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Custom Corrugated Boxes | Every nitty-gritty thing you need to know about

Custom corrugated boxes are the Custom Packaging Boxes used for packaging with professional designs that are ideal for shipping and packaging is popular and widely used. Let’s know every nitty-gritty about it here.

What are Custom Corrugated Boxes?

Custom Corrugated Boxes are the cardboard boxes used for packaging products during shipping have changed drastically over the last few years. Not only do these sturdy boxes serve as a vessel to hold and protect your product, but they also provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness through creative branding on their surface area.

These boxes are not just simple wrapping paper anymore: they’re a way of adding personality by designing your own box with different shapes and sizes (and even colors!), so you can give any product its character – whether it be business cards from an event or coffee beans from Brazil!

know about Custom Corrugated Boxes
know about Custom Corrugated Boxes

Why demand for Custom Corrugated Boxes?

The demand for custom wholesale corrugated boxes has increased since online shopping was first introduced in its current form because it not only helped keep purchases safe from external conditions but did so much more than that too. The design possibilities are endless with all those extra surfaces available.

There isn’t anything you can’t fit onto one if you put some thought into it or get professional help designing one specifically made just for. you can find wholesale corrugated boxes in a bulk with cheap custom corrugated boxes if you are shipping lots of things as well.

The standard cardboard boxes that you purchase at your local big-box store are not always the best option for packaging much of anything. There is a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, so make sure before ordering some custom-made cardboard boxes as best custom packaging boxes that they will fit what it is you’re trying to package up neatly!


Different attributes of custom corrugated boxes

When you need to transport items of all shapes and sizes, corrugated cardboard is the perfect material. These are the best custom packaging boxes for shipping purposes, these boxes are designed in various ways with various features depending on what they will be used for. For example, shoe designers use them when transporting shoes from one place to another; office supplies like paper or magazines can find their way inside the custom-made boxes as well!

Since the weight of a product can change, you need to customize your packaging box accordingly. It would help if you always do some research before investing in a particular type because different weights require custom boxes that offer differing degrees of protection and durability depending on what needs they serve best.

The corrugated medium in these boxes is called fluting. Fluted boxes are made of three layers of paper that combine to make a single box, which can be compressed between two liners. The raw material used for constructing this type of fiberboard mostly consists of recycled paper and is created on an enormous machine called “corrugator.”

These boards have many uses, but their main use would be as a pulp source due to their ability to break down over time into new resources when needed again and again with great precision without any damage occurring during the production or recycling process


Types of corrugated boxes

Single Face:

These are called corrugated mediums. One line is glued together with this material, and we can use them to make boxes or things that you need a strong, protective surface for, like CD cases.

Single Wall:

Placing glue between two pieces of wood to make a flute is an easy task that you can do at home.

Double Wall:

The two flutes are glued to three boards, creating a seamless and sound-proof box.

Triple Wall:

The three medium flutes glued to four-liner board sheets.

Different medium of Corrugated Boxes

  • A Flute: This is a standard flute with a density of around 33 flutes per 12 inches.
  • B Flute: This flute has small wave architecture that comes with 47 flutes per 12 inches.
  • C Flute: This flute lies in between A and B flutes. This flute has thick waves and provides 39 flutes per 12 inches.
  • E Flute: This corrugated box is on the strong side. It provides a very thinner wave design of 90 flutes per 12 inches.
  • F Flute: This corrugated box is the strongest of them all. This box has very dense waves of 123 flutes per 12 inches.

Designers can adjust the compression strength, cushioning strength, and the total thickness of a combined board by mixing different flute profiles. For example, you could have one layer of A-flute medium with two layers of C-flute medium inside your triple wall design.

Different type of Corrugated Boxes


Regular Slotted Container

This package is called a Rectangular Box, and it has four flaps. The two outermost, length-wise flaps are one-half the box’s width, so they meet in the center when closed. Two shorter end pieces fold down to close off either side of this rectangle shape at each corner after you have folded up all four sides into their respective creases line on top as shown below:

Fold open (length) flap over twice for edge protection; then unfold to create three sections by folding both ends inward towards the middle like an envelope with the opening facing upward. Fold short edges tightly against long ones from above.

Full Overlap Container

This box is the same as an RSC with one exception: both sets of outer flaps entirely overlap each other to cover this container’s full width and height. The wider flaps and extra thickness on top, bottom make it a better option for products that need more protection than just what you get from a standard cardboard box.

One Piece Folder

This is a square-shaped box with two folds. It can be folded into the shape of a book and has an unbroken surface on top to place documents or other items inside it.

Full Telescope Design

FTD cartons are designed with a special “Top and Bottom” design that creates two separated trays. When you pull the top and bottom apart, they create flaps on either side of the box to join together at one end or in the middle for more strength when stacking items inside it.

The full-depth cover slides over both sections securely, providing an additional protective layer around all sides for your most fragile products while also making them easy to stack any way possible!

Types of corrugated boxes
Types of corrugated boxes

The Bottom Lines

There are many corrugated boxes available for any product. The design of the box will depend on what you need them to do, but it’s important that they match your needs and challenges as well.

When designing a new packaging solution or upgrading an old one with more options than ever before, talking with professionals can help ensure success in both function and style!

The demand for customized corrugated boxes has increased since online shopping was first introduced in its current form because it not only helped keep purchases safe from external conditions but did so much more than that too.

With all those extra surfaces available, there isn’t anything you can’t fit onto one if you put some thought into it or get professional help designing one specifically made just for what you need. Visit Stampa Prints to find the best-in-class Custom Corrugated Boxes today!








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