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Diablo 2: Resurrected – Character Classes Guide

Oh my god, this wait is insufferable, isn’t it? Diablo 2: Resurrected is right around the corner, and we are all heaving with anticipation! The game is a remaster of the venerable original, coming out with stunning full 3D models, fluid animations, and in 4K UHD. Cherry on top, now you can thunder through the battles or relax in a soothing environment in epic 7.1 Dolby surround to boot.

That is all good, but what about the gameplay? As an RPG, which character will you choose to be your Avatar in Sanctuary? This is a big question for every RPG player and here we are with a comprehensive guide to Diablo 2: Resurrected character classes.

Diablo Resurrected
Diablo Resurrected

To be frank, the core gameplay has not been tampered with, so the old hands at Diablo 2 will see the same classes as they are familiar with.

You can also Find the Best Diablo 2 Items. But this guide is for the new people who have never played that game and will be starting it only with the Diablo 2 Remake. If you’re one of them, pay attention, here are the 7 classes in Diablo 2: Resurrected available to play at launch.


The Amazon

Do you like to build a long-distance relationship? Then choose the Amazon, who is adept at bows and throwing weapons like javelins. Her key skills trees can develop in the following paths:

  1. Bows and crossbows — with elemental arrows and many firing solutions.
  2. Javelin and spear — with elemental damages and more powerful attacks.
  3. Passive and magic — survival skills and deception magic skills.


The Assassin

First introduced in the Lord of Destruction expansion, the Assassin is a master of close combat relying more on the brain than brawn. The best thing about assassins is that they can open locked chests without a key, which makes for the best stealthy looting. You can lead your assassin down the following three skill paths:

  1. Martial arts — hit consecutively to gain charges and spend them all in one delicious killgasm of a finisher!
  2. Shadow disciplines — distract, hide, or evade enemies, or claw through them like an angry cat.
  3. Traps — are explanations really necessary here?


The Barbarian

In the traditional and classic tank class of Diablo games, this character is very tough and difficult to bring down. They are also the only ones able to dual-wield weapons. The barbarian flourishes in the following ways:

  1. War cries — you are the big meanie on the field, and you can shout everyone down.
  2. Combat skills — nothing fancy here, just hit better and hit with more moves.
  3. Combat masteries — a tank needs to be sturdier, stronger, and more hard-hitting than anything else around it.


The Druid

Masters of manipulating nature to do their bidding, the druid is your choice of Diablo 2 Resurrection class if you want to not only just kill things, but to control the battlefield. Flourishing the following three ways, druids can be extremely useful when managed well.

  1. Elemental skills — wind and fire manipulation, along with earth magic to fortify yourself.
  2. Shapeshifting — Transform into a ferocious werebeast and maul through the hordes. Lycanthropy, anyone?
  3. Summoning — call upon the wild animals for help, and ask nature to reinvigorate you.


The Necromancer

Hated by most, these vile sorcerers depend upon the dead to do their bidding on Diablo 2: Resurrected. They bind corpses and skeletons and leech off health from the living. The necromancer is another pet mastery class, moonlighting as a poisoner. Their skills grow in:

  1. Summoning — raising skeletons, zombies and golems is the bread and butter of a necromancer.
  2. Poison and bone — suit up in bone armor or stop them with a wall, or just plain poison them. So many choices, so few skill points.
  3. Curses — not to be confused with derogatory language, curses are direct spellcasting to damage and weaken enemies, often in large groups.


The Paladin

One of the most respected and bravest heroes, they are the best melee fighters and support others to win the battlefield. You can always depend upon a knight (paladin) to save the day, and so, choose this class if you’re quite new to the whole RPG thing. A paladin’s journey goes through:

  1. Defensive auras — generate auras to help protect from damage or rejuvenate.
  2. Offensive auras — exude terrible anger to make yourself and your allies much more effective fighters.
  3. Combat skills — faith-based white magic to help the soldier control the battlefield or to turn enemies.


The Sorceress

Elegant and mysterious, the sorceress stays at a distance and sets things on fire (or freezes them solid, whichever you like best). They are effective as support pure spellcasters in three elements:

  1. Fire — burn, burn, burn! Plus extra mana. Starter pack for the budding pyromaniac.
  2. Lightning — hold them in your zapping embrace. And you can blink around the battlefield. And telekinesis. And shied. Whoops, was this a subclass or a whole class?
  3. Ice — chill out with the sorceress’ cold magic, freezing everything to enjoy killing them slowly. Also, you get a cool armor, pun intended.


Wrapping Up

So, did you decide which Diablo 2: Resurrected class are you going to play? Oh, try them all in seven separate playthroughs, we daresay. We sure are going to be! Look out for the game launch in late 2021, we are already sick with the anticipation.



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