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5 Chief Tools For Integration Of Google Reviews On Website

Today Google Reviews plays a big part in the decision-making journey of potential customers. It has a huge impact on your potential customers to decide whether it will be worth choosing your business over others in the competition. As per the study of ReviewTracker, 63.6% of individuals go through Google reviews before visiting a business. 

Thus, not only for the customers but Google reviews have become a crucial factor for the business as well for generating customer loyalty and leading traffic to their website. That is why businesses nowadays embed Google reviews on website as the best marketing solution. 

However, the question that mostly troubles budding businesses is how they can integrate Google reviews on their website. So, this article is the answer to the question. 

Many prominent aggregator tools are there in the market that help you with the integration. But this article has talked about the chief tools 

Keep reading this article till the end to know about each of them. 

Here Is The 5 Ranking Tools For You

You may think that all tools are the same and have similar features and prices but that is not the case. To choose a perfect tool, deep research is important. Thus, this article has created a curated list of aggregator tools to save you time and effort. 

Without wasting more time follow the below list to choose the tool that best suits your business requirements. Using this tool you can definitely boost your conversion by seamlessly embedding the Google review widget on website

  1. Tagembed

Starting the list with one of the best aggregator tools Tagembed. This tool is the popular choice of businesses and marketers for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. This dynamic tool enables businesses to collect the best reviews from the top online review platforms like Google. Not only that it offers you a smooth step-by-step integration process as well. 

It has to offer you the most advanced customization features that let you design a review widget that matches the style and look of the website. Businesses can change the theme, layout, background, font color, font size, etc choosing from the numerous options. It comes with more than 10 layout options like grid, slide, etc.

It has other customization options as well you can add a CTA button to your widget. One of the best features of this aggregator tool is the profanity filter which enables businesses to choose which review to show and which to hide. The best part is that all this can be done by anyone even those who don’t have any coding language thus it is a fully codeless tool. 

Pricing: Tagembed is quite budget-friendly for your business. Starting with a free plan you can avail of the services Tagembed between the price range of $19 per month to $119 per month. 

  1. Endorsal.io 

The next aggregator in this curated list for you is Endorsal.io. It is an efficient aggregator tool that focuses on automatic collection and showcasing of Google reviews on your website. This tool is targeted to help all kinds of industries with the process of integration. 

Endorsal also comes with great features like reviews pop-ups, creating attractive Google review widget and automatically updating reviews on the website and social media sites. It is a modern aggregator tool for modern businesses like you. 

You can easily maintain the identity of your business online by creating a review widget as per your style using the customization features. However, one of the initial issues of this tool is that users need to learn the use of this tool. 

Pricing: The pricing of this aggregator tool ranges from $39 to $349 per month. 

  1. JustReview 

The third aggregator tool in the list is JustReview which is a powerful solution for the business to collect and embed customer reviews. This tool is very dedicated to gathering reviews from numerous well-known review platforms which also includes Google reviews. 

This tool is best used for industries like service companies and e-commerce. It can also work with numerous domains and unlimited pageviews. However, businesses need to pay attention to each pricing plan and the cheaper plans come with several restrictions. 

Pricing: The pricing of this tool starts from 49 euros per month and it has a free plan as well. 

  1. Reviews.io

The fourth aggregator tool is Reviews.io which is a versatile tool. This aggregator tool has the ability to collect, manage, respond to, and analyze customer reviews. This tool has the ability to gather reviews for businesses to showcase on their website from numerous online review platforms. 

This tool provides the best solution to mainly e-commerce brands. One of the drawbacks of this tool is that from the perspective of a simple company review tool some of its features are irrelevant. Also, this tool feels a little bit pricey as compared to others. 

Pricing: The price range of this tool is from 99 euro to 499 euro per month.

  1. Trustindex 

Trustindex is the fifth aggregator tool in the list which is also a great choice for your business. This aggregator tool can able to collect reviews from numerous online review platforms including some of the well-known ones including Google Review. 

This tool offers the business with good customization options. The tool of Trustindex is specially targeted to agencies that deal to maintain multiple websites at a time. It has an affordable price plan. 

Pricing: Its pricing is different according to domain starting from $65 for one domain, $125 for 5 domains, and $349 for unlimited domains yearly subscription. 

Wrapping Up

This article has discussed about 5 aggregator tools that can be used to integrate Google reviews on your website. Each of them has a different pricing plan and unique features. It will help you to select the one that best suits your business needs. 

Thus, using these tools you can boost your conversion and increase your customer base.

What are you waiting for select the best and catapult your business.



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