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8 Top Tips for Travel In Dubai

Are you new to Travel in Dubai? If yes, then the Emirati stopover might be overwhelming you with its myriad sightseeing spots and the aesthetic beauty of nature.  The city is a paradise for adventure freaks and an enticing travel hub for the wanderers.

Whether you want to bargain at the traditional souk markets or experience thrill in the SUVs of desert safari Dubai, your visit would be worth it!

But hang on! Have you completed your research regarding city life, mode to commute, and places to visit? Not yet? This is the right spot for you to get done and dusted. Spending some time in research saves you from paying extra money and a massive draining, there saves your time.

Top Tips for Travel In Dubai
Top Tips for Travel In Dubai

Tips to Have a Perfect Visit in Dubai

After the following read, you’ll be able to utilize your time wisely in the Emirati state of never-ending ventures.

1.  When to Visit? The best time to travel in Dubai

As the city hits a rise in temperature, a visit between April and September is a big mistake you’ll make. Until and unless it’s not necessary, try to land in Dubai between November to March. As these are the best time to travel in Dubai and explore the city respective of the weather and shopping amenities.

Many people love to celebrate new year’s eve in Dubai, as the city is brimmed with vivid colors and fluorescence. You can enjoy the seasonal tourist attractions like Miracle Garden that is not opened the whole year but from Feb to March. The weather allows you to move outdoor without getting exhausted under the scorching sun.

Moreover, it’s a great time to take a pledge of discounted deals in the shopping festivals.

2. Pack Your Bags After Some Considerations

Respecting the tradition of a place always puts you in good books as well as this the way of embracing a place by heart. Putting conservation aside, this point would make you consider your clothing when you are packing for a Dubai visit. Revealing clothes must be avoided and they should loose-fitted.

Light and loos-fitted clothing keep you composed in the humid climate of Dubai. Do we need to mention here the basic traveler’s kit? Get yourself ready along with the basics i.e. first aid & medications, sunscreens & sunglasses, and something to munch & drink.

A pro tip here, put some woolen or leather robes as well because if in case, you are off to visit the desert, it’s quite cold after the sunset.

3. A Tip to Shopaholics

As you know Dubai is an enchanting shopping hub for shopaholics, every tourist seeks something to get a souvenir of the Emirates. The top leading shopping destinations lie in this urban vastness. The good news is, these prime shopping arcades offer seasonal and festival sales and discounts in the New Year’s Eve, Ramadan, and Eid festivals.

Karama Market is a great place to get souvenirs as the belongings of Dubai at discounted rates. Not only that, but you can also take advantage of the Gulf IT Exhibition. Here the vendors sell electronic products at huge discounts and great deals.

4. Get Around the City Via Local Transport

To commute in the city limits, public transport such as a Taxi and Metro are great options. As they are less exhausting and allow you to wander in a streamlined fashion throughout the city. It’s better to move along with the city map to avoid communication problems with the driver. As not all drivers speak English in Dubai.

If you rent a car, roam around in the city with a check on the speed limits and must not try to overtake other vehicles. The metro is connected with the airport and Taxis save you some dirhams. So why not pick the excellent means of traveling? After all, you do not get to roam every day in Dubai!

5. Must-Visit Places

Dubai has a plethora of sightseeing, luxuries, and adventures. This invites visitors to its spectacular outlooks. Whether you are an adrenaline-junky, or an aspiring photographer, the city has something to entertain every sort of tourist.

Desert Safari

To experience this tour you must consult with the best tour operating companies. Such as Happy desert safari Dubai. They offer the best and affordable packages and provide high-quality services throughout the journey.

The conservation reserve of the UAE is an exquisite landscape that distinguishes it from the rest of the world. The golden Dubai desert is home to rare marshy habitat wildlife. That captivates travelers from all over the world. This desert safari has countless amenities to offer such as enthralling dune sports, hot air ballooning, camping & stargazing at night, live entertainment, Henna Designing, and the BBQ Buffet dinner. 6.     Use the Arabic Phrases for Communication

Exploring a new place could be difficult as you don’t know the native language. However, learning few common phrases might help in communication with the locals. Learn the basic phrases for meet and greet or just for getting painted in the colors of that place.

