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Team Building and Why It is Important ?

If you are considering a team building event, you may be asking yourself why it is important and why you should do this. And if you are not asking it, your boss or a colleague will likely ask you. Team building quotes also play important roles in the group to work for.

Regardless of whether you are asking or have been asked, you must know the answer. Finding out if something that you are going to spend time and money on is important. We all know that team building can be fun or silly, motivating or uninspiring.

So, with that in mind, here’s a brief guide to team building and why it is important. If you are looking for suggestions or help regarding corporate team building in Dubai, you can always connect with us.

What is Team Building?

A team is a group of people come together with a common aim and objectives. In order to make the project or work successful team building is essential.

Teams consist of members with different individual skills which are when combined or work together, generate synergy with a coordinated effort. Due to which energy is strengthened to maximum and weakness is minimized so far.

To define exactly, Team building is the process of making a group of organized individuals work together in order to meet the common purpose and goals.

The main reason behind team building is to perform team building activities which help to motivate the team people to work together So, any team building can be incorporated in every place like the workplace, home, games and so on.

5 Key Characteristics

These are the 5 key must-know characteristics of building a good team.
  1. have common Shared goals.
  2. Everyone in the team has clear and defined roles
  3. Individual knowledge and skill are shared among
  4. Mutual respect among the team members in it
  5. Good communication and coordination

Stages of Team Building

According to Bruce Tuckman who is an educational psychologist has said that there is five-stages of the team development process. The five definite stages of team building are as follows :

  1. forming the team by selecting and adding members
  2. storming the team member,
  3. norming them properly,
  4. performing team building activities and
  5. adjourning the team members

Why Team Building is Important?

Team building questions are to be set so as to know why there is the importance of it. Here are some reasons why it is needed. You will find them interesting.  here are discussed so that you will know the real cause. Get your answers here.

Team Building and Why It is Important
Team Building and Why It is Important

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Setting Your Team Building Goals

If you are trying to determine if team building is important, you need to know what the purpose of the activity is and what is the reason why something is of value? So, assuming you can accept the fact that there are several valid goals for team building, now you need to determine if it is important for your organization.

You need to be aware of the key elements of success that are related your specific organizational structure and industry. Let’s say trust is important between you and your colleagues. Let’s say creativity and open communication is important.

You have now identified three valuable qualities that should exist between your team members in order to be successful and thrive. So, to be successful, define your goals first. You may find some team building quotes to set them easily.


Be Committed

Using the list of opportunities that you have created so far, contact your team building service providers. Make sure they hear your needs. You have to decide if their program will fit well. Let them explain how they provide value.

Ask them how their agenda relates to what is important to your team’s success, using the characteristics that you identified by following the steps above. It must be fun – Play is the opposite of boredom. If you’re having a good time, then you are likely to be committed and enthusiastic.

Having fun together brings people together and builds trust. Choose a program that is challenging. You need to balance challenge with fear. A good program will challenge everyone while ensuring that everyone succeeds. It must be positive, authentic, and committed.

Team building exercises are being performed to make them engaged and attached.


Team Programs that Work

Now in this present situation, you got to ask yourself a vital question. Is virtual team building important too? Can an online program achieve your goals? Can it be fun, engaging, and useful?

There might be different team building activities and team building games to work together for achieving the goal of working together.

There are a few good virtual team building programs that work well, including:

Story Slams

These are fantastic, both face-to-face and virtual. They work because everyone is interacting, becoming a storyteller. And the program is actively led by a real person in real-time.These are effective and very good to get formed.

Painting programs

Again, an actively led hands-on experience both virtually and face to face. This is one of the good team makes up the activity. Similar activities will surly boost the whole team in order to achieve the common goal and needs.

Team Building Games

Vitals team games are to be known so as to make the team strength. communication skills and coordination among the member are key to the enlightenment of the team.  Games keep the team healthy as well.



This is all about team building and why it is important for your organization. Get the team building question. Answer them you will find the real cause. If you are looking for services regarding corporate team building in Dubai, you can always connect with us.




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