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Key Advantages of a Delivery Management System

Because of the growth of eCommerce, delivery management was already a difficult undertaking before the epidemic. Some businesses receive many shipments daily, in addition to the sporadic personal mail that employees bring into the office.

It makes sense that workers who report for duty during regular business hours would prefer not to have packages left at their door or in the shared mailroom of their apartment building throughout the day. Some packages might need to be signed for. However, receiving personal items at work can strain an organization’s finances and give front desk employees legal and labour concerns in Advantages of Delivery Management Systems .. Delivery management software is becoming an essential component of office software suites because of this.

What is a delivery management system?

Software for delivery management has several applications. The software used by shipping and courier businesses to arrange delivery routes automatically, notify delivery drivers, gather delivery evidence, digitally track delivery vehicles, and much more is most usually referred to by this term.

A distinct process is involved in delivery management for organisations that are receiving it. Packages need to be signed for when they arrive. After that, they must ensure that shipments reach the mailroom or the beneficiaries directly. A package is no longer the delivery company’s responsibility once it leaves their possession. When it comes to ensuring that the delivery reaches its destination undamaged, this may place the onus on front desk employees.

With delivery management software, couriers may log in to a workplace and record the date and time of package delivery, relieving reception workers of some of their workload. To ensure that they can fetch a parcel before it causes problems for other staff members or takes up space in the mailroom, this programme should ideally also record the recipient’s name and notify them directly and in real-time that a delivery has arrived.

Benefits of delivery management software

Delivery managers, package receivers, and receptionists are the main benefactors of these systems. This programme ought to cut down on the amount of time package droppers have to wait for a signatory. When it comes to tracking deliveries, recipients won’t have to depend on a smartphone app or educated estimates; instead, they’ll be informed as soon as the package arrives at the destination, allowing them to pick it up.

Since receptionists have always had to take time out of their jobs to manually oversee package deliveries, they usually stand to gain the most from the automation of delivery management. This operation can be particularly taxing in big office buildings if front desk workers, such as receptionists, have to search for the recipient’s contact information, get in touch with them with their delivery, and then create space in their workstation until it is collected.

Sending reminders regarding shipments that aren’t picked up right away and delivering items to the mailroom are frequently the responsibilities of the reception personnel. Receptionist productivity might be negatively impacted by personal package deliveries to the workplace, which can cause responsibilities to increase significantly around the holidays.

Key features of a delivery management system

Delivery management must include functions that automate receptionist tasks if it is to save time, lessen annoyance, and stop misplaced packages. Consequently, any or all of the following duties should be performed by a competent delivery management software system:

  • Save an electronic copy of the delivery confirmation.
  • Add barcode scanning for quick drop-offs.
  • Provide recipients with notifications, reminders, and control over how frequently they get them from staff.
  • Permit staff members to sign for delivery and document when they pick up the package.
  • Create reports on workers who get an excessive amount of shipments and populate delivery records.
  • Easily interface with many systems, particularly visitor management systems (VMS)

In general, a delivery management system should inform receivers as soon as their product arrives (and that they are now accountable for its actions), skipping reception altogether.

How Transgenie can help you manage your office’s incoming deliveries

Our goal is to assist you in enhancing visitor, contractor, employee, and asset safety, security, and compliance—as you may already be aware. However, we can now assist you in recording every delivery and informing recipients when their shipment has arrived.

Businesses may add delivery management software trends capabilities, such as recipient delivery alerts and courier check-in, to their systems by customising them using Transgenie. At the point of check-in, couriers may now enter the recipient’s name to give them a direct notice using new tools like “Search and Notify for Deliveries.”

Delivery notification software, despite its seeming simplicity, is a crucial tool for allowing receptionists to continue working without repeated interruptions. They will appreciate the time saved by not having to spend their day signing for personal packages and then coordinating with staff to have them picked up. Instead, they can concentrate on more vital work!

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