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Master’s in business administration from LPU

MBA is one of the most popular post-graduation programs which imparts skills and knowledge in the field of business, technology, finance, and many more. With the advancement in business industries, demand for trained MBA graduates with appropriate skills and knowledge has also increased. Many universities offer MBA but completing your MBA from a well-known and reputed university is very important that’s why Lovely Professional University Distance MBA is the best course for anyone who’s looking for a nice education that can get them a head start on their career. 

MBA can be completed as a full-time course where candidates will have to visit the campus every day and spend a huge amount of their time completing their MBA, there another option is Lovely Professional University Distance MBA, through which you can save a ton of time and money which is very important for every student. In distance education one doesn’t visit the campus every day, except they complete their education through their homes or wherever they want to do from, distance education is what we will call a nomadic type of course where all you need is a laptop and internet connection to complete your education and Lovely Professional University Distance MBA provides that experience. MBA can be pursued after an undergraduate, preferably BBA, and the duration to complete the course can vary as well.

MBA for Businesses –

With more and more companies going unicorn in our country, the trend for opening start-ups and businesses has just increased more than 10-fold, and to open a business one needs to have the right knowledge and skills that only MBA can impart. Best Lovely Professional University Distance MBA will be the first step towards business for anybody who wants to enroll in this program. An MBA is the most essential part of opening up a business. It imparts skills that will help you go through the rough patches of it and it will provide the logical skills to solve the problems one faces during business operations and tasks.

Specialization and Syllabus –

The 2-year post-graduate program is divided into 4 semesters with 6 months allotted to every semester. Every semester is focused on providing deep knowledge, skills, and practical experience on important concepts and subjects needed in tomorrow’s industries. Apart from this syllabus, which is the same for every student, there is a specialization that differs from student to student. The specialization candidate choose will define their careers. For example -someone who wants a successful career in hotel management would choose hotel management as their specialization to gain knowledge and skills in that particular field.

Some of the specializations offered by Lovely Professional University Distance MBA are – Finance, Agriculture and food business, Infrastructure, Advertising, Marketing, International Business, Sales, Oil and Gas, Pharma, Human resource, Retail, and many more.

Job and career scope –

There is huge career scope after Lovely Professional University Distance MBA is huge. Every year many multinational companies and organizations visit the campus of LPU to hire MBA graduates and LPU’s placement center helps them prepare for interviews and any test’s the companies may take.



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