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5 Career Opportunities After Completion of Certificate III Childcare Courses

Childcare Courses have become one of the growing sectors in Australia Over the last few years, It has become an opportunity for open job opportunities for thousands of individuals.

If you complete Certificate 3 in Childcare Perth from a reputed institution, you can easily get a job in this industry and build a successful career with a good and attractive lump of dollars. 

Whether you like to work in a residential home or a child care facility center, it is crucial to know everything about your profession. Childcare Courses In Melbourne are the gateway to getting good jobs.

Career Opportunities After Completion of Certificate III Childcare Courses
Career Opportunities After Completion of Certificate III Childcare Courses

This blog discusses the top career opportunities that will be available once you finish the childcare courses


Early Childhood Educator

Early childhood educators (ECE) are teachers who have specializations in working with young children, including toddlers to children of six years of age. As an early childhood educator, your role will include giving care and teaching basic educational skills like reading, vocabulary, and writing.

In addition, you will also be required to develop their base of social interactions and make sure the toddlers and infants get a safe and clean environment for learning.

Usually, early childhood educators find jobs in daycare centers and kindergartens. Jobs are also available in community centers and companies that aim to provide day-care services to their staff. The basic responsibilities of an educator in childcare courses are as follows.

  • You will need to prepare and plan the curriculum according to the requirements.
  • Once prepared, those plans must be implemented for the overall development of the children.
  • Appropriate teaching methods must be used to meet the needs of each child.
  • You will also need to monitor the children to identify any behavioral or cognitive difficulties and apply necessary correctional methods, accordingly.
  • In addition to behavioral patterns, you will also need to monitor the development and progress of every child to see whether the teaching goals are met.

Currently, the average annual salary of an early childhood educator falls in the range of $34000 and $80000.

Play Group Supervisor

The role of a playgroup supervisor is to take care of the daily operations of a playgroup and lead a team of staff. A primary objective of a playgroup is to create a stimulating, fun-filled, creative, and safe learning environment so that children can intellectually, mentally, and socially develop according to the policies and procedures of the playgroup.

In a word, you have to play the role of a leader here. Child care courses in Perth will equip you with all these technical skills and expertise to boost your career growth.

As a playgroup supervisor, you will be required to fulfill the following responsibilities.

  • You will be responsible for planning and implementing the curriculum required to make the foundation of the children’s learning. Remember that you have to work together with your staff to make those plans.
  • Developing a healthy and safe environment is necessary for the children and the staff members.
  • You have to submit hard-copy documents whenever necessary and make sure all staff documents are submitted within deadlines. 
  • Make sure all playgroup policies are properly met.
  • As the supervisor, you will also need to interact with the parents, providing satisfying customer service.

The average remuneration of a playgroup supervisor is between $17 and $25 per week.


Childcare worker

A childcare worker is responsible for providing care to children at child care centers. They are the work with limited time hours. You have to take care of the child in the centers.  Responsibilities include:

  • Feeding them daily meals.
  • Reading to them.
  • Help in writing skills
  • Playing with them and engaging more
  • Managing their daily play activities.
  • Helping them develop cognitive skills.

Studying Certificate III in Childcare courses will help you learn these skills through classroom-based teaching and practical hands-on training in a workplace environment. Other important responsibilities will include the following.

  • You will need to teach children about hygiene. They must learn to wash hands properly whenever necessary is one of these responsibilities. 
  • Every child needs to follow a daily routine, and as a professional, it will be your duty to supervise that.
  • You may organize social activities to keep them occupied and develop their social and communication skills.

The current weekly salary of a childcare worker varies from $21 to $25, based on their experience and skills.


Family day care educator

As the term indicates, the role of a family daycare educator involves providing high-quality child care services at their homes. Family day education is a challenging part of ChildCare Courses. Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Providing and maintaining healthy and safe environments for children
  • Promoting social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of children
  • Helping children develop positive views about their lives and growing self-confidence
  • Meeting the specific requirements necessary for a quality childcare
  • Interacting with their family members to encourage productive and positive relationships
  • Meeting the needs of cultural diversity

Based on your experience and skills along with the childcare courses certificate, your average weekly salary will be around $24.

Nanny or educator

Completing a Certificate III course will also help you find a job as a nanny or an educator. If you choose this profession, you will be expected to take care of all the needs of children and domestic requirements. Usually, children below 4 years of age are taken care of by a nanny, whose duties will include:

  • Feeding the children
  • Settling them to bed
  • Reading books and stories to them
  • Changing the diapers whenever necessary
  • Bathing them
  • Washing and ironing their clothes
  • Preparing meals for them
  • Cleaning utensils and washing them after their meals
  • Shopping necessary items
  • Transporting children to school and other places for activities
  • Scheduling and dressing them for occasions
  • Organizing creative activities
  • Keeping their bedrooms and play areas as much clean as possible
  • Developing appropriate discipline for them
  • Helping them follow daily routines
  • Doing light household activities

The salary of a nanny is awesome and it is given on an hourly basis.  you can earn more with this job with great satisfaction. Right now, the average salary is around $20 per hour. 



Usually, two child care courses are available in most TAFE colleges in Perth. After completing your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, you may enroll in the Diploma course to increase your technical skills and knowledge.

Extra technical skills will enhance your knowledge and you can get more job opportunities after this course on childcare. Moreover, they value your childcare course certificate more.

Before enrolling, you must look at the necessary course details on the college website. Get full knowledge over it before applying it and start your upcoming career. 





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