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Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform for Developers

Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform for Developers is to be known. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two big names in cloud computing. We can also say that these two are the leaders of the cloud computing market. These two cloud computing services are providing different features to users.

It means that they are providing different storage, pricing structures, and computing services to the users. Azure is the cloud computing service of Microsoft. Its services are available in 54 different geographical locations. On the other hand, Google Cloud is new in this market. Its services are available in just 20 different geographical locations.

Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform for Developers
Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform for Developers

Microsoft Azure vs google cloud platform

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is providing the best services for specialized fields like gaming, mobile development apps, and data warehousing, etc.

Key Features:

Microsoft Azure is offering various features for the developers. Some essential features of Microsoft Azure are explained below;

  • Data Resiliency: When you are using a cloud computing service, you have lots of concerns about the availability of the data. Microsoft Azure has solved this problem of the developers.
  • Its reason is that it is providing lots of data centers to secure the data. After storing any piece of information on the Microsoft Azure, it will generate three copies of the information. If you are facing any kind of problem in the availability of the data, you can get access to your data from the other two copies.
  • Data Security: After the data resiliency, Microsoft Azure is also providing the best solutions for data security. To secure the data, Microsoft Azure encrypts the data in multiple ways. As a result, one can get access to your private information.
  • BCDR Integration: It is also providing amazing features for the users to create a backup for the data. For this reason, they have introduced BCDR integration. You can use it to make backups and to restore the data centers.
  • Capacity Management: It is also providing some useful data tiering features to the developers. These data tiering features are helpful for the developers for hybrid architecture storage. The developers can store the data in various forms like SSD, HDD and Cloud Storage tier etc. To optimize the data storage space, they are also offering some essential features like deduplication and compression.
  • Single Plane Operations: While using Microsoft Azure, we have to work with hybrid infrastructures. For this reason, this cloud computing service is also offering some useful features. It allows the developers to connect with various data sources. It allows the developers to collect and analyze the logs. It allows the developers to provide insightful information about these things.


Key Strengths of Microsoft Azure:

As told by a dissertation help firm that if you are developer, you must understand the key strengths of a cloud computing service. This cloud computing service is providing some discount offers. These discount offers are attracting new customers. It is also focusing on the hybrid cloud computing setup. That’s why it has become the best choice for large enterprises. If you are using other services of Microsoft, it allows the developers to integrate these offers easily.

Weaknesses of Microsoft Azure:

Along with strengths, there are also some weaknesses in a cloud computing service. You should also get an idea about these weaknesses before using it. If you are a Microsoft ecosystem user, this is the best choice for you. Anyhow, if you are using some other services, it may create some problems. It has also limited customization options for developers. As a result, developers can’t use it according to their requirements.


Google Cloud:

No doubt, it is a newer platform in cloud computing. Anyhow, it is also providing some insightful features to the users.

Key Features of Google Cloud

As we know that Google is supported on various versions of Linux, therefore, it can provide lots of features to the developers. The developers can easily develop apps by using this cloud computing service. The key features of this cloud computing service are given below;

  • Cloud Storage: It is providing super-fast persistent disks. These disks are available along with cloud datastores. To provide the best cloud computing services to the users, Google has also introduced some other features like Hadoop and Big Table technologies. If you are working on machine learning and you require cloud computing services, this is the best platform for you.
  • Cloud Functions: It is providing a superfast serverless platform for the developers. By using this platform, the developers can build event-based micro-services. If you want to trigger functions by using this cloud storage platform, you don’t need developer resource management.
  • Google Container Engine: It is one of the most important features of Google Cloud. It is triggered by Kubernetes. By utilizing this essential feature of the Google Cloud, you can run docker containers.
  • Compute: If you are using Google Cloud, you can enjoy its essential feature Google Compute Engine. This essential feature of the Google Cloud allows users to launch VMs into certain regions.

Key Strengths of Google Cloud

As we have discussed earlier that Google Cloud is newer in this market and it has only a few users. Anyhow, it has a strong fan following. Its reason is that it has proven an IaaS competitor in the cloud computing market. The simplicity and easy to use interface of this platform has also made it the best platform for the developers. It has also proven a high-quality network for users. Its reason is that it is providing the best networking services to the developers, it has high storage space and it has large databases with GCP. It is also providing the best platform for developers to develop mobile apps.

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Weaknesses of Google Cloud:

Like Microsoft Azure, there are also some weaknesses of Google Cloud. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not the best platform for small enterprises. Its reason is that it is providing the best cloud computing services for large enterprises and B2C businesses. As it is the newest cloud computing service provider, it is providing less variety of features to the developers. If we compare the strengths and weaknesses of these two cloud computing services, we know that Google Cloud is providing the best cloud computing services than Microsoft Azure.

So, These are the best comparison on  Microsoft azure vs google cloud platform

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