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25 Top “I Miss You Quotes Love” Messages| English & Hindi Miss You Quotes

I Miss You Quotes Love is the  Best Miss You Messages you need when you need to send to your loved ones. You can see these miss you quotes to your boyfriends or girlfriends.

Quotes and messages are sort of short and sweet messages for sending to your loved ones. These messages simply carry the good meaning with the feeling. All of your feelings are sorted in a small piece of the message.

life is always about experiencing new chapters, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences. Sending quote and messages are the feeling we express which help to maintain the deep relationships among us.

Top I Miss You Quotes Love Messages English Hindi Miss You Quotes
Top I Miss You Quotes Love Messages English Hindi Miss You Quotes

When to Send “I Miss you Quotes Love” Messages

You need to send the miss you quotes in different conditions. Especially the “I miss you quote love ” message in the following conditions :

  • When you are in new love
  • When you are far away from your love.
  • When you are hurt in love.
  • When you are missing your family with love
  • When you are broken heart

Missing someone is natural and is a part of life for everyone. In everyone’s life you will miss someone in every step of life. it could be loved, it could be family members and others as well.

So,  when you are missing friends, love, family these collections of “I miss you quote love”  messages will help you understand and express those feelings.

 1. On a Silent night when friends are few,

On a Silent night when friends are few,
I close my eyes and think of U
A Silent night,
A Silent tear,
A Silent wish that U were Here!

2. Miss me or Hate me

Miss me or Hate me,
both r in my favor,
If u miss me
I’ll always b in ur heart,
If u hate me
I’ll always b in ur mind !

3. When I pray I don’t See God

When I pray I don’t see God, but I know he listens
As such, When I message you, I don’t see you,
but I know you think of me and Smiles!

4. Pal pal Ne Kaha

Pal pal ne kaha ek pal se

Pal bhar ke liyee  aap mere sath raho

Pal bhar ka sath kuch aaisa ho ki,

ki  har pal tum hi tum hamesa yaad Raho !

5. Me Without You

ME Without YOU!!
It’s Like
Facebook Without Friends,
Youtube Without Video
a movie without Music And

Google With No Results!

6. U may miss me

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna c me
Don’t search, just see your shadow
i will be there Trust Me!

7. Beetay huwe paal wapas laa nahi sakte

Biteay huwe pal wapas laa nahi sakte
Sukhe phool waapas khilaa nahi sakte
Kabhi kabhi lagta hai aap hamein bhool gaye
Par Hamara dil kehta hai k aap hamein kabhi  bhula nai sakte !

 8. In school they taught me

In school they taught me that:
1 hour = 60 min.
1 min= 60sec.
but they never told me that:
1 sec.
without U = 100 years. Miss U!

This one you will love. Its unique “I Miss You Quotes Love ” message in different way

9. Hum nazaro se duur hai ankho se nahi,

Huum nazaro se duur hai ankho se nahi,
huum khwabo se duur hai khayalo se nahi,
huum dil se duur hai dhadkan se nahi,
huum apse duur hai apki yado se nahi.
MISS YOU! I always

10. Kitni jaldi jaldi yeah mulakat guzar jaati hai

Kitni jaldi jaldi yeah mulakat guzar jaati hai,
Pyaas bujhti hi nahin ki barsaat guzar jati hai.
Apni yadon sey kehun ki yun na sataya karain,
Neend aati nahin auur raat guzar jaati hai !

English Hindi Miss You Quotes I Miss You Quotes Love
English Hindi Miss You Quotes I Miss You Quotes Love | Free online messages

11.  WHen all time passed Away

When all time t passed away,  I always find myself missing you

for every minute of an hour,

in each hour  a day, 

in every  day of each week,

every week of the month, and 

every month of the year.

12. Flower waiting to bloom

It is like a flower waiting to bloom..
Which is like the light bulb in the darkroom
It’s Like the desert waiting for rain,  I’m always sitting here
waiting for u to see me jumping.

Miss, You Always love

13. some text missing


  • some text missing


  • Name Missing  and Number Missing


  • Date missing and  Missing U lots on your everything you love me. Hear is always seeking you.

Love, Miss you so much. Love you always !!


14. Miss you every beat of Heart

I MISS YOU in every beat of heart,

In every blink of my eyes,

In every second of Time and…

In every moment of Life!

Love and Miss you Always forever

15. Good Time Bad TIme Miss you all the time

Good Time, Bad Time,

Day Time, Night Time,

Work Time, Off Time,

Happy Time, Sad Time,

Wakeup Time, Sleep Time,

In the Mean Time…I MISS YOU all the Time

16. No special Reason for Message

There’s no Special reason for this message, I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile and say: It enjoyable to be with you always. The moment with you is awesome. I always Miss you.

17. It’s Strange how many ways

It’s strange to miss someone.  It’s strange how many ways and how much everything you said and did was beautiful or entertaining. These are the only life beats with you. Love and miss you for every.

18. How Truly I miss you

I always realize how truly I miss you when something happens, good or bad, and I don’t need to say that you are the only person I want to tell when you are not with me.

19. Gum ne Hasne na DIya

Gum ne Hasne Na Diya

Jamane ne Rone na Diya

Yis Uljhan Ne chen se Jine na Diya

Thak ke Jab SItaro  se Panana li

Nind aayi toh teri yaa ne Sone Na Diya

20.  I miss you plain and simple

I miss you. and I just miss you, plain and simple. I miss your love in every presence of my life. I miss you always being there for me in every step of my steps for betterment and love. I miss you my best friend

21. Tere bin Kise ye raatein

Tere bin Kaise gujaregi yeh raatein

tanhai ka gam kaise sahegi ye ratein

bahut ho gaya hai ghadiya  intajar ki

karwat badal badal kar kategi yer har ratein

bas app ka bekhabari se  intrajar hai

22.  I realize how much

I  realize how much I  truly miss someone when something happens, good or bad, and look for the only person I  want to tell the person who is not right with me. Miss you always

23. Dil ka Haal Batana

Dilka hal batana nahi aata

Kisi Ko aaise taadpana nahi aata

Sun na chahate hai ekbar awaj aapki

Magar baat karne ka bahana nahai aataa

24. Everything I knew

Everything I knew is a big lie without you. I can I can’t sleep; I can’t breathe as my heart is broke in pieces, There is no beating without you. I Miss you very hard and love you always as ever and forever At least that’s the way it seems. Missing you isn’t the hardest part. Knowing that I once had you is.

25. Kaash Us Jaate

Kaash Ud jata huye waqt rok sakte

app ke sath gujara har lamha jod sakte

na jane kitnai yaade jo apne di hame

Kash jindagi ko hum pichye mod sakete

I Miss you So Much !!


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The bottom Line

These are the collected best English & Hindi Miss You Quotes message. Missing someone is natural with all people. When you are missing Select these ” I Miss You Quotes Love” messages and they can be modified for your ease and send to loved ones.






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