Why People Choose Desert Safari In Dubai Best For the Vacation ?
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Why People Choose Desert Safari In Dubai Best For the Vacation ?

Desert Safari in Dubai is Adrenaline Rush with an enjoyable traveling experience you have to go through if you want to enjoy your vacation in Dubai. So, Let’s explore Why People Choose Desert Safari for the Vacation.

Desert safaris in the UAE have become extremely popular over the past few years. Dubai is considered one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations worlds. The desert safari holidays in the UAE have been fast becoming the preserve of those who can afford to spend their vacation money in the most luxurious and exciting way possible.

Why People Choose Desert Safari In Dubai For the Vacation
Why People Choose Desert Safari In Dubai For the Vacation

This luxury is being spread to people all around the world, with many Dubai tour packages offering the best of these experiences. Here are some of the best tours available, to give you a taste of what’s on offer:

This is a fantastic Dubai desert safari trip on which you get to explore the beautiful desert landscape of the UAE, its surrounding areas as well as the man-made attractions in the region. Start by choosing your destination – this is based on the kind of holiday you are looking for.

What is Safari?

Safari is simply the trip you can experience with travel.  It is related to observe or hunt wild animals in the jungle area in countries like Africa as jungle safari. This safari trip can involve walking through the jungle, driving in 4×4 vehicles, or also it can be a trip by flying in light aircraft. Not only jungle safari, but you can also have a desert safari in desert places like Dubai, Rajasthan, and else. Some are already saying to travel in snow as snow safari also. Short distance aircraft safari is also popular nowadays for travel during your vacation time.

The main purpose of a safari tour is to get intimate with the landscape and scenery of particular places. It can be from the African jungle as well as Dubai deserts as well.

You can do the safari trip through vehicles or are custom-built to travel to remote parts of Africa often on long, bumpy roads while allowing you to view wildlife from a safe distance in comfort.

What is Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is simply to take a ride into the desert with a customized vehicle. It’s just a kind of freestyle driving which is scary as well. However, people do desert safari as a fun-in-a-lifetime experience.

What is Desert Safari ?
What is Desert Safari Dubai to know

Why go on a Safari trip?

The major aim to go safari trip is for enjoyment and refreshment for yourself if you would love to be natural. You can get in touch with the natural environment and get in touch with its surrounding.

You can experience wildlife in their natural environment and engage with local cultures and traditions. Also can be an opportunity to take part in adventurous outdoor activities

What is Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert Safari in Dubai is having a fun and engaging experience in the desert stretches of sand. The ups and downs of the terrains in these Dubai deserts have often been used as a joyride for various tourists and travelers with amazing joyful travel experiences.

Hiring a jeep and then Gliding the ups and downs of a desert with a dune buggy safari Dubai or quad bikes exerts an adrenaline rush is a more adventurous and memorable experience you ever feel.

The next delightful aspect of safari trip in dubai is the night camps with lying under a dazzling bunch of stars gives you immense peace inside yourself


Types of Desert Safari Packages in Dubai

Before you are going to book the desert safari tour, it is important to know the types of desert safari you are going to. You should make the idea to choose the best one that suits you. To make it clear most common types of this safari is listed are

  • Desert safari with BBQ dinner
  • Desert safari with Bike
  • Morning desert safari
  • Evening Desert safari
  • OverNight desert safari

What is in Dubai Desert Safari Packages?

Normally the desert safari packages include the following services you can enjoy. From pickup service to travel, foods as well as lodging all are included in most of the Dubai desert packages. Most of these are included in the packages but for some, you may need to pay extra.

