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Hiring the Right Criminal Lawyer near me

Criminal Lawyer near me is an important issue. In a few years, the capacity of the criminal justice system will be reduced and it will be more important than ever to find lawyers who are truly committed to their clients and to the work they do.

When facing criminal charges, a person wants to get the absolute best person to protect them. This, however, can be incredibly difficult at times.

Right Criminal Lawyer near me
Right Criminal Lawyer near me

Because of that, we are going to show you through this article how to make sure that you hired the right criminal lawyer near me. Let’s get right into it.

  1. Their Area of Expertise Above All

While this might seem like an obvious first step, you should make sure that the lawyer you want representing you has actually studied criminal law. A law firm that offers you an attorney for a criminal defence case does not mean they offer one that has specialized in criminal law. This is where a dilemma will become clear.

If you opt for a private lawyer, you can make sure that you don’t take any risks and receive the best fit for your case. This will, undoubtedly, strain you financially, but leave you in safer hands. The alternative is getting a cheap lawyer who might be doing his first criminal defence case with you. If you are comfortable with this fact then, by all means, go ahead.

This isn’t to say that a public lawyer is necessarily worse. If the public lawyer has years of experience in the relevant field, they will be much more useful than a private lawyer who has specialized in marriage law.

After you find a suitable candidate, ask them for examples of their previous cases. This will help you get a more adequate picture of their expertise.


  1. Ask Them the Most Important Questions

Don’t feel shy over this suggestion. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. It is your life on the line at the end of the day and you want to make sure you are being represented by a person you utterly trust and approve of. Schedule interviews with the lawyers and have questions prepared upfront. Here are some of the most vital questions you should be asking them:
• How do they approach a case in criminal defence?

  • Do they offer a payment plan?
  • Are there any testimonials from previous clients that they can present?
  • How do they calculate the expenses that they charge the client?
  • How many cases have they done in the past that are close to the one you have?

And finally:

  • Why should you hire them?

After you have gotten these key answers, you should be ready to reach a decision.

  1. Are the Referrals Strong Enough?

When trying to find a trusty lawyer, the best place to start is with friends and family. Did they have a lawyer help them previously in the past that they are particularly fond of? If so, you can further check their background and see whether they are the right fit for your specific situation.

Another option that you have is going through all of the lawyers that you have had experience with yourself and asking them if they have anyone to recommend to you as a defence attorney. If you want full-proof evidence of their competence you can then ask those lawyers for other referrals.

A vital aspect of this is whether the referrals come from the relevant field. A recommendation for a lawyer in property law does not weigh the same as a recommendation for criminal law.

A secondary option is browsing the internet. This is the most direct way of checking referrals from lawyers, all you have to do is go over the reviews. Although, be aware that some websites possess the ability to delete reviews which can make getting an adequate picture a lot more difficult.

  1. Do They Show Financial Straightforwardness?

How the potential lawyer approaches the financing of the legal process is the largest aspect of what determines the trust between the attorney and the client. This is done by them being direct with all of the fees involved with the case, with no hidden fees. Your first red flag should be when a lawyer doesn’t bring up all of the fees in the early phases of the case and only brings them up gradually as the case progresses.

This way they make sure you are already invested and can continue to drain you of your funds. This problem can be easily dealt with by stating all of the fees involved with the case in a written document. Another aspect of finance is the final price. Don’t bite into low-priced lawyers. If they are way too cheap in comparison to their competition, something is wrong. This is usually the case with firms that have an awful reputation so they charge pennies for their work or they are hiding certain fees from you that they will spontaneously mention later.

  1. Test Them

Usually, criminal lawyers aren’t expected to memorize everything about their field of expertise. However, an attorney that is skilled in their field should be able to give you some of the most important points about how a case like yours would play out and what you can, realistically, expect from it. This will give you a solid perception of the situation from the start, as you can see whether they are ready to handle your case or not.

Hiring the Right Criminal Lawyer near me provides an in-depth guide to hiring the right criminal lawyer. It also provides tips on how to protect yourself against the high cost and risk of criminal prosecution.

  1. Do They Have Court Experience?

Courtroom experience differs for different law fields, but for criminal law it is imperative. Even though it doesn’t have to mean that your case will go to court, it is always good to be prepared for the worse so that you can get the best results from such a situation if it were to occur.

A courtroom is a place where everything happens extremely fast, and you need a lawyer who is adept in such an environment and can respond accordingly. Not to mention, an experienced lawyer will always have plentiful experience in local courts. This allows you to have the upper hand in the case because your attorney is already knowledgeable in the local laws of the state (and this can play a vital role down the line).

  1. Does the Thought of Them Representing You Fill You With Confidence?

This one comes down to your gut feeling most of all. Get rid of any preconceptions and take a deep breath and think to yourself – Do you feel comfortable with this person representing you in court? Does their presence fill you with confidence? Do you feel ready to take on the case with this person by your side? A great portfolio and a solid CV will definitely get you far but you always need to take the human factor into consideration.

Does the attorney show confidence when they meet you and as they hear your case? Do they greet you with a firm handshake and maintain direct eye contact? Along with proper posture, these are some of the most important for a confident lawyer to display. If they aren’t sure themselves whether they can do anything in your case, what hope does that leave for you?

Thankfully, with Lamont Law, you certainly don’t have to worry about this problem as they possess specialized professionals that will always do their best to win your case with confidence.


That would be it for this article, hopefully, you have gained useful insight about getting the best criminal lawyer for your case. If you’ve been accused of a crime, you need an experienced criminal lawyer who can help you through the whole process. Find out what you can do to help yourself, and how to choose the right criminal lawyer. Best of luck!




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