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How to Control Computer Remotely in Windows 10 ?

Control computer remotely in Windows 10 without other Tools can be one of the features in Windows 10 you may not know. Also called RDC(Remote Desktop Connection)  You can do it in few steps and enjoy controlling the remote computer. 

Generally, Remote computer access to other computers can be done remotely over the internet with your computer. This is one of the easy computer tips.

So, the requirement for connecting the remote computer, you should have an internal network or internet to do it smoothly. The speed of the network also plays a good role in the remote desktop connection in windows 10. 

How to control Another Computer in Windows 10 without other Tools ?

Why do You need to Control Computer Remotely? 

Remote Computer Access is mostly used by computer technicians and business owners to guide their clients and employee. In the same way, the teachers also used this service to teach the students as well. Computer technicians use this service in order to install drivers and programs by sitting remotely. 

For the computer technician, they control to remove or computer on the other end for the repair of the computer also. 


How to remotely control computer?

There are lots of tools available for controlling the other end computer remotely. These are also called remote access software.  Some of the tools widely used are Ammy, Remote PC, Teamviewer, any desk and etc. 

Some of these programs need to buy to get the full version or you can use the limited version of this remote access software. 

If your operating system is windows 10 then, you don’t need to install or use these third-party tools for remote control or assess another computer.  You can do without them as well

We will be discussing the step-by-step method to control Another Computer in Windows 10 without other Tools?

How to control computer with remote access in windows 10?

To control Another Computer in Windows 10 without other Tools, you should know that there is an inbuilt feature in Windows 10 itself.
Windows 10 has lots of inbuilt software and application we are not aware of it. For this also you can use this feature easily. It is that we have to know it just properly and can get the benefit of this service on windows 10
The inbuilt control computer remotely is one of the features in Windows 10  which will help you to control your computer remotely and access programs and  Windows devices. YOu can take control over this remote computer and do different tasks you want. Let’s follow up the simple steps for it.

Steps to Control Computer Remotely in Windows 10 

Here are the steps for remotely control the computer in easy steps. here you can follow these steps to contral or get access the remote computer

Step 1: At First, Go to the system settings of your Computer with the Windows 10  Operating System. System setting is the place in the computer where you see lots of default settings for your computer. You can modify them as well.

Simply you can do it using a shortcut way as ” click  Windows Button of your keyboard then enter ‘System‘ by typing. It will open the system properties window automatically

Step 2.In the system setting, select the Remote Settings on left most side of the Tab as shown in the picture below.

Remote tab on System on windows 10
Remote Tab on the system in windows 10

Step 3. Now you have to enable the Allow remote connections to this computer option which is on the Remote desktop division below.

Step 4.
Now get your IP address and username. An IP address is an internet protocol address which is a long number separated by a dot.
To get your computer IP address you just need to open Command Prompt and give the command “ipconfig “
Now you can see the IP address and username there. you need to remember this or you can note it down.
After getting this information now go to another computer when you can to connect or assess with as following steps. Go these steps slowly as well.
Step 5.  Go to another computer with Windows 10 operating system for the Remote Desktop Connection
Remote Desktop Connection windows 10
  •  Press “Windows Key” from your keyboard
  • Type “RDP” then you will see Remote Desktop Connection click on Remote Desktop Connection there. A window will appear as below


Step 6. In the above RDC, window type the target computer IP address in the first box and the Computer Username in the second box.
Step 7. Click to Connect. Now a popup will appears and enter the Password of that computer and then click on ok.

Summary  and Finals

Now its finishes. now you will be accessing the desktop of another computer from your computer. Control computer remotely is easy to do. Just you need to know some simple steps. 
Now you can perform all the computer tasks like copying, selecting, pasting, opening programs, deleting files and programs, text, and so on.
Also, you can use remote access software as an easy computer tips well. Enjoy freely.

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