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8 Useful websites for studying for Beginners

Useful websites for studying for students – Includes links to free online tests and study guides, as well as textbooks, videos, and additional study tools.

Students always need various educational materials during their studies. Previously there was no choice for them they had to depend on textbooks, libraries, and teachers. But nowadays, due to the easy availability of the Internet, this situation has completely changed. We can easily find study websites with good study materials for each and every subject.

useful websites for studying
useful websites for studying

In the current situation, the solution to any problem is on the Internet for all. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you learn for free.  However, when we focus on finding the study material for students, it’s easy to find anything over the internet. There are lot of stuff over there however, choosing a suitable website and content is the most important issue in finding the right information.

The following list of 8 websites for studying includes many of the most popular, most useful sites for studying in school. They are useful for different levels from studying primary to study O level online. These are great places to start for beginner students when you need an easy way to review your class notes and textbooks.


Paper  Writer

Students have to write on different topics according to their syllabus. At that time, you may be confused about what to write and how to write it. The paper writer will help you to write and help you easily. This website can be the solution to your problem.

Paper Writer is a way to meet writers who are writing professionally and people who need to write. Here you can find writers who can write on every topic.


This website is very useful for studying the courses of major universities in the world at home. This useful website for studying as Best university courses are available on this website. Where students can acquire new skills and knowledge in subjects.

You have to sign up to study those courses. Most of the courses available there are free. But if you need a certificate, you have to pay


If the students expect excellent results, then the things they write should be original. it increases the originality of writing by discouraging intellectual theft. This website prevents you from plagiarizing intellectual property.

This website checks for plagiarism in various articles you write. While writing you may have taken material from various sources. Which may be stolen without your knowledge. In such a case, this website will be very useful for you


Writing is very important in student life. Even the written article is bad or needs many revisions. Editing and revising become more and more difficult as writing skills are not developed in students.

But to solve this problem for students, Studify has come as an option. It has a huge collection of essays, essay samples, writing guides as well as many other aspects of writing skills you need to know like essay editing.

Apart from these, there are experts in almost all subjects here. Who can help you review and edit the articles you write


TED Talks

If you want to take your creativity or ideas to new heights, then this website will be very helpful. On this website, you can find thousands of videos and talks from different speakers. This is a helpful website for studying for the students from the video. These study materials are available in more than 100 languages.


Accuracy in writing is most important. It plays a role in making your article quality. Grammarly will be very helpful for this. It will check your accuracy and also give you the necessary suggestions for grammar and spelling.Apart from that, it also helps in sentence structure.



Students need old things during their studies. Be it an article, a book, or something else. If you don’t get what you want, it affects your studies. Archive can be useful for this purpose. It is a digital museum with lots of content This is a very good website for studying.  In this, we can find old books, movies, software, websites, and articles that have been published in different periods of time. you can select the best one. Also, you can have the best reference for your study.


Students have to work on various projects during their studies. graphics are also needed for the student during the study. Canva can be a very helpful websites for studying time. On this website, students can easily create the graphics they need.

For which no knowledge of graphic design is required. Designs that are already ready can be used on the website by modifying them as per the need.



As said earlier The internet is full of websites that offer online classes, tutorials, and resources to help you study. You need to Find the best sites to help you learn anything from the English language to computer programming. This compiled a list are the best websites for studying for the student at the beginning



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