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MBBS in USA for Indian Students: Check Advantages and Disadvantages

MBBS in USA for Indian Students: An Overview 

America, or the USA is one of the developed countries in the overall healthcare system. Known for its world-class medical facilities and experienced doctors. Studying in the USA is a dream of many Indian students as the country is well developed and thus provides ample opportunities to the students it offers technologically advanced infrastructure, global exposure and renowned and skilled experts to guide students, ensuring they have everything they need for maximum development. MBBS in USA for Indian students is an excellent choice, and in this blog, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages along with the cost of MBBS in USA.

  • In the United States, entrance to the MBBS program requires a bachelor’s degree in medicine or its equivalent, with an overall GPA of 83–86%.
  • Additionally, you must submit NEET results that are above the 50 percentile and pass the MCAT exam with a score of 511 or higher.
  • According to the QS Rankings, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale are the best universities in the United States for MBBS students.
  • In America, the average MBBS tuition cost is approximately USD 52,000 (INR 43 lakhs).
  • You can apply for a three- to five-year residency program after earning this degree in order to start working as a doctor.

Why Choose America for MBBS? 

Studying in top medical universities such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, and Bridgetown International University is no less than a dream for Indian students for several reasons. One such reason is that medical universities in the USA provide global exposure to tech-advanced classroom learning. The mbbs course duration in the USA varies from university to university. 

  • Graduates of the MBBS program in the United States are exempt from the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) and are eligible to practice in India.
  • With approx. With 1.8 million job openings in the healthcare sector each year, the USA is creating more opportunities for medical professionals.
  • US medical universities provide excellent education and consistently rank at the top for MBBS studies.
  • MBBS in America is recognized by the WHO, ECFMG, and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).
  • The unemployment rate is only 3.8% in the USA, which ensures career stability for graduates.

Top Medical Universities in the USA

1. Harvard Medical School 

2. Stanford University 

3. Bridgetown International University 

4. Yale School of Medicine

Advantages of Studying MBBS in USA 

Quality Education

US Medical Education is well-known around the world for setting the standard and creating some of the world’s best medical professionals, as well as providing cures for some of the most life-threatening diseases. The US Medical Curriculum makes a significant contribution to industry standards and ensures high quality education.

Clinical Experience 

Clinical experience is an important part of American medical education. The schools prioritize hands-on clinical training, exposing students to real-world medical circumstances. This exposure begins early, allowing students to use their knowledge in real-world settings, interact with patients, and build critical skills.

Globally Recognised Degree

US medical degrees are globally recognized. American medical degrees provide graduates with a wide range of professional prospects around the world, including the ability to practice in many countries.

Lower Competition

Medical universities in the United States face less rivalry than those in India. Indian students face relatively low competition for entrance exams. Indian students who score poorly on the NEET can easily gain admission to famous MBBS programs in the United States.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in USA


Studying at top universities in the USA is comparatively cheaper than studying here in India. As the cost of living, personal cost and tuition fees is high for Indian and other foreign students. Therefore, this is one of the disadvantages of some students studying MBBS abroad. 

Language Barrier 

Universities in the USA teach in English, and if you are not proficient enough in the English language, it might be a demerit for some Indian students. 

Cultural Change

There are significant cultural changes in America. Adapting to a new culture, lifestyle, and customs might impact your educational performance. Many cultural niches frequently witness cases of homesickness, social isolation, and loneliness, which have an impact on students’ mental health.


Q1. What MBBS scholarships are available in the United States?

Yes, students are given scholarships by the medical school of the specific university. Non-profit organisations that help the healthcare sector also offer scholarships to medical students.

Q2. What happens if someone does not qualify for NEET but wants to study MBBS in the United States?

You can still apply to US medical colleges if you wish to pursue an MBBS in the country but cannot meet the NEET eligibility requirements. Students must complete the qualifying requirements and take additional examinations, such as the MCAT, to be considered for admission. Pursuing an MBBS in the United States can be expensive, and scholarships and financial aid are quite competitive.

Q3. Which country offers better MBBS programs—India or the United States?

The United States is a preferable alternative for MBBS studies due to the availability of globally recognized colleges and cutting-edge infrastructure. However, attendance costs more in the United States than in India. As a result, the choice between India and the United States for MBBS is entirely subjective.



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