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9 Things Cancer Survivors wants Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients to Know

Not only Cancer Survivors, but it is also to all that Everything that leads up to the cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. You feel abandoned, alone and above all at the edge of your life.

Trying to get through one day at a time is the key. If you are someone who is new on this journey, this is what some best cancer doctors in Islamabad want you to know for your cancer survival.

Cancer Survivors wants Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients to Know
Cancer Survivors wants Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients to Know

1. Leaves those statistics well behind your diagnosis

Dwelling on any of the statistics of survival rate can actually make you more conscious about your condition and we would not want the already existing disease to take a toll on your well-being. Above all, this is your experience and no two experiences can be alike the survivor of cancers.

So no matter what statistics your doctor or google says, stay strong with your will and your might.

2. Seek Maximum Knowledge about your condition

You all must have heard about how knowledge is power. That becomes significantly true in your case given how you require maximum research on disease and treatment options. Make sure to take notes when you go for your regular consultation with your doctor.

Ask as many questions as possible. Once you do your own analysis, you will feel more at peace with your decisions. If you have to talk to someone who survived through a similar case as yours, do so. The more information you have for yourself, the better your journey will be.

3. Be your own advocate as Cancer Survivors

Your journey is yours and yours alone. If something does not seem right, say so. You know your body better than anyone else. You can be one of the best cancer doctors to some extent while knowing yourself is important on the other hand, making sure that you are making the right choices for your health and treatment is crucial too.

If you are not sure whether you will do so in a disciplined manner, you can ask a loved one or a family member to be mindful of your decisions so that your treatment options are navigated better.

4. Do not rush into Treatment

What kind of treatment options you opt for at the start of your treatment journey really matters. When you are Cancer Survivors, the decisions that you make now can affect your entire treatment journey. This is why it is important to choose a good cancer center and evaluate all the possible treatment options based on your cancer situation.

5. Cancer is beatable

This is something that everyone wants you to know, especially those who have survived cancer battles. If you give up, your cancer will beat you up even if it was curable in the first place.

Thanks to the new advanced research methods, there are many clinical trials and new treatment options available by the best cancer doctors such as those in the naval hospital that’s helping more people beat cancer and live longer than ever before.

6. Take your disease one day at a time

When your cancer diagnosis is on the run, everything in one day can be exhausting. Appointments, bookings, and processing all the information can be a hard jab if it’s all being done after one another. This is why take small pauses, short breaks and bring someone along with you to help you process everything that the doctor is likely to share with you.

7. Emotionally regulate yourself

Emotional regulation is a very important aspect of this entire process. If you want to cry, scream, curse, talk, whatever the case might seem like, do so. If you don’t do it, your emotions will not have a normal pendulum. The Cancer Survivors might as well seek professional help to help you navigate through your emotional stability.

Be patient with yourself and your loved ones. Cancer is a hard battle and can be hard for everyone. Be mindful that everything will change. Some things may change for the better, whereas some other things may take time to heal. Do know that it is OKAY to feel overwhelmed and pressured.

In the end, you need to remember that as Cancer Survivors you are a fighter and winner!




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