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Similar Sites Like [Websites To Watch Live Sports Streaming] has emerged as a popular site for sports fans to livestream games, matches, and other sporting events online for free. With its extensive catalogue of live sports streaming options, fotyval has become a go-to destination for many fans looking to conveniently access live sports action.

However, fotyval is not the only free live sports streaming site available today. Many other excellent websites provide similar free live streams of sporting events as Fotyval does.

In this article, we will highlight 20 top sites that enable free live streaming of sports games, matches, tournaments, and other sporting events, much like Fotyval. We’ll explore the key features and sports content catalogues of each site to help you uncover new sources for free sports streaming.

20 Websites To Watch Free Live Sports Streaming In 2023

Here are the top 20 websites for free live sports streaming which are as follows:

  • is
  • io
  • Feed2all
  • Streamgaroo
  • com
  • Sky Sports
  • LS Hunters
  • Drakulastream
  • Vipstand
  • Nizarstream
  • Givemeredditstreams
  • Stream
  • net
  • NHL66
  • NFLBite
  • BossCast
  • Strikeout
  • 12thPlayer
  • Liveonsat
  • Net

Crackstream. is was a free sports live-streaming website where you can easily stream all your favorite sports events. It is one of the best sites like CricFree and offers similar services. With some new tools and features, you can quickly explore and start streaming without any limits.

On this site, you can stream NFL, NBA, MMA, Boxing, Football, and lots of others. If this site is blocked in your location then you can also use Kaios VPN to access this site. or CrackStream is one of the most popular Sports Streaming platforms where you can stream all your favourite live sports events. It is created by an expert team of developers and sports lovers who contain all the core services and features to make it a one-stop platform for all sports lovers. The site contains almost all the leading sports events including NFL, UFC, NHL, and lots of others.


Feed2all (AKA FirstRow Sports) is a simple, fast, and free sports streaming site created for crazy sports lovers who want to stream their favourite live sports events anytime anywhere even on any internet-connected device. The site comes as an alternative to Stream2Watch and offers a lot of new tools, features, and services to make sports events more interesting and enjoyable. It is free to stream site and you can access its service anywhere around the world.


Streamgaroo is a website that lets you watch live sports online. You can watch live sports events such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and others on the website. The website is easy to use and helps users find what they need quickly. The links are sorted by sport and event, which makes it easy to find the streams you want to watch. You can watch sports events live on the website without signing up or paying fees.

The website provides access to live TV channels from various countries across the globe. The website offers channels from different countries and regions.

Various television channels broadcast multiple programs such as news, entertainment shows, sports, and music. The mobile-friendly website can be accessed on smartphones and tablets to watch live streams. The website is optimized for mobile devices to view live streams while on the go conveniently.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a website like the online version of the British TV sports channel, Sky Sports. This channel is owned and operated by Sky, a Comcast subsidiary.

The website has news, events, and analyses about sports like football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, etc. The website has different types of content like articles, videos, and live sports events. Users can check out features like player and team profiles, league tables, and fixtures.

LS Hunters

LS Hunters refers to the sports streaming platform that can provide its users with an extensive collection of live matches from multiple events and tournaments without interruptions.

This platform can let its clients get sports matches, such as Football, NFL, Basketball, Moto, Rugby, Handball, Volleyball, Tennis, and much more. It can even permit its customers to access the advanced search functionality to find their desired content directly by utilizing valid working URLs.


Drakula Stream is a web-based platform that can offer its users the next-level live streaming of the World Series without interference. This platform can let its clients get the Championship series organized by the Baseball Federation of Asia so that they can stream all of the live matches easily.

It can even permit its customers to access the attractive homepage with options such as Home, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Other sports, Sports betting, Contact us, and more.


Vipstand refers you to search popular engines for the best sport streaming. The primary purpose of this site is to provide you with a better search site through which you can easily watch your favorite port shows.

In addition to more about Vipstand, if you seek something where you can view sports easily, this site is a good option. It is now easy to watch sports quickly without missing any single update with the help of this site.


Nizarstream is a web-based marketplace that can offer its users live sports streaming so that they can have their favorite events without any limitations.

