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How to register company in Nepal Privately?

How to register company in Nepal Privately? might be one of the questions to the startup businessmen. Either register company in USA or register company in India or register company in Nepal might be a different process according to country rule but some process can be similar about them.
register company in Nepal Privately
register company in Nepal Privately

Register company in Nepal Privately?

If you are registering a multinational company like Delaware corporation or register company in Delaware are the international process to deal with which might be more difficult and more professional to deal with. So, today we will be discussing register company in Nepal privately in this post. We will mostly deal with them.

In order to register company in Nepal, At first, you should be prepared with what business you are doing and what type of business you are engaged with. People in Nepal generally register the company after the business start but in fact, we have to start the registration of the company before starting any business. so It is the first step to make your idea and dream of running a business come true in the future.

After the business name is being confirmed you need to register your company to the Company Registrar Office of Nepal. You should be aware of the information about the company registration process

According to the Company Act 2063, Company Register Office had already started online application and documentation from  2069 B.S.  From which it became a bit convenient for getting the company the right information.

In Nepal, we can define company as If an individual or group willing to do business or industry, according to Company Act 2063, are made, it indicates those sorts of inalienable successor autonomy and organized organization.

In the same way, a Private company is  In accordance of ‘A’, it can be established as a solo private company or can also be of 50 shareholders within it.

The proposed company can be of following types

  • Private Limited company
  • Public Limited Company and
  • Non-Profit Company

Documents Required to Register company in Nepal

Rajaswa or Fee for company Registration

charge structure during the registration of company is listed as follows

Authorized Capital–>Rajaswa Amount

  • Rs.100000 –> Rs.1000
  • Rs.100001-500000–>Rs. 4500
  • Rs.500001-2500000–>Rs. 8500
  • Rs.2500001-10000000–>Rs. 16000
  • Rs.10000001-20000000–>Rs. 19000
  • Rs.20000001-40000000–>Rs. 25000
  • Rs.3000001-40000000–>Rs. 28000
  • For each Crore added in capital–> Rs. 3000 added in the Rajaswa

Process of Register Company in Nepal

Process of Register Company in Nepal
Process of Register Company in Nepal

The procedure of Registration of Company:

Company Register Office has recently started an online register. You can go through the website of the Company Register Office for details. You can click here to go to the online website Company Register Office 

The following provides the steps for registration of a company:

  Step 1:Reservation of company name at the OCR site

Firstly, send the name of the company to the website of the Company Register Office to check whether the name of the company is already in use or not. You have to follow these processes:

a. Click to the below-mentioned link on the homepage of Company Register Office CHECK NAME Then there you will see the written line ”TO ESTABLISH A NEW COMPANY, PLEASE CLICK HERE NEW!” Click HERE.

b.  Here you keep your name and email address. Account Make account and USER NAME will be you username PASSWORD comes in your email account.

Now keep email in USER NAME and keep PASSWORD in email and do LOG IN.

d. Do LOG IN and in the next step, click to CHECK COMPANY NAME.

e. Here comes NAME RESERVATION REQUEST FORM keep company name, objectives and watch whether it gets attached or not. It sends an email if the name does not attach then go-ahead for the registration process. If it gets attached then you have to keep another name. You will receive a rejection message from the Company Register Office. You have to again send another name.

f. After the approval of the name, prepare the manual.

  Step 2:Submission of the physical copy of documents at OCR site

Prepared manual and EC letter (in which the founder has to signature and scan) and the scanned documents and citizenship card can be uploaded in Company Register Office. Documents should be filed on Pdf file.

After uploading all documents, Register Company Office will send an email VERIFIED.

Go to the field of the chief for the non-profit company.

Pay revenue according to the capital. We have to deposit the revenue to the specified bank. Submit the voucher to Company Registration Office. Then, Company Register Office will give a receipt. Alternatively, if you have connectips activated to your bank, you can make an online payment for the rajaswa via the connectIPS as well.

After showing the receipt, the registration process will be finished after the stamp and signature of related staff and officers.

  Step 3:Examination of submitted documents by OCR

There will be an examination of entire documents by concerned authorities

  Step 4:Issuance of company registration certificate BY OCR

After validation of all processes, the authorities will provide the company registration certificate.

  Step 5:Tax Registration (VAT/PAN) at the Inland Revenue Office

The total time required for the registration of a new company is 7 to 10 days.


Contact of Company Registrar office (OCR) :

Government of Nepal, Office of Company Register

Location of company registrar office (OCR): Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone no. : 977-1-4259948, 4263089 : Fax no. : 977-1-4259961 :

Email Address :

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