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Easy Steps for Sync QuickBooks Files between Two Computers

Sync Quickbooks files between two computers can bring troubles into the system if not performed well. So, read this guide and get to know the steps to conduct.

If you are facing trouble while trying to sync Quickbooks files between two computers then read this full guide and get to know about several different things associated with the topic. However, if the system troubles you with error messages then try to use the Quickbooks database server manager for eliminating any kind of error issue. Now, let’s get into the article and understand the steps of the syncing process.

sync Quickbooks files between two computers
sync Quickbooks files between two computers

The first and foremost thing that the user needs to consider is to choose the correct installation alternatives for each computer. Subsequently, try to sync both of the machines on the same network. Whereas, you can also first uninstall the software from both of them and then with the installation of the same versions of Quickbooks in both of the machines.

After that, ensure that the primary machine has all the data stored in it. Other than this, try to use the Data Transfer Utility known as a third-party commercial utility.

Keynote: Synchronization will help the employees to work together on one combined report.

Easy Steps for Sync QuickBooks Files between Two Computers
Easy Steps for Sync QuickBooks Files between Two Computers

Ways to Sync Quickbooks File Between two Computers

Before starting the procedure, try to install the Quickbooks database server manager as you are creating multi-user access to that file. So there would be no hindrances in the working process after the completion of the sync.

  • First of all, navigate to Intuit’s official website and download and install the Data Transfer Utility.
  • Try to copy the QB company files from the secondary company and paste the same to the primary computer.
  • Now open the Quickbooks software on the primary computer.
  • Visit the Export Data from the source company and select Open Source Company.
  • Choose the dialogue Yes and permit access even if Quickbooks is not running and check the option to permit the application to access the personal data.
  • Hit on the continue tab and then tap the yes icon.
  • Followed by clicking on done.
  • Now choose the close tab from currency connected to the section within the Data Transfer Utility.
  • Next, examine the file menu and choose the close company in QB.
  • Follow the series now File>Open or Restore Company>Open a Company.
  • Move towards the import data into the destination company and choose the open destination company of the disk transfer utility.
  • Now choose the dialogue ‘Yes, Always permit access even if Quickbooks is Not Running and permit the application to access the personal data.
  • Press the continue tab>Yes tab> Done tab.
  • In the data transfer utility, choose the close tab for the currency connected to.
  • Navigate to the File menu and choose close company now.
  • After that, choose the type of data and modify the tab of the data transfer utility.
  • Visit the Import Data into Destination and choose the Import Data button.
Freshbooks vs Quickbooks An alternative of QuickBooks
Freshbooks vs Quickbooks An alternative of QuickBooks

Ways to sync your Quickbooks file to another computer

If you want to know how to sync your company file to another computer then carry out these steps:

  • Start the procedure by copying the QB installer file on both of the computers.
  • Now choose the Use QB on this computer.
  • Then select the Store Company file for Networking Sharing on the main computer.
  • Try to provide your product number and license and tap on the install button.
  • Moving on, follow the Utilities and tap on Host Multi-User Access.
  • Navigate to the scan folders and choose add folder.
  • In the next step, start a scan for the QB company file.
  • When you find the QB company file, try to close the folder.
  • Then make a username and password and after that setup users and passwords.
  • Choose the options for changing and deleting transaction permissions.
  • Followed by clicking on the next and finish button.
  • Consequently, launch the other computer and try to spot the file.
  • Tap on Open or restore company in Quickbooks accounting software.
  • Search for the accurate network location of the primary company file in that other computer.

After doing all the steps, start your computer and check whether it is working properly or not. If there is any hindrance then try to perform the QuickBooks database server manager updates as it needs to be updated according to the version of Quickbooks that is used in the multi-user mode.

Winding Up!

So, these are the ways to sync Quickbooks files between two computers. I hope that you like this guide and use Quickbooks on another computer. But if somehow you stick in the middle then try to contact the Quickbooks technical support team.



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