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Top 3 Reasons by Maxwell Drever Why Developing More Public Housing Won’t Solve the Affordability Concerns

Maxwell Drever is developing public Housing. Housing is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the United States. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, low and middle-income families are facing problems to afford stable housing.

Providing more affordable housing support should be prioritized by the Government due to the incoming administration.

However, many people expect that the local authorities will develop large public housing portfolios. But this is something people should not expect. Instead, they should focus on forcing the politicians to develop more affordable housing so that the United States can recover from the affordable housing crisis.

Here are the top 3 reasons why developing more affordable housing won’t solve the affordable housing crisis in the United States.

Local Zoning and Land Availability are Primary Obstacles to Subsidized Housing

Developing subsidized housing or rental housing is illegal in most regions of the United States. This is because the U.S. law prevents people from developing a large structure and using it more for rental purposes.

The public housing that developed from the 1950s to the 1980s was built in a racial and poor neighborhood. This is because that is the place where the Government agencies are capable of acquiring land.

Where people live as well as where the children grow up will have a massive long-term impact on health, income, well-being, life expectancy, etc. Maxwell Dreversays the absence of proper planning to legalize the apartments in the high-opportunity areas will only enhance the economic and racial segregation. This will also harm the people who belong to the low-income group.

Public Agencies Cannot Become the Real Estate Developers

The Government proposals regarding public housing often convey vague meaning about the department or agency, says Maxwell Drever. While the housing finds are originated from the federal level. Additionally, the properties of the home are operated by the local housing authorities across the different regions of the country.

However, most of the local housing authorities don’t have enough experience regarding the new construction process. Most public agencies complete their operations under rigid rules and then they process the sector companies as well. For instance, the labor requirements and the procurement make the construction of affordable housing more expensive and more difficult.

Nowadays, most subsidized housing is developed and managed by experienced non-profit or profit developers. Therefore, despite the initiatives taken by the government to build more affordable housing, most housing authorities aren’t capable of undertaking new construction projects.

High-Quality Housing Needs Long-Term Commitment

Every homeowner knows the importance of maintaining their home so that they can retain the good condition of the house. However, the process requires an extensive amount of money and time. Due to this, most public housing has been deteriorating for years. The structure has been damaged by water, vermin infestations, mold, and other types of mechanical malfunctions. Keeping this in mind, why the housing authorities are signing more deals while they are already facing maintenance issues?

Top Reasons by Maxwell Drever
Top Reasons by Maxwell Drever

The history of the federal government is capable of renovating affordable houses, but they are not taking any step towards it.

Before the presentation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States was encountering a monstrous reasonable lodging emergency. Tragically, in the midst of the financial emergency process during the pandemic, the reasonable lodging emergency has become most exceedingly awful. As the COVID-19 has impacted each country on the planet monetarily, the quantity of jobless Americans is expanding and a significant number of them are confronting long-haul joblessness issues. This may bring serious outcomes in regards to the monetary commitments including contract installments and rents.

Despite the fact that the as of late executed home loan and rental projects help individuals who are dealing with monetary issues because of their joblessness during the pandemic to diminish their home loan or lease installment, a great many jobless Americans are dealing with issues to cover their essential everyday costs.

According to reports, one more urgent variable that will deteriorate the circumstance of the reasonable lodging emergency is the expanding number of individuals tracking down reasonable lodging arrangements

The expansion and monetary closure with gigantic joblessness rates and absence of reasonable lodging arrangements foster a muddled situation to tackle.

This is on the grounds that the answers for a few explicit issues are worsening the others. For example, lodging security is probably the most concerning issue in the United States, regardless of the diminishing joblessness rate and monetary development. Along these lines, to address the reasonable lodging emergency, they need to decide its basic causes.

One of the most hidden expenses of the reasonable lodging emergency is the outrageous deficiency just as the interest for reasonable lodging choices. Just 35% of low-pay families and top-level salary families approach reasonable lodging arrangements.

Notwithstanding, an excess is to be worked to fulfill the need. Despite the fact that the interest for reasonable lodging is expanding, designers haven’t fabricated reasonable homes to measure up to the assumptions.


Helping low-income and middle-income families to gain access to affordable housing should be the priority of the new Congress and the Biden administration. But developing affordable housing inappropriately cannot help them achieve the goal.



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