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How to become a Boxing Referee UK ?

To become a Boxing Referee in the UK is the goal for the boxer’s dream due to its popularity and enjoyment in the sports world.

A referee’s job is central to the fight as his decisions can make a difference in the results of any Boxing bout. A proper training background is essential to get into the boxing ring and keep the extreme opponents from breaking any rule to score a win.

Boxing is renowned as an uncivilized and brutal sport, but a good referee can play such an objective role and maintain a level of control over the fighters.

An official Guide of Becoming a Boxing Referee:

If you want to become a Boxing Referee, you will contact the Regional Secretary of your based area. You can register your interest by applying through New Officials National Development Programme for Referees and Judges by the UK.

How to become a Boxing referee UK
How to become a Boxing referee UK

There is a partnership approach with England Boxing Regions through this program that is additional for the delivery, development, and designs. Referees apply an official guide to ensure consistency in high-level training and support Boxing at all levels.

Any applicant needs to complete the one-day course before sitting to the written exam; this course comprises five hours, and written paper happens around a week later. After passing your course successfully, candidates register via The Vault with UK Boxing officials or England Boxing Club.

After being a judge for 12 months, with the experience of judging 50 bouts, a grade C judge can take an exam from a Grade C. Then, written paper is held and marked by Regional Assessors.

If you succeed in it, you will be asked to referee at least five contests. Moreover, a Grade A judge will access your capability.

After achieving all particular elements, a certificate will be issued by the official body. Finally, you are qualified to be a referee on club shows only.

Who is Boxing Judge?

A boxing judge is a boxing referee who is responsible for judging the live boxing match.  The boxing judge is always present inside the ring along with the boxing players.

Generally, three judges are present at the ringside to score the bout in it and give points to the boxers during the game.  The points of scores in boxing are given based on the punches, defense, knockdowns during the game.

In gist, boxing referee is the important person who is inside the ring and they are responsible for enforcing the boxing game rules during a match.

Boxing Referee Roles 

The referee in boxing has the following roles and responsibilities

  • Starting and stopping of the game
  • give the necessary rules and instructions before the game starts
  • Determine the fouls in the game
  • Start and stop the round when the fighter in-ring is down
  • Give signals when round is finished
  • Determine the fighter’s health if it is endangered by more blows and thus stops the fight
  • Stops the fight when the time is up
  • Determine the end and start of rounds
  • Determine the winner of the game after all rounds
  • Coordinate with the third referee who is outside the ring

Becoming a Boxing Referee

Before jumping into the Boxing ring as a referee, try to build a Boxing background by knowing the rules of various types of fight-ending injuries and learning from the experiences of other referees. Learn the history of Boxing, understand the referee’s role, and get involved at grass root levels.

Analyze the performance of other referees at professional Boxing events and try to take some valuable suggestions. Learn from their experience by seeking them out after fights to become a pro.

As fighters work up from the bottom to higher in ranking, a referee has to put effort into staying consistent. Always be a top-notch performer by showing devotion to the sport and understanding every aspect of Boxing.

Becoming a Boxing Referee is not easy, so one must appreciate the responsibility to keep the fight fair and clean. Be consistent as it could be a full-time hobby to pay off.

Realize that it requires patience, free time, and financial stability as Boxing is not a full-time job and even many best referees have day jobs or businesses.

Being a referee is such a pivotal position; you can stop a fight, deduct points or disqualify any fighter for repeated fouls. You can break fighters from clinches, and there should be no fear of criticism while making decisions.

To be a great referee, stay devoted to your services and get prepared to deal with the fighter, crowd, and press as well. You can wish to know more TOP RECENT SPORTS BLOG.



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