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Top 5 Best ISP – Internet Provider Companies in Nepal

Top 5 Best ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal are based on the customer’s reactions and the services provided by them.  Regarding ISP  definition, they are internet service providers. Simply we can say that the internet companies which provide the internet to you.

Top 5 Best ISP Internet Provider Companies in Nepal
Top 5 Best ISP Internet Provider Companies in Nepal


All the isp internet service providers are registered according to ISPAN  are  listed best isp companies providing regular services in Nepal are listed as follows

More than 30 best ISP internet providers are providing regular internet all over Nepal. Among them, the Top 5 Best ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal are listed as below with their internet service plan and pricing.

5 Best ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal 

This Top 5 Best ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal 2020 list is dependent on the real infrastructure, customer care, customer satisfaction, and the most important ISP internet connection quality. The top 5 ISP internet provider companies are below


1. Worldlink Connections

World link is founded in 1995,  it is an ISP internet provider for Companies in Nepal with more than 57% market share. This ISP company has expanded its services in 63 districts in the country. Along with the internet service it Worldlink also has an IPTV service.

Worldlink ISP internet provider: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationPrice
25Mbps (1 TV)1 MonthRs. 1,550
25Mbps (1 TV)3 MonthsRs. 4,500
25Mbps (1 TV)12 MonthsRs. 15,000
25Mbps (2 TVs)1 MonthRs. 1,850
25Mbps (2 TVs)3 MonthsRs. 5,400
25Mbps (2 TVs)12 MonthsRs. 17,500
40Mbps (2 TVs)1 MonthRs. 1,850
40Mbps (2 TVs)3 MonthsRs. 5,400
40Mbps (2 TVs)12 MonthsRs. 17,500
40Mbps (3 TVs)1 MonthRs. 2,000
40Mbps (3 TVs)3 MonthsRs. 5,800
40Mbps (3 TVs)12 MonthsRs. 18,500
60Mbps (3 TVs)1 MonthRs. 2,700
60Mbps (3 TVs)3 MonthsRs. 7,800
60Mbps (3 TVs)12 MonthsRs. 26,000

other additional charges for new customers include:

  • Refundable deposit: Rs. 500
  • Fiber router rental: Rs. 1,500 (Rs. 2,000 for 1-month subscription)
  • Drop wire: Rs. 1,000 (1 month), Rs. 500 (3 months), Free (12 months)
  • NETTV activation charge: Rs. 1,500 (Rs. 2,000 for secondary TV)
  • NETTV security deposit: Rs. 500

2. Vianet communications

Vianet was established in 1999 which is standing as the second-largest ISP in Nepal with around 14% market share. This ISP internet provider company’s FTTH service has a good market especially in Kathmandu valley with a lot of satisfied home & corporate users.

One of the best ISP internet provider Companies is growing more cutstomers

As the  Worldlink, Vianet also provides IPTV & VoD (Video on Demand) facilities. Vianet isp internet provider has currently operational in over 10 districts, the latest addition being Nepalgunj.

Vianet FiberHome: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationUltraboostPrice
Extra Value TV+ (25Mbps)1 Month1GBRs. 1,500
Extra Value TV+ (30Mbps)3 Months3GBRs. 4,500
Extra Value TV+ (30Mbps)12 Months15GBRs. 13,500
Super Value TV+ (35Mbps)1 Month1GBRs. 1,700
Super Value TV+ (40Mbps)3 Months3GBRs. 5,100
Super Value TV+ (40Mbps)12 Months15GBRs. 15,300
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps)1 Month1GBRs. 2,200
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps)3 Months3GBRs. 6,450
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps)12 Months15GBRs. 19,140

Other additional charges for new customers include:

  • Fiber WiFi Device Deposit: Rs. 500
  • Installation Charge: Rs. 500 (12 months), Rs. 1,000 (3 months), Rs. 2,500 (1 month)
  • NETTV STB Deposit: Rs. 500 (primary & secondary)
  • NETTV STB Activation (Primary): Rs. 1,000
  • NETTV STB Activation (Secondary): Rs. 1,000 (12 months), Rs. 1,500 (3 months), Rs. 2,000 (1 month)

3. Classic Tech 

Classic Tech is another big name in the Nepalese ISP internet provider industry which is established in 2009.  This isp internet provider company has gained fast popularity among the customers due to its good marketing strategy and cheap internet price policy.

This isp company becomes the third-largest ISP in Nepal with about 8% market share. Classic Tech offers FTTH based internet and just recently started bundling it with Prabhu TV; which is the first DVBT2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial) service in Nepal.


Moreover, like Vianet, Classic Tech also has a monthly-based FUP system in its Home Plan. The internet plan and pricing for this ISP internet provider is as follows. .

