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Must Have Equipments for My Horse Riding

Equipments for My Horse Riding you should know the most common and basic lists.  From safety to comfortable these things are needed as horse riding lessons before you start

If you’re new to horseback riding, the variety of equipment available can be overwhelming! New riders are frequently left to roam the aisles of a store or click through pages of merchandise online. Either for a newbie or perfect horse riders, safety equipment for riding a horse is needed.  if you are in travel and going to do horse riding as   Desert Safari Dubai or for horse racing these basic and safety things are always to beknown before. Also, you can take horse riding lessons for this.

Here’s a list of essential horseback riding gear for beginners that includes everything you need to learn about each item.

This article will help you stay focused on the most crucial pieces of equipment to purchase when you’re just getting started. Everything may appear to be a lot, but we’ll break that down for you so you can comprehend and figure out what you need. This dictionary of equestrian terms may be useful if you come across any unfamiliar terms or wish to learn more.

As a horse rider, these are the major Must-Have Equipment for My Horse Riding you should know.

My Horse Riding Equipments
My Horse Riding Equipments

Rider’s Must-Have Horse-Riding Gear

The gear you’ll need for yourself is the first item on the list. The majority of these goods contain safety features tailored to horseback riding. These are the basic and foremost things to learn as horse riding lessons

Riding Pants

Breeches are a type of horseback riding garment with an athletic appearance. They’re comprised of a lightweight, elastic fabric with no inside seams to reduce chafing.

They have a particular gripping fabric developed for safety and effective communication with the horse, and they fit tightly. Jodhpurs are another popular type for horseback riding, albeit they are more frequent among children.

There are many branded horse riding pants you can get from the market.

Riding Shirt

Your jeans should be designed for horseback riding, but you have greater flexibility with your shirt. There are shirts designed exclusively for equestrian riding that include characteristics that make riding more comfortable.

In a hurry, any shirt that doesn’t limit your mobility and is composed of a breathable fabric would suffice. Because you’ll be spending lots of time outside on horseback, it’s best to choose a shirt with UV protection.

My Horse Riding Boots

Any equestrian should have a decent pair of riding boots. It’s not a good idea to wear standard boots since they miss the safety mechanisms that riding boots have. To avoid your foot from slipping into the stirrup, equestrian boots have a short heel and a softly textured sole, as well as a strong toe box to safeguard your toes.

Tall boots are typically worn for shows, but they’re also worn for schooling and assist protect the seat from pinching. Paddock boots, sometimes known as short boots, are versatile and comfortable.

If you’re using paddock boots, you’ll really like to wear half chaps since they provide more grip and leg protection. Check out brands like Ariat boots for some quality equestrian footwear.

Horse riding Helmets

All equestrians, regardless of skill level, should wear a horse-riding helmet. Horse riding is a risky activity with a high risk of head injuries. You’ll need a helmet developed expressly for horseback riding, as it contains the necessary safety features.

You must also ensure that your helmet is correctly fitted. This easy-to-follow instruction will teach you how to size your head for a horse-riding helmet.

If you got an accident then the proper wearing of the helmet will protect you from a head injury. Keep in mind that after wearing a helmet, be sure to tighten it properly to protect your head.

Safety Vest

A safety vest is another excellent approach to keep safe in the event of a fall from your horse. Your torso is protected by a safety vest against both a fall and the impact of hooves.

There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from, including those that are air-filled for increased protection. Safety vests are an excellent idea, even if they add some bulk.

The major things of safety vest to choose for my horse riding is important to be considered for your safety during the riding.

Riding Gloves

Gloves with good grip are needed for my horse riding. leather or rubber reins gloves are generally used however they are uncomfortable at first even though they are soft.

When you are in gloves,  your hands can sweat and make these reins slick which hampers the safe grip. So Riding gloves are needed for your hands and fingers’ safety.



My Horse Riding equipment is the common thing to be known before you are getting into horse riding. The knowledge of this equipment list makes you more perfect on going for horse riding. You should get these horse riding lessons in hand.

From comfortable boots, safety vests, strong and light helmets are major essential things you should not forget these horse riding equipments.



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