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Top 7 Tech Skills to Future Proof your Career

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 outbreak would result in a variety of technology improvements or revolutions around the IT industry. Several job profiles would disappear or will become obsolete in the market, while others are poised to explode in popularity and govern the tech sector in the next few years. As a result, to establish a successful career, all personnel must adapt to these enhancements and prepare oneself with the abilities that would be in demand by enterprises following the COVID-19 crisis!!

When you look carefully, you’ll notice that this pandemic has caused firms to place a greater emphasis on automation and digitalization. And, with these considerations in mind, they’re looking for technical talents like AI, Cloud Computing, and so on. During the recruitment process, candidates should have confidence in themselves. Furthermore, according to surveys, employers favor individuals that have a strong understanding of current capabilities and are up to date on industry trends. Furthermore, these statistics or data should serve as an awakening call to help you upskill so that you can remain in the future tech world.

We’ll tell you about the seven major in-demand technical talents by corporations following COVID-19 in this post, which you can learn for yourself to benefit some valuable employment prospects even during this catastrophic circumstance:

1. Data Science

Well, what can one say regarding this important technological talent when prestigious publications such as the Review of Harvard Business had already named it “The Sexiest Job in the 21st Century”. According to reports, the positions for data science are among the highly-paid in the IT sector, and with the increased use of data due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the competent Professionals in Data Science demand will rise. Furthermore, to become a Professional in Data Science, you must have a strong command of programming abilities (SQL, Python, R, etc.) as well as Big Data Management, Software Engineering, ML (Machine Learning), Statistics, applying data science on IoT data and other relevant disciplines. Meanwhile, the domain of Data science encompasses a wide range of occupational responsibilities, including Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and many others.For Real time Training through HKR Trainings Online Courses.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become one of the major in-demand technical skills in the current years, and given the rapid advancement of these technologies, AI experts are certain to thrive in the years ahead. According to statistics, the market of AI will be worth over $200 billion by 2025. Moreover, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the business has been forced to examine cutting-edge technical features such as automation, chatbots, and so on. Artificial Intelligence is now more important than ever for their survival in the tech sector. Artificial Intelligence is also required in practically every industry, whether it is healthcare, transportation, banking, or any other. AI Engineer, Engineer in Machine Learning, AI Researcher, and other employment titles fall under the Artificial Intelligence sector.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing could be regarded as the ideal approach for organizations for reaching out to their intended audience to achieve their business objectives, especially as the number of people connected to the internet continues to rise. Furthermore, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, individuals are spending a lot of time over the internet, prompting businesses to turn to digital marketing for expanding their enterprises. According to the estimates, the digital marketing business in India is worth over 70 billion dollars and growing at a rapid pace. For becoming a skilled Digital Marketer, you must learn about SEO, PPC, SMO, Content Writing, and other topics. Furthermore, the major part of mastering Digital Marketing capabilities is that you will not only have access to a plethora of exciting work options, but you will also be able to explore a variety of self-employment opportunities like affiliate marketing, blogging, and so on.

4. Cloud Computing

In a relatively short period, cloud computing has become a vital element of any organization. Several well-known services, such as Dropbox and Facebook, and also Netflix and Skype, rely significantly on cloud technology. The global market for public cloud computing is predicted to reach greater than 350 billion dollars by 2022, according to projections. Organizations favor Cloud Computing technologies for a variety of reasons, including improved efficiency and agility, cost-effectiveness, and robustness. Meanwhile, to master Cloud Computing abilities, you’ll need to be familiar with a variety of popular cloud platforms, including the Platform of Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and others, and also cloud technology modules and concepts. You can work as a Professional in Cloud Computing in a variety of roles, including Cloud Software engineers, Cloud Consultants, Cloud Architect, and several others.

5. Blockchain

When you’ve heard of cryptocurrencies (particularly Bitcoin), you’ve probably heard of Blockchain Technology. Blockchain, on the other hand, is not confined to the concept of cryptocurrency and already has established a significant presence in a variety of different industries like healthcare, retail, and finance. Despite its quick expansion, Blockchain can be regarded as one major important future technology. According to statistics, global investment in the technology of Blockchain is expected to reach over 16 billion by 2023, and companies like Samsung and Capgemini are already offering rewarding career possibilities to Professionals in the blockchain domain. You can also pursue a career as a Developer of Blockchain Software and also Core Developer of Blockchain as a Blockchain Professional, depending on your preferences.

6. Cybersecurity

Despite the fact that cybersecurity has long been among the most in-demand IT skills in the digital world, its allure has never waned. Furthermore, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, when the whole world is compelled to become digital to maintain their work processes, there has been a significant surge in cyberattacks like data breaching, phishing, and so on, necessitating the hiring of Professionals in cyber-security. According to studies, job positions in the sector of cybersecurity have expanded by 6-7% a few months before. Cybersecurity expertise is required in almost every field, whether we’re talking about government agencies or public relations, private enterprises, or government bodies. Furthermore, the Cybersecurity area encompasses a wide range of professional roles, including Ethical Hacker, Security Consultant, Security Engineer, and many others.

7. Business Analytics & Intelligence 

Then there’s Business Intelligence & Analytics, which is another important tech talent to learn for future preparation. However, don’t mix Business Analytics & Intelligence and Data Science, as these are two distinct areas. In general, Business Analytics & Intelligence can be defined as the mechanism of obtaining, processing, and analyzing data using a variety of technologies to make informed business decisions that will help the company achieve its objectives. In general, Business Analytics & Intelligence can be defined as the process of obtaining, processing, and analyzing data using a variety of technologies like Power BI, Tableau, and etc to make informed business decisions that will help the company achieve its objectives.


Hence, these are a few of the major in-demand technological talents that you may master to cope with the new employment and career landscape in the world of IT following the epidemic of this COVID-19. You can begin learning and improving these abilities by using a variety of offline and online resources. Test your talents with TCS, Wipro, Amazon, and Microsoft Test Series if you’re ready. So, for what you are waiting for, exactly? Master the technologies described above, and you’ll be well on your way to realizing your professional goals!!



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