There are a few helpful Arabic phrases that can be useful. Such as “Marhaba” is used to greet and say “Hello”. “Afwan” is said to excuse someone. The word “La’” is used to say “No”. “Na’am” stands for yes, “Shukrun” for paying gratitude, and “Min Fadlak” for request.


Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa is the immediate stopover of every tourist who lands in the Emirates. View the whole skyline from the “At the top” deck by escalating to the 124th floor. The architecture of Burj Khalifa inspires every visitor with its incredible Arabic carvings. This is one  the best place during the Travel In Dubai.


Dancing Fountain

Witness the magical dance of the famous Dubai Fountain. It shakes over fifty different Arabian and international beats, illuminating colorful lights. The dancing fountain contributes a great part to the gleaming nightlife of Dubai.


Jumeirah Beach

Visiting the gulf city without soaking up in the azure of its ocean makes your visit incomplete. Dubai has a surplus of natural resources. The way it has made the most out of these resources, it’s incredible! The famous Jumeirah beach offers scenic views of the blue sea along with sightseeing of the mighty Burj Al Arab. You can also take part in water sports going on there such as Jet Ski, wakeboarding, and kite surfing.



Shop some spices, perfumes, and jewelry from the traditional souk markets located at the Deira. Grab an Abra (water taxi) from Bur Dubai Creek in just 1 AED and reach the famous souk markets for the Travel In Dubai .


 Dubai Mall

The world’s most luxurious shopping mall is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. There is a huge number of outlets from renowned brands, ice-rink, movie-theatre, and coffee stopovers. Dubai mall is known for keeping the vivid aquarium and underwater zoo as a home for over 3300 aquatic creatures.


7.House for Foodies and Night Stalkers

Dubai is not only a haven for daydreamers, it is also a partying hub for night lovers. There are cafes and grills, urban bars & nightclubs, as well as sightseeing opportunities at night.

Stop at the nearby coffee shop during a kaleidoscopic walk at the canal-side walkway. Or enjoy a festive dinner on the dhow cruise at Dubai marina. The city has an exclusive enchantment for night stalkers.

In Dubai, 21 is the minimum age limit to purchase alcohol. However, you may be stopped entering some of the nightclubs if you are below 25. All the nightclubs get closed by 3 am. Moreover, street food on the other hand has a luscious taste that gives your taste buds a flavor to remember.


8.      Some Points to Ponder

There are some points to consider when you are heading to Dubai:

  • If you want to enjoy your vacation at the best, look for vacation rentals, air tickets, and tour packages, 2 to 3 months before your planned date.
  • Consider the dressing protocols of the city wherever you move in the city.
  • There is a fine of 500 dirhams you have to pay if you are spotted spitting on the roads.
  • Ask for a permit when photographing the locals
  • In case if you plan to navigate a rent a car, don’t forget your international driving license, or else you won’t be allowed to drive.
  • Keep distance from the metro during rush hours as the metro stations seem jamming with the public. Instead, you can commute through public buses that are the carriers of some of the famous tourist spots.
  • You’ll have to find parking lots to park your rented car. If you have rented one, make sure you grab an accommodation that allows a car parking area. This will make your ventures pretty convenient and time-saving.
  • Why People Choose Desert Safari In Dubai Best For the Vacation?

  • Is it Safe To Travel in Dubai?

  • Dubai is the place of travel for many people all over the world. In General speaking, Dubai is a safe place for visiting as travelers.
  • The crime in Dubai is there but it’s not so much concern to travelers s the city is heavily monitored by the concerned authorities. So, the crime there affects the tourist rarely.
  • The other safe is that the  pickpocketing, sexual harassment, scams are not seen generally as the Dubai city has extreme strict rules and regulations.
  • The drunken behaviors, public affection especially between unmarried persons. , gambling, photography without owns permission, criticizing the government, fund raising for charity are prohibited to do
  • Next thing you have to consider is that you should follow the rules and regulation so as to be safe travel in Dubai.



A number of the world’s top-rated, Guinness record-holding destinations lie in this city of the desert. The aforementioned listings would surely help you out regarding your concerns to have a hassle-free vacation in Dubai.

From keeping the world’s first skiing resort to the most luxurious hotel ever, Dubai is an ultimate sojourn for every sort of traveller.

All you need is to find the best time to travel in dubai and get exploring it wisely means you have uncovered a thousand reasons to spend the rest of your life in gratitude!







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