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Understand UPSC Syllabus With Tathastu ICS

Understanding the UPSC syllabus is crucial to civil service success, and aspirants need to create an individualized preparation strategy while honing exam-ready answers through plenty of answer writing practice.

Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive study materials and expert guidance. In addition, Tathastu assists aspirants in selecting an optional subject which fits seamlessly with their General Studies preparations and overall exam.

Ancient & Medieval History

The Civil Services Preliminary Exam, or CSE Prelims, is a screening test designed to gauge your aptitude for IAS officership and serves as the gateway for candidates looking to enter this profession. However, scores achieved on CSE Prelims do not count toward final ranking; rather this exam comprises two objective-type papers – General Studies (GS) and Civil Services Aptitude Test, also referred to as CSAT.

The General Studies paper covers ancient India and medieval India history as well as geography, art and culture, Indian politics, science & technology, environment & ecology as well as current affairs to provide aspirants with a complete view of our global world and how it relates to India. This enables aspirants to gain a holistic perspective of our planet and its impact upon us all.

This period saw the beginning of music as an art form and led to many celebrated musicians like Amir Khusrau and Baz Bahadur emerging during this time. Additionally, Islam and Christianity emerged, prompting changes in attitudes and lifestyles during this time period.

This period witnessed seismic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and cyclones as well as population decrease. With new dynasties and kingdoms emerging during this time period – both contributing significantly to India’s cultural heritage – new dynasties and kingdoms also emerged to contribute greatly. Additionally, the GS paper covered important socio-economic topics including trade growth as well as industrialisation and agriculture development.

Indian Economy

India, as one of the fastest-growing economies, is an undisputed economic power. Its size will allow it to surpass China as the most populous nation by 2035 and its deep domestic market will act as a powerful engine of growth. But India must focus on lowering inequality while aligning its development path with global goals for climate change mitigation, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Civil Services Examination comprises both a preliminary exam (screening test) and mains exam that include essay, general studies and optional subject paper questions. With only six attempts available at this test, candidates should start their preparation immediately in order to increase their chances of qualifying for Mains examination.

Tathastu IAS offers a holistic and integrated approach to UPSC preparation. Their courses have earned a stellar reputation among UPSC test takers, featuring personalized mentorship and doubt clearing sessions with faculty mentors. Tathastu IAS Academy also offers the CSAT Foundation Course, IAS Mastery Course and IAS Accelerate programs to accommodate individual learning styles and schedules.

Aspirants for the UPSC Mains Exam must familiarize themselves with its syllabus to plan a successful strategy for taking it. When selecting subjects to study in Mains exams, Tathastu ICS can assist in this decision by offering insights into popular index and scoring potential of various subjects as well as overlap with General Studies papers to maximize time and effort efficiency.

Security-related Issues

The UPSC Civil Services examination is one of the premier competitive exams in India. Students from across all academic disciplines strive to excel in it; however, preparation can be daunting due to its complex syllabus and exam pattern.

The examination consists of three phases, with an objective-type preliminary test, main exam and interview following it. Only those who pass the preliminary test advance to take part in the main examination – comprising essay, English and general studies papers as well as an optional subject paper. Final selection will be based upon performance in these exams as well as interview performance and preference order of their chosen subjects.

Cyber security has become an increasing global concern. Indian armed forces, private companies and individuals all work tirelessly to keep our nation secure; IAS officers aspiring to join must stay up-to-date on current topics related to ISP by keeping informed with resources like Ashok Kumar IPS’s book Challenges to Internal Security of India for additional insight on this topic.

Tathastu ICS assists aspirants with selecting an optional subject that aligns with their interests, strengths and available resources based on historical trends, toppers’ choices and success rates for various optional subjects. We help select subjects based on past trends analysis as well as toppers’ choices if required.


Governance is an all-encompassing concept with application across every facet of human endeavor. Society has undergone social, economic and geological change over time to become an organised state that relies on laws, rules, and power systems for its successful functioning – this topic falls under Indian Polity and Governance in GS paper 2.

CSAT (GS Paper 2) is an objective-type exam with 200 questions that cover a broad spectrum of subjects. Each correct answer earns two marks while incorrect responses deduct one-third. Unfortunately, scores on GS Paper 2 do not count towards final merit lists.

Before beginning their UPSC preparations, aspirants should thoroughly understand the Syllabus. In addition, they must learn effective revising techniques – it is advised that limited number of books are read multiple times rather than reading all available titles at once on any subject matter. Furthermore, aside from NCERT books they should use advanced textbooks and study materials to gain an edge over competitors.

Selecting an optional subject is a key decision for UPSC 2024 aspirants, and Tathastu ICS’s expert mentors can assist in selecting one based on your interests and strengths. We analyze overlap between subjects as well as popularity index and scoring potential ratings to help ensure you make an informed decision that increases the chance of success.



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