This platform can let its clients get significant events, such as the UEFA champions’ league, Italian series, Bundesliga, Copa Libertadores, English premier league, French Ligue 1, Turkish super lig, and many others. It can even permit its customers to access the full streaming in multiple qualities and high-quality resolutions to have a better user experience.


Givemeredditstreams is an online platform that can provide its users with NFL Live Streaming, UFC Streams, Epl Streams, NBA Streams, Boxing Streams, Football, and much more.

This platform can let its clients get the internet television network so they can have live broadcasts of sporting events from across the globe. It can even permit its customers to access the entire content in high-quality resolutions to enjoy entertaining moments without any bad image issues.

Ripple. stream

Ripple. stream is a web-based marketplace that can work based on the end-to-end live streaming service to provide its users with a managed infrastructure with auto-scaling. This platform lets its clients get live between scheduled content so they can stream directly to the internet with a high-quality resolution compatible with multiple devices.

It can even permit its customers to access several tools & services that need affordable and secure streaming for various aspects, such as f.x. Events, concerts, interviews, political conventions,…

Sportsurge is a website where individuals can watch sports occasions as they are occurring. It provides you full access to every NFL, NBA, MMA, and Boxing match that has ever been shown on TV.

It is the head of sports data and content, and its website recommends live videos of many other sports events. Fans of a typical team can watch their favourite game online and get up-to-date stats, information, and player profiles.


NHL.TV, the NHL’s live streaming service, allowed users to view live, out-of-market games just like the NBA’s various League Pass options. The NHL is available to US customers. Fans who subscribe to the service can view up to 1,000 live, out-of-market games and 75 exclusive ones during the upcoming NHL season. ESPN+ now includes a television bundle. Streaming in 4K is technically possible, but no NHL games appear to be available at that resolution for the time being.


NFLBite is one of the best Reddit NFL Stream Aggregators that monitor and stream all the NFL games and leagues. It is the ultimate destination for NFL lovers, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

The site features a vast collection of NFL games, leagues, and highlights that you can stream anytime, anywhere, even on any internet-supported device.


BossCast deals with providing live streams of multiple sports shows in exceptional quality free of cost. This platform doesn’t want the earned money of the person, so he can spend it for whatever he wants because it doesn’t require any credit card linked.

The user can also choose from a variety of sports channels, so he can watch what’s going on them.


Strikeout is the fastest-growing live sports streaming website where you can stream all your live events in high quality for free even without any limit. It is an alternative site to CricFree and offers all the core services and features such as a dark theme, daily updates, and much more.

It also offers multiple sports categories such as basketball, football, tennis, golf, rugby, and AFL, etc. You can easily open each category to watch streaming.


12thPlayer is a simple yet powerful mobile and web application created for sports lovers who want to connect with their favourite sports. With this app, you can get updates about all your sports events such as live scores, news about upcoming events, and much more.

There is also an option to stream live events with friends around the world. There is also a live chat feature that allows you to communicate with friends and other users during sports. You can also read Is mild or medium hotter


Liveonsat is an online marketplace that can help sports adductors access Live telecast matches regarding football along with all of its schedules based on Satellite TV, WebCasts, Cable, and more. This platform lets its users get the streaming in a range of European countries, such as Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and many more countries & regions.


Crackstream.Net is a sports streaming site that makes it easy to stream all your favourite sports events anytime anywhere even on any internet-connected device. It is similar to sites like CricFree and offers all the core services and features.

On this site, you can easily stream all your sports events including NFL Streams, NHL Streams, Succor, MMA, Boxing, and lots of others.

Are The Streams Legal/Safe To Use?

The legality of sports streaming sites is nuanced and varies by region. Use caution and VPNs when accessing unauthorized streams.

How Can I Watch The Live Sports Streams?

You can watch directly in your desktop/mobile browser. Some sites also offer apps or Kodi addons. Streams can be Chromecast/Airplay compatible.

What Picture Quality Can I Expect From The Streams?

Quality varies, but many streams are HD depending on your connection. Expect a decent standard definition at minimum.

Any Tips For Getting The Best Stream Experience?

Use an adblocker, close extra browser tabs, and connect your device directly to the router via ethernet for the fastest speeds. Try refreshing or switching streams if lag occurs.


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