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Fingerless boxing gloves for kids 2022

Fingerless boxing gloves are best for the kids to play boxing games. The best of these gloves for kids in 2022 are listed and discussed.

You’ve gone over the benefits of combat sports training and have decided to enroll your child for mixed martial arts training, what next?

Well, that’s easy! No martial arts training program is complete without the right tools and wearing the appropriate protective gear while training is crucial to protect your child from harm whilst also providing knockout results on the canvas. For  Boxing Referees too, these fingerless boxing gloves might not be used but for especially kids players need them.

If you’re browsing for the finest fingerless MMA gloves for your kids but can’t make up your mind, don’t worry; we’ve narrowed down the top gloves on the market and we’ve included extensive analysis for each of them to make your job of finding the best gloves for your children easier. Let’s dive right in.

Beginner Grappling Glove

When it comes to mixed martial arts it’s not just punches but lots of grappling involved. You can’t grapple with traditional boxing gloves, hence the need for fingerless gloves that allow freedom of movement and dexterity.

These beginner grappling gloves offer the perfect mix of agility to perform all sorts of grappling and submission locks as well as protection to deliver powerful punches to knock an opponent out whilst protecting your child’s hands from injury and harm.

The faux leather on these gloves ensures durability and is easy to clean ensuring a long-term partner for those intense training classes. The EVA foam padding and ergonomically shaped curved design are intended to keep the hands in a natural and ideal position to avoid injury and in a parent’s case any worry!

Color: Black/White

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Gender: Unisex

Mexican Quick Wraps

These hand wraps are as good as the grappling gloves above, the same intended purpose to allow the wearer’s fingers the freedom of movement necessary to grapple whilst also providing the necessary protection.

These hand wraps provide that protection with gel padding, the synthetic leather construction ensures long-term durability whilst the hydra mesh inner keeps moisture from sweat at bay.

The wraps mold to the shape of the hand and the Velcro strap closure on the wrist ensures the ideal fit. These gloves become one with the hands and are any mixed martial arts athletes’ number one choice.

Color: Black

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Gender: Unisex

How to measure

Ordering gloves online can be quite tricky, will they fit, will they not? What you need is the hand circumference and for that; measure the circumference of the palm, just underneath the knuckles around the broadest point of the hand.

Should be easy enough, fetch that measuring tape. Once measured, refer to the size guide to find the perfect size for your child.

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