Historical Budget on building Road Infrastructure in Nepal Budget 2020/21

For building the road infrastructure, the Historical Budget on building Road Infrastructure in Nepal Budget 2020/21 has been allocated. 
Historical Budget on building Road Infrastructure in Nepal Budget 202021
The government of Nepal has allocated many billion for strengthening the country itself. The major highlights on the constructions and infrastructure building of Nepal on this popular budget is listed as follows :
  • East-West Highway allocated Rs 12.21 billion for the expansion. The highway will be upgraded into the Asian highway standard within the next coming three years.
  • Rs 8.27 billion has been allocated to complete the under-construction Pushpalal Highway within three years.
  • Rs 7.1 billion has been allocated to complete the construction of Postal Highway within three years.
  • Rs 3.7 billion has been allocated to complete the Madan Bhandari Highway within the next five years.
  • has allotted Rs 5.57 billion for the construction of the Karnali corridor to connect all the district headquarters to road network and upgrading of  Muglin-Pokhara, Kohalpur-Surkhet, and Siddhartha Highway. 
  • for constituency strategic road program that connects at least one local unit to every constituency with the budget of Rs 3.30 billion has been allocated.
  • Rs 2.36 billion has been established to continue the ongoing road projects under the Devghat, Chatara, and Ramayan Circuit.
  • Rs 8.93 billion for the completion of the Kathmandu-Nigjadh fast track project within three years. 
  • 1.96 billion has been allotted to upgrade the roads connecting major trade points at the southern border with East-West Highway into industrial corridor and trade routes.
  • Rs 1.20 billion has been administered for upgrading Suryabinayak-Dhulikhel road section and to complete the construction work of Kantipath Highway.
  • beginning of  the second phase of Kathmandu Chakrapath road expansion,
  • Building Nepal’s first flyovers at three different places of Kanalki-Koteshwor road section and to expand the urban roads in major cities including Kathmandu.
  • Rs 6.42 billion has been issued to construct tunnel roads at various places including Naghdhunga, Siddhababa section of Butwal-Palpa road section, Khurkot-Chiyabari, BP Nagar-Khutiya-Dipayal, Thankot-Chitlang, Lambagar-Lapche, Kulekhani-Bhimphedi, Tokha-Chahare and Betrawati-Syafrubesi road sections.
  • allocated a fund to begin the tunnel road and flyovers in Tinkune-Koteshwor-Jadibuti road sections, underpass in Baneshwor, and ease the traffic at Tripureshwar-Maitighar road section.
  • allocated Rs 10.91 billion to build 250 bridges including 10 special bridges, complete the ongoing construction works at ongoing 300 bridges and construct 1,300 local bridges.