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How to Be Safe From Corona in Bank

How to Be Safe From Corona in Bank. Day by day the corona is increasing. It’s more in developed countries. Some of the developed countries has been improving as the declining number of daily positive corona cases.
This decline or the improvement of the corona is due to effective management by governments, advanced technologies, and strict rules.
How to Be Safe From Corona in Bank
How to Be Safe From Corona in Bank
Moreover, the public people’s discipline and alertness have made more help in controlling the COVID spreading.
If we are talking to the developing countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, especially south Asia countries are deprived of advanced technology.
We still know there are lots of places where people are unaware of COVID. Lots of people haven’t been yet tested due to a lack of proper technology. So, in this scenario,  to be safe from corona the basic principle should be followed.
Keep social distance, wearing proper masks and timely use of sanitizer are the most important things to be considered.
The next important part is to avoid going to crowded places or avoid places where people from different places come.  Banks, Cinemas, Parks, Shopping mart, Local Markets, are some of the most commonly crowded places and people from different places come frequently.
Due to this deadly pandemic corona, it is wise to use the digital wallet is wise but sometimes you need to go back and apply the Coronavirus safety measures.
So, in this post, we are discussing to be alert or to be safe from corona in the bank. We already know that Banks is also the place where many people from different places come and you need to be safe by yourself. Now if you are going to the bank, take a pen and pay attention to these following pointed things and always keep in your mind to be safe from the corona.

Be Safe From Corona in Bank

  1.  Don’t open the door of the bank yourself, (tell the guard brother) if you have to open, use of hold it to the new place of the door (other than the handle), and pull it.
  2. Use the sanitizer hand finger in the bank, not only in handcraft but also in pulse.
  3. If you see the crowd in the bank, wait a while and let others come out then only Enter the bank when it is empty.
  4. Better not to wait in the bank. Stand separately as far as possible with maintaining social distance.
  5. When you come, stand separately, don’t use the bank bench as far as possible.
  6. If you have to do, stay in a wide gap, don’t touch the hand of the bench while sitting. Before touching everything in the bank, be careful that there can be corona in mind.

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When you come to the bank to exchange cash with a cheque:

To Be Safe From Corona in Bank while you exchange cash with cheque, keep the following things in your mind.

  1.  Fill the square cheque at home and bring it. Better done keep check in your pocket
  2. Don’t use the voucher desks of the bank. If you have to do, be careful always used sanitizer wipes. , winking your eyes until you wait for your turn after use. Keep your hands out.
  3. Before giving a check to the Cashier, write two correct and mobile numbers that the cashier can see at the back of the check. Use your own pen while writing. Stand without touching the counter desk.
  4. Look at the cashier counting the money, count your heart with him. Look at the number of money counted in the machine on display
  5.  Before leaving the bank, use sanitizer again, don’t open the door yourself. Corona has not come along with money. Be careful.

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When come to deposit cash:

To Be Safe From Corona in Bank while you deposit cash, do need to consider these points

  • Go to the voucher desks. take the voucher and fill it by your pen urself. It’s better to use sanitizer at this time.
  • If deposit daily, take the voucher to your office or home.  Fill it at home or office and then only bring it. By this way, you don’t have to use the voucher desks everyone is using.
  • Better bring the deposit cash in a sperate envelope or bag. it’s better to use one-time-use bags.
  • Stand without touching the counter desk by maintaining social distance
  • You are depositing in your own account, if you have less money, check the message that you have collected in your mobile. If the message came and the money was collected is okay, if you are going to take the voucher and throw it away,
  • Keep vouchers with caution and safety.
  • Before leaving the bank, use sanitizer again, don’t open the door yourself.
Let’s do digital business as much as possible. Stay safe.
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