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Digital Marketing Campaign has become a challenge during the period of covid 19 pandemic period.

After the first wave, most of the countries are struggling the facing the second wave and don’t know the pandemic will go further. In this scenario, the digital marketing business has become a threat to all business owners.


From the small to bigger business are down and are in severe condition due to the bad market all over the world.  The global pandemic of Covid-19 whereas having its impact on varied sectors had a substantial impact on Digital selling and Advertising further, at global, regional, and native level.

Digital Marketing Campaign Impact: positive and Negative Aspect

However, this impact for many halves was a positive one, instead of what was being witnessed in varied alternative fields like economy, human resource, etc but the overall digital marketing business is the major thing to worry about now. The deadly pandemic virus created a heap of uncertainties among customers and marketers alike, with regard to health, social life, economic stability, employment,  as well

In the same way, the constant additionally crystal rectifier to behavioral shifts like operating remotely, defrayal heap of your time inside, adopting to home-schooling, learning new recipes from the net, increased attention on health and hygiene, avoiding jammed areas, increased social media engagement, shift towards online content, etc.,

Every one of those had a vast impact on selling and advertising efforts. The behavioral shift was preponderantly towards digital platforms and digital content, which created true opportunities for the marketers and makes to attach with the purchasers digitally quite ever before.

With increased social media engagement and searching for digital content, digital media provided marketers with a heap of opportunities to money on and know the digital marketing campaign its positive and negative impacts.




These are the major impacts on the digital marketing campaign due to the corona periods. Not only particular local area it has affected over all over the world very badly. Let’s know the most common impacts as below.


1.Increased Social Media engagement paved the manner for increased Social Media Marketing:

Due to the Covid-19 eruption leading to imprisonment and work from home being in situ, folks had a heap of free time, that they largely spent on social media. As a result, this provides a chance for marketers to take advantage of and higher connect with their customers through varied Social Media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,


2. Shift from K.P.I My expectations to life value:

Digital selling is historically supported by analytics and Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I) for activity the effectiveness and potency of digital selling campaigns. However, the eruption of the Corona Virus has low the importance of, and stress on K.P. I’s and increased the importance of client life worth in digital marketing campaign.


3. Increased demand for Video and MicroVideo Content:

While net revolution lead by Reliance Jio created net cheaper, the looks of Covid-19, created people heaps|most so free that they had loads of your time to pay presently. As a result, the demand for video content in Video streaming platforms like YouTube has increased staggeringly.

Similarly, just in the case of small video content platforms, there has been an enormous increase in demand. these items provided the marketers with a chance to bank on Video and small Video content to advertise and promote their product and services.


4. Surge in demand for Content Hubs:

Covid-19 imprisonment amount additionally saw a surge in demand for and viewership of immoderate Content Hubs such a Netflix and Amazon Prime as an immense digital marketing campaign.

The surge in demand for these platforms provides the Digital merchandiser with a chance to push and market their product and repair through these platforms.


5. Increased marketing research among customers:

Over the previous few months, the folk’s ar defrayal longer in researching regarding Vidyabharati International knowledge domain analysis Journal (Special Issue June 2020) on Impact of COVID-19 on varied  Areas of worldwide Economy, Sci. & Humanities 228 product and services online.

Thus, it forcing brands and marketers to manage their online names effectively and be responsive towards the client reviews and requests and avoid any doable backlash.


Hence, In the current situation, the

is at the center of all firms and Digital promoting is an essential tool within the hands of brands and marketers for implementing promoting strategies throughout the pandemic amount. Digital Marketing Company in Pune

Covid19 has placed  Digital promotion on Fast-track and paved the approach for more development and enhancement of  digital promoting activities and doing digital marketing business


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