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Thrive Your Online Store with an eCommerce Integration System

An eCommerce Integration System has a wide range of specialties. One of which is the online store system. In this omnichannel world, where retailers are trying to establish multiple touchpoints, expand their customer base and increase revenue, opting for a POS integration system is a must.

To fulfill customers’ expectations, retailers have to establish a seamless buyer’s journey from online to offline and vice-versa.

And, this is only possible when you have your systems in place with eCommerce Website Development.

Opting for a POS eCommerce integration, the system bridges the gap between your online and offline store and automates manual workload.

Thrive Your Online Store with an eCommerce Integration System
Thrive Your Online Store with an eCommerce Integration System

Benefits of Opting for a POS eCommerce Integration System

Connecting a POS and eCommerce can help you in many ways:

1.   Automate product management

If you have an online store, you want your sales data to be automatically populated into your POS. This becomes easy when you use e-commerce connected with a Point of Sale System.

The integrated solution helps streamline product management and updates near real-time changes into the web inventory. An automated product handling system saves time, minimizes cost, and improves efficiency in performing other tasks.

The integration ensures that your store inventory and web orders are in sync, thus removing any possibility of over-selling and order cancellations.

2.   Make more accurate decisions.

Having an on-point reporting system helps you make faster and more accurate decisions. When you establish a POS eCommerce integration channel, all your customer data gets recorded on your dashboard.

You know exactly what products sell the most when people visit your online store of eCommerce Integration System, what promotional techniques work best for your business, and many such insights.

Such user-intent data help you make accurate decisions and focus on creating a seamless experience for your customers.


3.   Improves order fulfillment

The integration ensures that your web orders and POS are in sync. So, changes made on any of the platforms would automatically be updated in another. This improves the overall order-processing efficiency at the back-end.

Plus, handling your product data and not having to manually update it, is its biggest advantage. You also have real-time access to your inventory, which is important when selling via Buy-Online-Pickup-in-Store(BOPIS) or Click-and-Collect model.

4.   Build an omnichannel platform

Establishing an omnichannel platform opens a gateway to untapped customers. Statistically, retailers using more than one campaign had a 287% higher purchase rate than any single-channel campaign.

This eCommerce Integration System also offers you accurate data that are crucial for cross-channel promotions. You can set up customized discount coupons for online and physical stores and track the numbers via your user dashboard.

5.   Get updated & personalized customer data.

Like any other technology you integrate into your business, they all help in understanding your customers better.

Your e-commerce integration system is just the same.

The platform continuously records data that helps retailers understand their customer’s buying behavior and offers tailored recommendations to market them effectively.

Maintaining customer data promotes customer acquisition, higher retention rates, better customer visibility, and improved data quality.

How To Integrate Your Online Store With POS?

The easiest way to do this is by opting for a POS eCommerce integration system. These platforms act as a middleware that integrates POS with your online store. However, with so many options available, retailers struggle to find the best integration channel that salvages complete business requirements.

Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based platform that enables retailers to sell online and synchronize their online store with their POS. It offers varied POS choices and e-commerce channels.

Octopus has helped hundreds of retailers automate their workflow and set up an omnichannel platform as Ecommerce Integration System.

Reach out to us and learn how 24SevenCommerce is your ideal POS eCommerce integration partner.



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