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How to Make Your Own Tattoos Safely ?

How to make your own tattoos is need to know.  It should be safe and healthy. Tattoo-making is a craze nowadays. When making tattoos, there can be many complications. So, for a healthy tattoo, different factors are to be considered.  Know these all about tattoos!

How to make a tattoo

Large, small, traditional, for couples, to symbolize the growing family or to represent a certain meaning that is important to us.  On arms, forearms, legs, back, belly, décolleté, hands, and feet: tattoos are a very ancient form of body art, which leaves ample room for creativity and is increasingly chosen by both men and women.

how to make your own tattoos should be planned and you should be well oriented. The tattoos artist, the device used, and the technique used are to be discussed in hand. Finding Quality Tattoo supplies for the tattoo artist are also to be asked for the healthy tattoos art for your own.

How to Make Your Own Tattoos Safely
How to Make Your Own Tattoos Safely

How to make your own tattoos healthy

Choose the right professional who ensures the safety of the products used;

An instrument that does not damage our skin;

Above all, impeccable hygiene. A tattoo should not cause infection or pus.

A tattoo actually consists of the execution of a series of superficial punctures on the skin with a needle device suitable for tattoos. With each puncture, the device injects tiny drops of ink under the skin, which once healed block the color.

Traditionally, the decoration was designed to last forever, or almost. Today, however, it is also possible to make temporary tattoos. The tattoo process, which is done without anesthesia and can take several hours for larger designs, causes slight bleeding (which is often dried during the operation) and causes pain, from mild to very severe depending on the area being treated.

The duration varies from 15 minutes to numerous sessions, depending on the extension of the design.

How to make a tattoo not hurt

Are tattoos painful?

The first question that arises when thinking about getting a tattoo is: will it hurt? or tattoos are painful?  The answer is it depends.

Some people feel real pain, albeit very localized, others just a slight pinch, others nothing more than a pressure like that of a fingernail pressing on the skin.

The sensation of pain depends both on the individual pain threshold, on the hand of the tattoo artist, and on the area where the tattoo is done. In any case, the pain is instantaneous and passes immediately at the end of the operation.

Another thing is the possible annoyances that may emerge in the hours or days following the tattoo if you have not chosen a competent and safe tattoo artist.

The legislation on tattoos

According to what is reported by the National Center for Chemical Substances, to date, there is no specific and harmonized regulation in the tattoo sector regarding the chemical requirements of inks, despite the restriction based on Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (known as REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) .

They have limited the intended use or concentrations of approximately 4000 substances classified as hazardous in inks (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction, sensitizing / corrosive/irritating substances for the skin, irritants / harmful to the eyes, substances prohibited in cosmetic products).

The profession of the tattoo artist

There is anyway qualification to be obtained to practice the profession of tattoo artist, which issues a certificate of attendance for a specific regional training course and which operates in compliance with the health and hygiene requirements provided for by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Are tattoos safe for health?

It depends. Data from the Institute Superior di Sanity show that 13.4% still turned to unauthorized centers and this can constitute a significant source of risk of infection. It must also be said that each organism reacts differently to stimuli.

Adverse reactions can occur immediately or even after years and include allergic hypersensitivity or autoimmune-type reactions such as underlying, tattoo-reactivated dermatoses and inflammatory reactions, swelling or thickening of the skin or underlying tissue.

About infection

About 20% of people with psoriasis who get tattooed record a worsening of the pathology a. As is known, in subjects predisposed to the disease, the symptoms manifest themselves as a result of external stimuli ( stress, drugs, infections ), and among these must also be included the tattoo.

The practice is not recommended because too often the disease also occurs in areas where it was not previously present, worsening the patient’s overall health. For overall health think more about how to make your own tattoos.

As always reported by the ISS, the execution of tattoo and permanent make-up can give rise to 3 potential origins of infections:

  • Contaminated ink is already in the production phase or later, once the bottle has been opened and used without respecting standard asepsis rules.
  • Inadequate hygienic conditions at the time of tattooing or improper use, such as using the same needle or ink container for subsequent customers without proper sterilization.
  • Inadequate disinfection of the skin area to be tattooed.

Inadequate hygiene with products responsible for disinfectants during the healing process of damaged skin tissue after the tattoo. should be able to know how to make a tattoo stop itching.

How to choose the tattoo artist

The Institute Superior di Santa advises you to be well informed both on the measures that the specific tattoo artist adopts to avoid infections, but also on which inks are used.

The tattoo artist should provide all labels and identification data of the products he uses, including product traceability. It is advisable to take note of the tattoo ink used, in order to indicate it to the doctor if allergic reactions arise (among the sources at the bottom there is the ISS link on how to read the label of a product).

TO choose the tattoos artist make sure and be confident on how to make your own tattoos. Different tattoo styles and best tattoo hygiene should be maintained and considered.  Moreover, the tattoos artist should be aware of how to make a tattoo not hurt while making the art.

Tattoo styles

There are many styles of tattoos. People make their tattoos as they want. Some use words or names to tattoo their body. Some use special signs. Some are made with guns or animal photos. Honey bee tattoo is also very famous among people. It looks beautiful.


How to make your own tattoos should be known and as far as possible they should be planned accordingly for your good health.

Tattoo making is loved by many youngsters and its craze now a day. Before making it should be known about its benefits and advantages.

Moreover the possible side effects like allergy, the infection should be kept away as far as possible. There are multiple ways and options on how to make a tattoo stop itching, how to get rid of the infection.





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