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Foods That Can Affect Male Fertility

Male fertility can be affected due to lifestyle choices such as poor diet, smoking, consuming alcohol, stress, and more. Certain foods can support or create problems with your fertility. Let’s understand which foods may negatively impact your fertility. 

Processed Meats

Intake of processed meats can negatively impact male fertility. Processed meats contain large amounts of preservatives and that can reduce your sperm quality. Consuming processed meat can also create a disturbance in your hormonal balance. It is essential to avoid eating processed meats and choose unprocessed protein sources in place of this food item.


Seafoods contain omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial for our body but certain seafood can decrease male fertility. High mercury fishes like king mackerel or swordfish can harm sperm quality and motility. You can also consult a Male infertility doctor in Lucknow to understand the negative impact of seafood consumption on male fertility. While eating you should keep a balance in your diet and try to decrease the seafood.  


Consuming excessive alcohol can adversely affect your fertility. Alcohol creates a disbalance in hormone levels. It decreases the testosterone level in the body and affects the quality of sperm. Not only this, but it also degrades the motility of sperm. The function of the testes is also disrupted due to alcohol. The sperm maturation process also decreases due to alcohol consumption. You must be aware of the fact that alcohol negatively impacts the overall reproductive function. 


Sugary sweet beverages affect reproductive health in males. Consuming highly caffeinated beverages like coffee or aerated beverages like energy drinks can reduce sperm motility and can cause infertility. Most of the beverages contain high artificial additives that can create oxidative stress and disrupt sperm function. In place of beverages, you can drink herbal tea, and water or can decrease your consumption of beverages which can help in improving your fertility. 

Dairy Products 

You might not believe it but according to several studies, high-fat dairy products may negatively influence your male fertility. Excessive intake of full-fat dairy products may impact testosterone levels in your body and affect sperm quality. High levels of saturated fats which are present in dairy products can increase obesity which can cause infertility. It is important to moderate your consumption of dairy products and eat food items that may boost your fertility. So next time, before eating a cheesy pizza slice, think twice. 

Soy Products

Eating excessive soy products can negatively impact your fertility. Soy Products contain phytoestrogens which elevate estrogen levels in your body. High Estrogen levels can disrupt your reproductive health. Some studies also reflected that soy intake may lead to decreased sperm concentration and motility. It is essential to decrease the soy intake and involve other protein-rich food items. This can help in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance in your body and boost fertility. 


It is important to avoid a few food items that can degrade your fertility. Excessive consumption of processed meats can negatively impact your sperm structure and its function. In addition to this, you should also avoid consuming alcohol or smoking. Take a balanced diet which must be rich in protein but avoid the intake of soy products, seafood, and dairy products because it may lead to hormonal imbalances and reduced sperm production. 

These food items also increase the chances of infertility and in such cases, you should visit the best IVF center in Ashiyana for a personalized treatment plan. A good lifestyle, proper diet, and regular exercise play a key role in improving your fertility and help in maintaining a hormonal balance in your body.



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