Classic Tech Home: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationPrice
30Mbps Plus TV3 MonthsRs. 4,800
30Mbps Plus TV6 MonthsRs. 8,400
30Mbps Plus TV12 + 2 MonthsRs. 14,400
40Mbps Plus TV3 MonthsRs. 5,400
40Mbps Plus TV6 MonthsRs. 9,000
40Mbps Plus TV12 + 2 MonthsRs. 15,588
60Mbps Plus TV3 MonthsRs. 6,600
60Mbps Plus TV6 MonthsRs. 10,200
60Mbps Plus TV12 + 2 MonthsRs. 18,000

Other extra or additional  charges levied on first-time installations are as follows:

  • WiFi Fiber Router Rental: Rs. 500
  • FTTH Cable: Rs. 500 (3 months, free for other)
  • ONU Deposit: Rs. 500
  • Classic Prabhu TV STB Deposit: Rs. 500 (primary & secondary)
  • Classic Prabhu TV STB Activation: Rs. 500 (primary), Rs. 1,500 (secondary)

4. Subisu Internet

Subisu is another isp internet provider company in Nepal established in 2001. It is also providing digital TV & internet services in Nepal with about  7% market share. Subisu is the only cable operator in Nepal to be ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified.



Subisu offers cablefiber, & wireless internet services all over. Among the three, fiber-optic is the optimal choice in most cases like connection quality, security, & total cost in terms.

Subisu FTTH Home Internet: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationPricePrice (w/ Clear TV)
30Mbps FTTH1 MonthRs. 1,158Rs. 1,600
30Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 3,324Rs. 4,518
30Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 6,345Rs. 8,121
30Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 11,490Rs. 15,600
40Mbps FTTH1 MonthRs. 1,358Rs. 1,800
40Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 3,923Rs. 5,118
40Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 7,544Rs. 9,317
40Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 13,890Rs. 16,987
75Mbps FTTH1 MonthRs. 2,058Rs. 2,500
75Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 6,023Rs. 7,218
75Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 11,475Rs. 13,248
75Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 22,290Rs. 25,387

additional charges for a first-time installation:

  • Wire Charge: Rs. 885 (Rs. 1,327 for 1-month package)
  • Set-Top Box Activation Charge: Rs. 1,327
  • ONU Activation Charge: Rs. 1,615 (12 months), Rs. 2,500 (6 months), Rs. 2,942 (3 months), Rs. 3,710 (1 month)

Subisu Wireless Home Internet: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationPrice
2Mbps Wireless1 MonthRs. 1,100
2Mbps Wireless3 MonthsRs. 3,150
2Mbps Wireless6 MonthsRs. 6,000
2Mbps Wireless12 MonthsRs. 10,800
3Mbps Wireless1 MonthRs. 1,650
3Mbps Wireless3 MonthsRs. 4,800
3Mbps Wireless6 MonthsRs. 9,300
3Mbps Wireless12 MonthsRs. 17,400
5Mbps Wireless1 MonthRs. 2,500
5Mbps Wireless3 MonthsRs. 7,350
5Mbps Wireless6 MonthsRs. 14,400
5Mbps Wireless12 MonthsRs. 27,600

some additional charges as one-time set-up costs:

  • Single Antenna Router Cost: Rs. 1,500
  • Device Activation Charge: Rs. 443 (12 months), Rs. 1,328 (6 months), Rs. 2,213 (3 months), Rs. 4,425 (1 month)

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5. Nepal Telecom FTTH

Nepal Telecom is one of the oldest isp internet provider companies in Nepal which is providing Nepal Telecom’s own FTTH internet. The service is now available in 25 districts across the country, with speeds ranging from 8Mbps to 55Mbps under the Individual User Package.

Nepal telecom is nepal government ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal

Nepal Telecom’s FTTH is only suitable for those who use the internet on a need-to basis or volume basis. Let’s know the pricing of different NT FTTH packages.

NTC FTTH Unlimited: Plans & Pricing

Package NameDurationPrice
8Mbps FTTH1 MonthRs. 800
8Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 2,300
8Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 4,300
8Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 8,000
18Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 4,600
18Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 8,000
18Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 13,800
35Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 5,700
35Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 9,200
35Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 16,000
55Mbps FTTH3 MonthsRs. 6,300
55Mbps FTTH6 MonthsRs. 10,300
55Mbps FTTH12 MonthsRs. 18,400

Conclusion :

So, in conclusion, ISP internet provider Companies in Nepal are growing more as per the demands of the internet user in Nepal. the internet user over Nepal has drastically increased in comparison to previous and preceding years. More ISPs internet provider companies in the path of being best.

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