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Are Prescription Contact Lenses Better than Glasses ?

Prescription Contact Lenses Better than Glasses  are known to be an essential for your eye health.

Contact lenses are a thin and delicate disc of a comfortable and soft material that corrects any vision errors. They come in various options of colored and transparent contact lenses. Also, you can buy them in daily, monthly, or yearly disposable form depending on your needs.

Now, the question arises if prescription contact lenses are better than eyeglasses or not? The answer is not straightforward and there are many factors involved, including hygiene, wear time, among several others.

Contact Lenses Better than Glasses
Contact Lenses Better than Glasses

Contact lenses are soft and comfortable and do not feel heavy on the face as opposed to glasses. Also, they are undetectable in the eyes if you opt for clear lenses. Besides, they are better at improving your vision than eyeglasses as they sit on the iris. The affordable eye lenses price also makes them accessible for most people.However, there are some downsides to wearing lenses that you should keep in mind. Maintaining the hygiene of contact lenses and rinsing them with lens solution after every use is essential. Any contamination on the contacts can lead to infections or even blindness.

Besides, lenses require more care and you have to take them out before going to bed. However, you can go for extended wear lenses if you do not want to take off your contacts for some time.

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Which are the trending and best types of contact lenses?

New contact lenses brands launch now and then but, some of them remain on the top. Before purchasing contact lenses, do your research about the quality and performance of the product. Some of the top contact lens brands include:

Acuvue Contact Lenses

The hydraclear plus technology of the Acuvue contact lenses ensure excellent vision all day long. Also, the high water content keeps the eyes hydrated and moisturized. The exceptionally high quality of these contact lenses makes them a popular choice among those who require vision correction.

Bella Contact Lenses

The top-notch quality colored contact lenses are Bella contacts available in an enormous range of shades. These lenses have a soft texture and prevent dryness in the eyes.

Besides, the various collections offer different shades suitable for every need. Bella lenses are the top-selling colored contacts in many countries around the world.

Dahab Contact Lenses

The natural and sultry effect of the Dahab lenses makes the eyes appear charismatic. These contacts come in a variety of color options with a comfortable feel.

Besides, the latest technology makes these lenses suitable for wear all day long. You can choose from the different categories offered by this brand.

Solotica Lenses

These lenses are one of the most popular lens brands worldwide. The natural finish of these contacts makes them suitable for wearing every day.

Solotica lenses also come in various collections, including Hidrocor Rio, Hidrocor, Soflex, Natural Colors, and Aquarella. These lenses are popular in the US, UK, Middle East, Canada, and many other countries.

Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses

The finest quality transparent contact lenses come in various options for all vision corrections. Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses provide comfortable and precise vision at an affordable price.

The moisture content of these contacts keeps the eyes comfortable all day and prevents infections and itching.

Is it good to wear eye lenses?

Contact lenses are a safe and convenient option for vision correction and upgrading eye color. However, lenses can cause damage to the eyes without proper care and handling. Wearing lenses over the recommended time can harm the eyes.

Always read the lens description before purchasing to find out about the expiry period. Also, replacing them with a fresh pair keeps the eyes safe and free from infections. Keeping the lenses clean and sanitized is also an essential step to ensure the safety of the eyes.

You can wear lenses with these precautions and enjoy perfect vision without the need for bulky glasses. The comfortable feel of lenses makes them suitable for daily wear and makes you appear more elegant. Besides, the variety of color options helps you switch up your look now and then.

Are daily contact lenses better than monthly?

Monthly contact lenses have a thicker consistency as compared to daily disposable lenses. So, these lenses have more durability and last for a longer time. However, they need regular rinsing with a lens solution to keep them fresh and free of any infectious material.

Daily disposable lenses are only suitable for one-time wear, and you can dispose of them off at the end of the day. Also, these lenses do not require any thorough cleaning as you throw them out after wearing them once. Hence, you can buy monthly or daily lenses depending on your lifestyle and comfort.

Who can not wear eye lenses?

Even though contact lenses offer optimum comfort and vision, they are not suitable for everyone. Some people have particular eye conditions that prevent them from wearing contacts.

These include dry eye syndrome, which causes dryness and itchiness in the eyes. The tear glands in the eye are unable to produce enough lubrication for the contacts. This inadequate moisture makes it uncomfortable to wear contacts.

Another condition that prevents wearing contacts is severe near-sightedness. Contact lenses do not come in a high enough power for this condition and, these people can not see clearly with these lenses. Hence, wearing glasses is a better alternative for those with this eye condition.

Allergies are also an important issue that causes discomfort upon wearing contacts. Such people are either allergic to the material of the lenses or the lens solution. Either way, it becomes difficult to wear lenses as it leads to irritation in the eyes. Lastly, age is a factor that prevents wearing lenses.

Children and pre-teenagers should avoid wearing contact lenses as they may harm themselves without proper care.

Conclusion on Prescription Contact Lenses

With time, contact lenses evolved with the latest technology and an alternative to wearing glasses. Prescription Contact Lenses  make the eyes appear more attractive and correct the vision. Glasses Mart offers various leading contact lenses brands across the world. This variety comes with the latest and unique options for every need and lifestyle.





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