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Understand The Role of Brake Fluid for Your Motorcycle

Maintaining your motorcycle with regular service and change of parts is something unavoidable. To experience a long-lasting riding pleasure, you ought to maintain your bike with regular change of parts and buy online bike accessories.

Out of all the important tasks you need to perform for maintaining your bike, taking care of brake fluid is also relevant. We guess, you hardly check the brake fluid, even though you regularly check the brake lever, brake wire, clutch lever, engine oil, brake shoe, suspension, spark plug, and other parts.

As you already know, the braking system is an integral component of your motorcycle that assures riding safety and complete protection. Having the required quantity of genuine brake lever is an important thing to do.

So, here in this blog, we will be highlighting the importance of having a necessary quantity of brake fluid in your bike.

What is Bike’s Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a kind of hydraulic fluid inside the brake’s fluid container. It helps in the seamless movement of brake calipers, ABS control valves, and cylinders. Brake fluid is used to make your bike’s stopping condition efficient and hassle-free. With the required quantity of high-quality brake fluid inside, you can rest assured to stop your motorcycle well on time.

Importance of Motorcycle’s Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is an important component of your motorcycle that requires regular replacement every year or at the most every two years. To be precise, brake fluid plays a crucial role in a bike’s braking system to work effectively and quickly. In a way, brake fluid transfers the force on the entire braking system after you push down the braking pedal to stop the bike. The liquid pressure or the moisture that brake fluids create in the braking system immediately stops the bike. It further helps prevent corrosion inside the braking system and increases the shelf life for long.

Understand the Role of Brake Fluid

For a better understanding, let’s get to understand the working phenomenon of brake fluid inside your bike’s braking system.

  • As a rider, you press the brake pedal which exerts pressure on the brake caliper via brake fluid.
  • The brake disk then slows the rotation of the wheels.
  • In a way, brake fluid is an in-between part of brake padel and brake pads that allow you to stop the motorcycle well on time.
  • The higher the amount of brake fluid, the quicker would it be for you to stop the bike.
  • Even harsh brake pedal pressing conditions can stop your motorcycle.

Key characteristics of brake fluid:

  • High boiling point.
  • Prevent damage to metallic and rubber parts.
  • Maintain both high and low engine pressure.
  • Offer optimum lubricating performance.

Different Types of Brake Fluids You Should Know

In general, brake fluids are of two types namely glycol-based and silicone-based. DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 are glycol-based brake fluids. On the other side, DOT 5 is silicone-based brake fluid which is commonly used in motorcycles these days. Well, every type of brake fluid has a different boiling point. So, the more the boiling point of a brake fluid, the better it is for you to add to your motorcycle.

For reference, DOT 3 has 140 degrees celsius of boiling point. On the other hand, DOT 4 has 150 degrees Celsius, DOT 4 Racing 204 degree Celsius, DOT 5 220 degree Celsius, and DOT 5.1 187 degree Celsius.

Which Is the Best Place to Buy Bike’s Brake Fluid?

When it comes to buying high-quality brake fluid for your motorcycle, you can rely on the offerings of authorized dealers to lay hands on genuine products. However, when it comes to buying spare parts online, you shall get access to the two-manufacturing platform. For instance, eShop Hero Motocorp is a trusted platform for you to buy brake fluid for your Hero bike or scooter. On top of that, you can lay hands on other quality products of your Hero two-wheeler on the same site. Fortunately, the eShop Hero Motocorp platform offers a genuine range of bike parts, accessories, and even flexibility to buy online bikes.

Concluding Thoughts

Bike parts form an important basis to ensure a seamless riding condition ahead. Specifically, the braking system must be robust and efficient enough to provide instant bike-stopping performance. Improve the functionality of your motorcycle’s brake with high-quality brake fluid. Depending on the type of motorcycle you have, lay hands on a particular choice of brake fluid.

For your convenience, the eShop Hero Motocorp platform is available to buy genuine quality Hero bike and scooter spare parts along with accessories. Rely on this automotive commerce site to buy original products at an affordable price range.



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