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Fixing Webmaster Tool Error : Sitemap couldn’t Fetch and General Http Error 

Fixing webmaster tool Error: Sitemap couldn’t Fetch and General Http Error .when you encounter this sitemap error what you should do? You can encounter lots of problems while you submit a site map to the webmaster.

Before going to fix sitemap error as Webmaster Tool Error, Let’s know a bit about what is sitemap and types of sitemap in basic which is briefly described below.



Fixing webmaster tool Error Sitemap couldnt Fetch and General Http Error
Fixing webmaster tool Error Sitemap couldn’t Fetch and General Http Error

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What is sitemap?

A sitemap is simply the blueprint of your own website. These sitemaps help search engines to find, crawl, and index the content of your website. The sitemaps can be single or multiples. Moreover, these Sitemaps of your site tell that which pages on your site are important to index.

Sitemap SEO is an essential part of your website indexing also, we can also do it. we will be discussing it in future other posts too.

Types of Sitemap

Generally, there are four main types of sitemaps for any website. They are as follows:

  1. Normal sitemap
  2. Video Sitemap
  3. News Sitemap
  4. Image Sitemap

1. Normal Sitemap

  1. Normal sitemaps are the XML sitemaps which are of the most common type of sitemap.

2. Video Sitemap

These are sitemaps containing the video information of your site. They are used specifically to index the video and video information in the google search engines

3. News Sitemap

These News Sitemaps usually help Google find the news content on sites. Generally, they are approved for Google news sitemaps

4. Image Sitemap

Image sitemap is the sitemap file for the images contained in your site. They contain information on all the images on the website. They are helpful for crawling and indexing whole images of your website.

These all types of sitemaps you can submit in the webmaster tools as submit google sitemap or submit bing sitemap or submit bing sitemap or submit yahoo sitemap or submit Yandex sitemap

Most popular sitemaps submit Webmaster tool

The most popular sitemaps or most commonly used submit sitemaps are submit google sitemap for the google search engine. As said earlier besides google, the other commonly used tools for submitting sitemaps are bing, Yandex, or Baidu and Yahoo search engine website.

Every search engine has its own tool. The commonly used tools are :

  • Google webmaster tool
  • Bing webmaster tool
  • Baidu webmaster tool
  • Yandex webmaster tool
  • Yahoo Webmaster tool

These tools are used for the respective search engines for indexing and crawling of your website.

Fixing webmaster tool Error: sitemap couldn’t Fetch and General Http Error

Sitemap couldn’t’ fetch and General Http Error is the Webmaster Tool Error which can be seen during the submitting of your sitemap in google webmaster tool or other webmaster tools for the search engine website.

When you get this error then your site might not be crawled by the search engine and your site can lead to no indexing of your site. we should know how to fix sitemap error of this type otherwise it can hamper on sitemap SEO of your site.

The following are the step to be done if you got this error for your website as Fixing  this  Error: sitemap couldn’t Fetch and General Http Error as top recents website tips

  1. Make sure your website sitemap is accessed by Google Bot to get your WebPage
  2. Test your website sitemap with Google search console then if there is an error then fix it.
  3. Make sure that your website sitemap file is not blocked by Google Bot
  4. Check your sitemap if it is not throwing a 404 error page it means that your sitemap is returning a non-existing page.
  5. When you see a General HTTP error, check your sitemap folder if is accessible by Google bot or not
  6.  Be sure and check the path of your website sitemap if there is incorrect namespacing or leading whitespace
  7. do make sure your sitemap URL is correct while submitting


In conclusion, If a Webmaster Tool Error is encountered and the above-mentioned solution will surely help to solve this error for you.



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