Some common things you should know about which are included or not included packages are listed out as follows

  • Pick up and Drop Service
  • Welcome Tea and Coffee
  • Desert Driving
  • Camel Ride
  • Photography with Falcon
  • Camp activities
  • Thrilling ride over sand dunes
  • Soft Drinks and Mineral Water service
  • sandboarding and the amazing sunrise viewing
  • Different Arabic Costumes with Souvenir photographs
  • Henna Tattoo Painting for different body parts
  • Shisha Corner
  • live entertaining shows which include Belly dance shows, Tanoura Dance Show, Fire Dance Show and so on
  • International Veg and Nonveg Buffet Dinner with Barbeque
  • Prayer Room Available
  • Quad Bikes
  • Internet facilities at room or area (May or May not)

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Dubai Desert safari in UAE

The four main areas that comprise Dubai are the Dubai plains, Dubai beachfront, Dubai interior and waterfront, and the Burj al Arab hotel and its surroundings. You can choose between vehicle and horseback tours, as the latter offer better visibility and views of the natural landscapes.

The caravan route is the cheapest and offers the best chance to see and explore the many attractions in the area. Take in the camel ride and watch the breathtaking sunset on a camel.

The desert safari deals in Dubai will leave you with plenty of time to explore the surroundings and enjoy all that Dubai has to offer. Start off by traveling down to the Burj Al Arab, the site of one of the seven wonders of the world.

Once there, you can enjoy a camel ride along with the dune fields, which are located just outside the hotel compound. This is an ideal way to see the sunset over the horizon, with a desert backdrop.

Moving on from Burj al Arab, you will then tour the vast and exciting desert city of Dubai. Your guides are sure to ensure that you get an up-close and personal glimpse of the spectacular artificial mountain ranges, the vast artificial beaches, and the vibrant fish life found in the water.

Along the way, you will also be able to explore the traditional villages which are still living in true accordance with local traditions. A desert safari in Dubai is an unforgettable experience, one you will want to repeat any number of times.

Camel Safari in Dubai

If you wish to explore even more of the amazing sights, there are also several things to do along the way. One of the things you can do is take a camel safari, which allows you to travel into the desert and experience the camaraderie of the people who live there.

Camel Safari in Dubai during vacation
Camel Safari in Dubai

You can visit the markets, where you can purchase items to take back home with you on your travels.There are also several spots for viewing birds, including the Dubai Mall, which features a huge flock of birds every day.

Sandboarding in Dubai desert Safari

Another activity you can do while taking a camel safari in Dubai is sandboarding, which is popular among tourists looking for an adventure.

Sandboarding in Dubai desert
Learn and enjoy Sandboarding in Dubai

The best time to learn sandboarding in Dubai is between March and May when the temperatures are warm. In order to gain the experience, you should plan to spend a few nights in the area and then go out on a longboard to experience the motion and the challenges it offers.

Once you have mastered the art of sandboarding, you can plan on spending a couple of weeks riding on your own out in the desert. This will allow you to gain a true sense of the desert and its animals.

Hot air Balloon Rides

One of the other things you can do along your desert safari in Dubai is participating in hot air balloon rides. These hot air balloon tours can be arranged for several hours or one may be enough to give you an entire experience.

The hot air balloon tours are available all year round and you can book yours to take place over Dubai in the summer or the winter.

Four-Wheel Driving Tours

If you are interested in experiencing a little sandboarding or hot air ballooning along with a little dune bashing, you can always try to participate in four-wheel driving tours in Dubai. They are exciting experiences ever you will feel.

Four Wheel Driving Tours in dubai desert
Four-Wheel Driving Tours in the Dubai desert

These tours are available all around the city and you can enjoy a good time exploring the desert while having some fun on the road. Along the way, you can also visit some of the traditional villages of the desert for a chance to see the face of the desert up close.


Amazing and Wonderful Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the thrilling experiences you should have. Different packages and exciting activities will surely worth your vacation time.

Dubai desert is awesome and the Sandboarding, Dubai cultural exposure with people and costumes, camel riding, Dubai foods, and the lively dances of the area are extremely enjoyable moments.

If you are taking a family you can be sure that you will find many things to do that will make your desert safari in Dubai one of your most unforgettable travel experiences ever. This Is Why People Love  For the Vacation!






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