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10 Best Ways of Whiplash Prevention

Whiplash prevention is far better than its treatment. The best way to prevent this injury should know if you are a vehicle owner and you drive yourself. Further, you may need good whiplash treatement.

Whiplash is an injury to the neck during the rare end collision of a car most commonly. When collision or accident the neck is extended followed by flexion which causes the neck structure injury.

Most commonly the neck structures included are neck muscles rather in severe cases it can include nerves, vessels, and event bone overlying.

10 Best Ways of Whiplash Prevention
10 Best Ways of Whiplash Prevention

This information will surely help to overcome for reduction of the injury forms it. They are being collected as conclusion tips from different researches and articles.

1. Always Wear your seat belt

Wearing a seatbelt correctly is the primary prevention of whiplash injury. Keep in mind that you should wear it on every ride. The Wearing seatbelt correctly makes you be in a good position during the collision and accidents. There is more prevention on use of it properly

2. Do not drive close to the steering wheel.

Sitting too close to steering is more likely to cause ribs fracture, bruises on the chest while hitting your body with the steering wheel. There can be wrist and arm injuries and facial lacerations if the airbag opens too.

There will be less chance of injury in a rear-end collision if your head is close to the headrest. The more your head moves the more injury you have due to more impact force on your

3. Lean towards the door of your car or the center of your car

By doing this there is a chance of having lower back injuries and keep in mind that but the injury is less when you are sitting square facing forward.

4. Drive with limited speed

While you are driving always keep the limited speed. It is also one of the safe driving rules. High-speed driving has a high chance of accidents and a high chance of whiplash injury. Always drive slowly. No matter you will reach your destination safely with low speed also. So, don’t hurry on driving.

5. Never put your foot up on the dashboard

By doing so, there is a high risk of dislocating or breaking your hip. In the same way, even Your knee can thrust into your face and hit badly to you. Safety driving is important for all. While driving be on discipline to avoid such accidents. Always follow the safe driving rules

6. Put a child car seat

Children are prone to be injured while driving in the car. Better put on the child car seat. They will have an appropriate belt that is made for the child’s safety.

Putting the proper car seat makes prevention for injury to the child. There is more prone to get neck injury in a normal type of car seat. The child car seat gives more child safety as well.

7. Adjust Head Restraint

Always adjust with the proper head restraint to protect from a whiplash injury.  The top of restrain needs to be at the top of the ears. Too lowering of higher head restraint increases the more chances of injury.

The head restrain should be at least about 3 inches from the back of your head. When there is an uncertain collision, the head restrain will protect your head and when seated and driving in the vehicle. And the active head restraint significantly reduced the spinal rotations as well [Source]

8. Drive Too Close is dangerous

While driving It is better to leave a safe distance between your car and the next vehicle ahead of you.

If it stops suddenly, you don’t to slam the brakes urgently which helps to lessen the whiplash injury. It is one of the  safety measures while driving too

9. Be Fit while driving

Keeping fit yourself is good for being healthy. People who are fit are less likely to get injured. If even get injured, then there is faster healing from such injuries.

10. Don’t Drink and Drive

Accidents are identified more with drink and drive. It is not the safe driving rule. Driving with drinking alcohol is more prone to accidents. When you are driving with a drink, there is more uncontrolled of your vehicle which can have more serious injuries. Severe whiplash injury symptoms are due to this type of reason. So Don’t Drink and Drive!

More about whiplash :

Common Whiplash symptoms

  • Stiff Neck causing difficulty to move the head
  • Mild, moderate, and severe neck pain (in some cases only)
  • neck stiffness and difficulty moving your head.
  • Headaches on and food

Whiplash Treatment

A doctor can treat whiplash symptoms with painkiller medicines. Depending upon the intensity of pain and injury, You can use different medicines for it.

Sometimes you can also use stronger painkillers like codeine, opioids may be needed. Besides pain killers, some skeletal muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications. But you should keep in mind, use these medicine with the guidance of your respective doctors. Sometimes the medicine can have side effects as well.

When the whiplash symptoms are not improving through these medication therapies then a combined approach can recover the whiplash symptoms. The combine approach team include

  • Pain specialist
  • a physiotherapist
  • Psychiatric doctor for the psychological support

It should be kept in mind that prevention is better than treatment so, here also Whiplash prevention is more important than its treatment. Explore more over it.

We can prevent Whiplash beforehand also. Although whiplash is due to rare end car accidents, it is hard to prevent as well. However, above 10 easy  whiplash prevention protect yourself from the injury

Now a day due to lots of vehicle traveling, this injury has become common among minor to major problems during motor vehicle accidents. We here are going to know how it can be reduced during your drive or while you are traveling through any vehicles.

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  • Whiplash injury is due to rare end accidents most commonly on cars.
  • Whiplash prevention is more important than the whiplash treatment
  • Adjust head restraints, Drive safe with a proper belt, not driving close, and don’t drink and drive are major things to keep in mind to prevent whiplash symptoms.


Dr. Saroj K. Suwal is expertise an Orthopedic surgeon in Nepal. He has been writing the different health-related blogs and post


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