using the plugin.

  1. Social Warfare

Brands and businesses are well aware of the significance of putting Call-To-Action buttons to improve the brand reach and the interest of the users in the brand.

This plugin allows brands to put CTA’s on the website following share buttons.

Social warfare also tells the users, the number of times, their content was shared. It shows the accurate number of times the content has been shared by the users.

  1. Blog2Social

If you are looking for a Facebook plugin that can seamlessly schedule the posts is Blog2Social. This plugin is extremely useful since consistent postings on social media are important or else the users can feel the need to unfollow the platform.

The plugin also has an in-built social media calendar to remind the user about the regular postings. So that the users can achieve their desired results on the website as well as from social media.

  1. Easy Facebook Like Box

Another easy-to-setup and use Facebook plugin for WordPress is the Easy Facebook Like Box. This is one of the easy to use among Facebook Widget plugins which has various customization options to enhance the look of the feed.

You can easily integrate your Facebook feeds on the website in the form of a Facebook widget by generating a shortcode.

The plugin offers multiple responsive layouts to the users to beautify the Facebook widget as per their preference.

Overall, the plugin is extremely easy to use and has proven to be useful for all its users.

  1. Custom Facebook Feed By Smash Balloon

An amazing and extremely responsive Facebook feed plugin is the Custom Facebook Feed which is a very user-friendly plugin.

The users have the option to completely customize their Facebook feed before publishing it. According to the overall look and feel of the website.

The plugin offers users the option to display as many feeds as they want. Moreover, the plugin is mobile responsive and friendly.

  1. Flow-Flow Plugin

Flow-Flow is a responsive and easy-to-use plugin that integrates content from major social media platforms including Facebook feeds.

The plugin allows its users to publish as many feeds as they want on their website.

The users have the option to update live feeds from Facebook to their website.

So, Flow-Flow is an exceptional plugin. It’s a good choice for all the users who wish to embed their Facebook feed to their WordPress website.

  1.  Web Facebook Feed

This plugin has a widget version as well. For WordPress users, this plugin fulfills your demands among all other best Facebook Widget plugins.

You can embed Facebook feed onto your WordPress site. That means this WordPress plugin enables users to add as many Facebook feeds as they want.

The users can simply connect their Facebook page with the website and the plugin automatically updates the website with the latest updates on the website. If the users wish to utilize more advanced features from the plugin, then they need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

If you want to drive traffic to your website by using Facebook widgets, you should have knowledge regarding  Business Page Facebook Tips.


Final Conclusion

We have reached the end of the blog and as mentioned at the beginning of the blog. These  Facebook Widget plugins are best for you if you are using WordPress.

Displaying Facebook feeds on the website can prove to be extremely beneficial and useful for brands. Because it helps them in gaining the trust of the users, increase engagement, and also escalating sales of the brand.

Here are a few plugins that can help the users seamlessly display and integrate their valuable Facebook content on their website which helps to embed Facebook feed on your website.

All you need to do is select your preferred plugin and start making maximum use of it to reap the benefits!



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