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Triple Wall Corrugated Box Manufacturers: Avon Containners

Triple wall corrugated boxes are the strongest and most durable packing alternative available.

Avon Containers Pvt Ltd emerges as a prominent maker of heavy-duty packaging, offering high-quality triple wall corrugated boxes that can endure even the worst handling and transportation conditions. 

This article discusses the benefits of triple wall corrugated boxes and why Avon Containers Pvt Ltd is the top choice for these high-performance packaging options.

Understanding Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes

What Are Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes?

Triple wall corrugated boxes are created by joining three layers of fluted corrugated paperboards with four liners all through. Such multiple layers provide them with the most adequate level of solidity and stability needed for shipping large, sensitive, or valuable goods and products.

Because the triple wall corrugated boxes are uniquely designed in a three-tiered manner, they are very resilient and flexible to allowances in pressure and shock impacts as they are transported from one point to another.

2. Key Advantages

  • Maximum Strength and Durability: Increased strength is offset by use of three walls and thus these boxes can accommodate weightier goods without bending halfway.
  • Enhanced Protection: The multiple rows of flutes represent an ideal insulating quality to prevent the package contents from having an impact due to vibration.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a broad clients base across automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, industrial and equipment industries.
  • Sustainability: Triple wall corrugated boxes are also recyclable enabling them to rank among the best packaging supplies that are environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Avon Containers Pvt Ltd for Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes?

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality has always been a hallmark of Avon Containers Pvt Ltd because of the insistence on strict quality control measures.

To that end, utilizing the latest in manufacturing processes and fine materials, the firm guarantees that each and every single one of the triple wall corrugated boxes meets specific specifications that would test the strength and endurance of the packaging.

This commitment to excellence ensures that your products can be properly contained during the shipment.

2. Customization Options

Understanding that various businesses require packaging solutions that suit its industry and products, Avon Containers Pvt Ltd comprehensively opens its doors for amendments.

When it comes to shapes and sizes, print specifications, or various other attributes, the company can ensure that all of their triple wall corrugated boxes are custom corrugated boxes that can be made to order.

This also means that there is always an available choice for having individualistic logos and marketing messages on your product, improving its appearance.

3. Innovative Solutions

Investment in research and development is quite a focus for Avon Containers Pvt Ltd as the company always strives to offer new and innovative packaging solutions.

The company boasts a pool of professionals in the engineering and design field and offers state-of-art packaging solutions to the market that respond to multiple industries’ new demands.

This focus on innovation keeps the clients well-fed with the best packaging solutions from the technological world.

4. Sustainability Commitment

The social responsibility of sustainability is another key concept applied at Avon Containers Pvt Ltd. Thus the company offers both functional and environmental solutions by using sustainable materials and practices for its triple wall corrugated boxes.

In doing so, organisations can benefit from the most specialised and advanced containers but at the same time have the reassurance that Avon Containers is doing its utmost to minimize its effect on the environment.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is also important at Avon Containers Pvt Ltd and through a team aiming at satisfying the needs of the customers, the company offers solutions that meet the specific needs of the customers.

In case of any construction and designing, Avon Containers is geared towards supporting the client through the process from the consultation phase to the delivery of the container.

Industries Served

1. Automotive and Industrial Equipment

These auto-bottom corrugated boxes from Avon Containers are ideal for packaging heavy and big auto spare parts and industrial machinery. This feature guarantees that these products afford maximum security during transportation and other recommended processes.

2. Electronics

When it comes to handling and shipping delicate and valuable electronic products, companies require packaging materials that can absorb shock and vibrations caused by movement; in such cases, triple wall corrugated boxes are the ideal choice. Additional protection for the sensitive elements can be provided with inserts fitted to the custom requirements.

3. Pharmaceuticals

It must be noted that pharmaceutical companies benefit greatly from using these triple-wall corrugated boxes as they provide reliable protection for products packed in them. These boxes ensure that all medical-related materials reach their respective destinations and are delivered in perfect condition as intended.

4. Retail and E-commerce

Corrugated Boxes For Shipping of Large or Sensitive Items Triple wall corrugated boxes can be used in retail and e-commerce. Through these boxes, the strength is that there is minimal or negligible risk of the products being damaged during shipment or transportation thus improving customer satisfaction.


Hence the objective of this work is to demonstrate why Avon Containers Pvt Ltd, that is a manufacturer of triple wall Corrugated Box Manufacturers, a type of packaging that is created using corrugated cardboard, is a preferred choice of customers due to better quality, customized solutions, innovation, and environment-friendly approach.

This way, businesses can benefit from making wise decisions regarding the choice of Avon Containers and different industries, knowing that their products will be protected at the highest level possible.

Avon Containers Pvt Ltd is the smart choice for any company seeking sustainable, high-quality packaging solutions that meet various performance measurements.



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