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Trek to the Valley of Flowers | NATIONAL PARK

Going is not only wonderful, but the beautiful views of nature will also lure you with enjoyments. Know more about this UNESCO World Heritage site.

The valley of flowers is an exotic place to visit if you are interested in plants, nature, and the beautiful views it is about 3352 to 3658 meters above sea level.  It is located in Uttarakhand of the Himalayan region. This place is a famous National Park since 1982 and now is under the title of UNESCO World Heritage site from July 14th, 2005.

This is a most welcoming place to the residents and to the tourists who would like to explore the flora and fauna of the same. It takes almost a week to finish exploring this wonderland. This is a remotely located place and can take about 3 days to reach from Haridwar.

Trek to the Valley of Flowers NATIONAL PARK
Trek to the Valley of Flowers NATIONAL PARK

Valley of Flowers also holds a place in the mythology of Ramayana wherein Hanuman brought magical herbs for Laxman, brother of Rama. It is believed that Hanuman plucked the herbs from this valley.


Take a bus or taxi or train from New Delhi to Haridwar. A drive from Haridwar to Joshimath / Govindghat will take almost 10-12 hours. Then night stays at Govindghat. Next morning drive from Govindghat to Pulna village which takes 4 hours.

From Puna a 10 hours trek to Ghangaria. You can also choose to take a helicopter or pony or porters. Once you reach Ghangaria, a 10-20 km trekking through the Valley of Flowers.

During the Trek to the Valley of Flowers, the early you leave the more you explore, but need to assemble back by 5 pm as per the forest department rules.


  •  Original ID card.
  • Bag packs and rain cover.
  • Day bags and rain cover.
  • Medical kit ( if necessary)
  • Water bottles.
  • Hiking shoes with extra pair of socks.
  • Torch with extra batteries.
  • Glucose, chocolates, nuts, and dry snacks.
  • Thermal clothes.
  • Jackets, sweaters.
  • Warm inner wears.
  • Trek pants, t-shirts, half sleeves.
  • Woolen caps.
  • Rain coast.
  • UV glasses.
  • Camera, phone charger.
  • Personal hygiene things like soap, brush, paste, towel, sanitizer, face wash, hand wash,


The valley is snow-clad for most of the year and is accessible from the month of June. The Valley of Flowers is open to all from the month of June first week. The best feeling of refreshment is got during the monsoon months of July and August.

These months are where most of the people visit this place and it is crowded during these months. This means we only have four months to visit this wonderland and to explore all kinds of flora. If you are planning to Trek to the Valley of Flowers in September also, it will stay open till the end of September.


It is a moderate trekking experience and even the beginner can take part in the same to come out of their fear of heights, animals. And learn about a variety of flora and fauna they hold.


This place is an under heritage site because of the numerous visitors like the tourists and trekkers to explore the same. This place is an escape from the daily routine to get a fresh feeling. As the name suggests Valley of Flowers, there are a lot of flower varieties to explore and the smell each one of them produces is different and refreshing.

The uniqueness of these flowers is not just a benchmark for the same but the main reason for a healthy nature. Despite all the animals in the world, the fauna at this location is different because they have blue sheep, red fox, musk deer, snow leopard, and many more. During Trek to the Valley of Flowers, The view of the Himalayas is a great spender for the eye to relax from the daily routine.


Ganga and Alaknanda rivers, Rishesk, Rudra Prayag, and Dev Prayag, Haridwar, Joshimath, Govindghat, Ghangaria, Nar Parvat valley, RatbanParvat valley Valley of Flowers, Gurudwara, Laxman Mandir, Neelkanth peak, Hemkund Sahib, Bhyundar valley, and many other pilgrimage and temples can be vitiated on the way.


You will encounter the local people and get close to the localities during Trek to the Valley of Flowers. The localities are polite and warm welcoming the tourists. This will make the tourists have an amazing experience of visiting the place. And would recommend the same to other people.


People are religious and they believe that the Valley of Flower definitely holds a place in the mythology and that people visit here to pray to the Lord that saves them from bad.

In 1931, Eric Shipton, Frank S. Smythe, and R. L. Holdsworth who were British mountaineers lost their way from Mt. Kamet and happened to see a place full of flowers which they all got attracted to named the place “ Valley of Flowers”. In 1982 this was renamed “ The Nanda Devi National Park”.

This place receives moderate to cool climate during the months of April to June and they receive heavy monsoon rainfall from late June to the early month of September.

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Before going for the Trek to the Valley of Flowers these above facts and description would well orient about this national park in india. As you have vacation time you can enjoy visiting this world heritage site to make yourself enjoyable




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