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How To Get Fit In Middle Old Age ?

How To Get Fit In Middle Old Age is all the person query especially those who are going into the ages. Getting fit can be simple always for old age people especially mid ones. here is some basic stuff you will be enjoying to get fit.

Fitness is not a question of age. Even if we are repeatedly told. The body can be trained well into middle old age. Even if performance declines over time, the physical decline is not a question of age.

How To Get Fit In Middle Old Age
How To Get Fit In Middle Old Age

There are enough examples of people who are still fit, healthy and productive beyond the age of 70 or 80. Physical and mental decline is more a question of will and of course knowledge of body chemistry. Our indolence and the tendency to addiction do the rest.

So what can you do to escape the so-called age trap? Now you may be expecting something highly complicated, which is difficult or impossible to implement in everyday life and which is reserved for the rich and beautiful anyway. Far from it, it’s really simple.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods
  2. Train your muscles
  3. Exercise your cardiovascular system
  1. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat life. Anything that has a long list of ingredients, that reads like the package insert for a drug, that is further processed or industrially produced is not genetically correct food. Avoid white flour products. Limit your carbohydrate consumption.

Do not drink sugary drinks. These Sugary drinks can faster change from middle old age to older age soon.  Drinking water invigorates and enriches our bodies. Drink alcohol in moderation. Eat the  Foods That Are High In Antioxidants

The main components of your food you use in Elderly age. Keep those points in your mind to eat healthy food . These should be:

  • Lean meat (game, chicken, turkey, etc.). Organic if possible
  • Fish (if possible from marine fisheries, not from aquaculture)
  • Seafood (if possible from marine fisheries, not from aquaculture)
  • Eggs (are way better than their reputation, forget the cholesterol lie)
  • Fruit (all types, yes, also bananas and grapes, prefer berries!)
  • greeny and leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and kernels (all kinds)
  • Healthy oil (olive oil, nut oils, linseed oil, coconut oil, butter – yes, expressly, you can, even if the butter has a bad reputation, it is healthier than you think)
  • Dairy products (unsweetened unless you are lactose intolerant)
  • Herbs and spices (use plenty)
  • Salads of all kinds
  • Water (at least 3 liters a day, especially important for older people!)

If you sin every now and then, this is not a problem if most of the time you eat according to the rules above. There is also nothing to be said against one or the other glass of beer, wine, etc.

if you keep at least 3-4 non-alcoholic days a week and limit yourself to one glass. Always remember that I am talking about people who want to get back in shape and not about high-performance athletes even though in Elderly age.

  1. Train your muscles

Why muscles? The answer could be a biochemical one. We could also talk about fat-burning enzymes, we could chat about the  powerhouses in muscle cells, the mitochondria, and their dependence on magnesium

Because today is Sunday, because the sun rises brightly, because I forget myself singing while eating eggs … like a little child … pure happiness … let me talk about muscles once every Sunday. Emotionally. Excited.

As you will see, I have learned to love muscles, especially in middle old age. Feel in the following words so that you can train yoru muscle by yourself without harming to them. :

  • “There are 30kg of muscles in a tight 20-year-old body. 30kg, which produces energy, happiness, beauty, health, youth, and even intellect.
  • Only if one does not take care of one’s muscles does this divine source dry up. You lose strength, dynamism, beauty, health, happiness.
  • With every gram less muscle mass, the skin becomes slacker, the connective tissue wilted, the immune system slacker, the mind sluggish, the bones more fragile.
  • With every gram of muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest. 1 kg more muscle mass Burns an additional 50 kcal per day. With a muscle gain of 4 kg, this corresponds to about 20 minutes of daily jogging! 
  • Don’t let this happen: take care of your muscles. Run for 20-30 minutes a day or work out according to HIT. Just as important: invest daily (yes, daily) in targeted muscle training.

You don’t have to go to the gym to do this. Exercises without weights are sufficient, which means: Use the morning before work for the – most unpopular – muscle training. Or every evening.

In contrast to the professional bodybuilder, you are allowed daily. You don’t spend 2 hours massively every time like that. And you might – skillful as you are – prefer a different muscle group every day. You can see which exercises you can do here:

  • Muscle training without weights
  • Was that an idea? But again, from the bottom of my heart:
  • Muscles straighten up. Muscles allow you to become elastic again. Muscles make you … a child again.
  1. Exercise your cardiovascular system

In this area too, it doesn’t have to be the ultra-strenuous running and endurance program of a marathon runner. Already 20 minutes, three times a week are enough here or get used to the HIT system, then the endurance training costs much less time.

However, it should definitely be some kind of endurance training, as we use it to train our heart, our circulation, and, above all, our well-being. Just a few units per week, as described above, promote our health to a considerable extent.

Always keep in mind that in middle old age and Elderly age, you should do endurance exercise with keeping attention to your comorbid conditions like diabetes, hypertension. and COPD ( Lungs disease), Asthma, and so on. These people should do cardio exercise as advised by your doctors. Otherwise, you may get bad accidents also.

In summary, middle old age fitness can be brought into you by regular cardio exercise with the training of your muscle as physical makeups. In the same way, eating habits is one of the most essential to keep good fitness all over the time. So. Get tips and enjoy the healhty and fit life !!




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