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Kedarkantha Trek | One Of The Most Popular Winter Trek

One of the very popular winter treks in Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha Trek is a trekker’s gratification and rookie’s rite of passage due to its relative ease. Wrapped in scintillating snow during winters, this trek has a fantastic view of the astonishing Himalayan peaks. It also gives trekkers a different opportunity to experience life in the faraway villages in dead winter!

Kedarkantha trek has unrivaled beauty, dazzled views of entrancing villages, meadows, snow paths, a dramatic landscape which are dotted with lovely lakes, mountains, pleasant rivers, and the great Himalayan peaks.

Kedarkantha Trek One Of The Most Popular Winter Trek
Kedarkantha Trek One Of The Most Popular Winter Trek

The Kedarkantha trek also provides an amazing opportunity to view the scenic beauty and witness the life of remote villages of the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

How to reach Kedarkantha Trek

One has to come to the quaint village of Sankri which is located 200 km from Dehradun to reach Kedarkantha Trek. So, Dehradun, which is 248 km from Delhi, is the meeting point. Once you reach Sankri, you can begin your trek to Kedarkantha, mostly done the next morning.

Things to carry

1) Clothes like sweaters, thermals, pairs of gloves, caps, mufflers, socks (all should be woolen):

Weighty and absolute three to five clothing layers are minimum during winter as the weather might get uncertain. For summer trips, light woolen is sufficient.

2) Weatherproof jacket.

3) Hiking shoes, Snow boots, shoes, or slippers.

4) Trekking stick or a trekking pole.

5) Additional things like sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen lotions, lip balm, headlamp, torch with supplementary batteries.

6) Sanitizer, tissues, liquid soaps, paste, and toothbrush.

7) Medicines: Diamox for elevation sickness, important medicines for headache, stomach upset, and well-organized medication if you are taking any, band-aids, volini spray, and anything else.

8) Phone adopters or power banks.

9) Overcoat, extra shirts/t-shirts, and trekking pants.

During Monsoons, please do not forget to carry an overcoat, an umbrella, and an extra set of clothes.

10) Identity card, also photocopies.

11) Water Bottle or enveloped water bottle.

12) Fleece jackets of woolen.

13) Few poly bags to carry any wet clothes.

14) Energy bars, biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits to munch, and ORS or glucose to prevent energy loss.

15) Camera with some additional memory cards, batteries, and chargers.

Best time to visit Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a year-round landing place except for the wet season of the monsoon. Nevertheless, spring and summer are ideal if you want to trek in satisfying weather. Winter on the other hand puts on the challenge for all those who want it to be more venturesome. Kedarkantha gets almost all of its impressions between December and March, which is the leading time to visit Kedarkantha Trek.

Level of difficulty

Kedarkantha trek’s struggling level is not difficult to moderate, with slow ascents and descents. Just the uphill climb from Kedarkantha base camp can be a minute arduous.

Reasons to do

1) The expedition felt like it.

2) 360-degree sight of the Himalayas.

3) The most attractive campsites.

4) The ideal trail for photography.

5) A possibility to experience the local culture and hospitality at Sankri.

Places to visit

1) Har Ki Dun Trek.

2) Purola.

3) Mori.

4) Sankri.

5) Rupin Pass Trek.

6) Bali Pass.

7) Saru Tal Trek.

8) Ruinsara Tal Trek.

9) Taluka Village.

10) Jakhol Village.

11) Osla Village.

About the locals

Kedarkantha trek begins from a small village called Sankri. Sankri is proficiently attached by road and it is 200 KMs at a distance from Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand state. Kedarkantha is an elevation top that is 3800 meters or roughly 12500 ft above sea level. The height of the Sankri Townley is 1900 meters.

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Some facts

However you can do this trek round the year (except monsoon months), the Kedarkantha trek is best in winters (Mid Dec-Jan). You can trek to the peak (3800 M) which is fully wrapped in the snow in the winter months.

Trek companies like Indiahikes, Renok Adventure, YHAI, etc. arrange this trek. If you do not want any nuisance of self arranging, the best is to go with them.

There are many local guides & porters accessible (all are local villagers), you can work out & plan in straight 2-3 hours. They will manage a tent, sleeping bag, utensils, food items, etc. for a price.



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