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High Priority Budget in Agriculture in Nepal Budge 2020/2021

High Priority on AGRICULTURE 
It has allocated Rs 41.40 billion for the agriculture sector and 27.96 billion for irrigation. Other Highlights are as follows :
High Priority Budget in Agriculture in Nepal Budge 20202021

  • Allocated 3.22 billion for one local unit one product pocket area program. Run of Agriculture Modernization Project and run one local unit one product pocket area program based on the local prospects. 
  •  develop an additional 250 agriculture and livestock pocket area to ensure at least one agriculture pocket area in a local unit.
  • has increased the budget to 11 million to ensure adequate chemical fertilizers.
  •  Organic farming will be branded and promoted.
  • Market infrastructures will be developed in each local unit. It has allocated a budget to build 78 wholesale markets in all seven provinces and establish provincial standard agricultural hub markets.
  • Rs 1 billion has been allocated to local units to build 200 food storage centers in order to ensure food security and strengthen the supply management system.
  • Rs 950 million has been allocated to promote sugarcane production. A fund has also been established to produce more than five million units of fruit saplings in the next fiscal year.
  • Mahakali Irrigation Project will be promoted as a national pride project, while other irrigation projects including Rani Jamara Kulariya, Sikta, Bheri-Babai Diversion, Praganna, and Badkapath, Bagmati, Palungtar, Great Dang Valley will be implemented. For the purpose, the government has allocated a budget of Rs 10.25 billion.
  • Rs 2.46 billion has been set up to construct the tunnel of the Sunkoshi-Marine Diversion Multi-purpose Project.
  • Rs 1.31 billion has been allocated for lift and solar-based irrigation in hilly and mountain regions.
  • Rs 2.32 billion has been allocated to set up 5000 shallow tube wells and 247 deep tube wells in 25 districts of Terai and inner Madhes in order to expand underground irrigation in additional 22,000 hectors of fertile land under the Prosperous Terai-Madhes Irrigation Special Program.
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