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Things to know before buying a video game gift card

Before buying a video game gift card, you should think to buy the best one that you are really in need of.

 As video games are getting popular, the demand for gift cards is rising. Now from kids to old, almost everyone is playing video games.

If you want to give a gift to someone, you might have some problem finding the right gift. But the one receiving the gift is someone who plays video games, then you can go for some gift cards.

But if you don’t know anything about game gift cards, then it will be a problem. Because there are different kinds of gift cards and they work on different platforms. Some are specific to a single game.

Things to know before buying a video game gift card
Things to know before buying a video game gift card

So, before you buy one, you need to know the kinds of gift cards, what the receiver uses to play, and what kinds of games he/she plays.

There are three types of gaming gift cards are available.

  • Platform-specific gift cards
  • Game-specific gift cards
  • Online store gift cards
  1. Platform-specific gift cards

By platform it means, the platform people use to play games like Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, PC, now mobile too.

Different people use different platforms to play video games, and often they don’t want to change their platforms because they are used to the platform they use to play.

But all these platforms have their own specific gaming gift cards that don’t work on others. A PS5 or PS4 gift card won’t work on Xbox or PC. Some people’s hobby are collecting gift cards; there are more than 20 websites to Sell Gift Cards For Cash legally in 2021.

  • Play Station gift cards: If the recipient uses PS4 or 5 then you can give him a PS4 or 5 gift card. Don’t worry, Play station gift cards are redeemed on PSN (play station network) which means, you can use any PS gift cards for all the PS series, whether it’s a PS4, PS3, or PS5. These gift cards can be used to buy Play Station games and movies.
  • Xbox gift cards: Xbox also works the same way. There are Xbox gift cards that can be used to buy Xbox games and movies. You can use Microsft gift cards for Xbox too. They can use the gift cards on the Microsoft store or in Xbox.
  • Nintendo gift cards: It is same for Nintendo switch. Nintendo cards are redeemed on the Nintendo e-shop.
  • PC: But for PC, there are different gift cards. There are different online stores to buy games like Steam, Origin, Roblox. These stores also have gift cards. But in Roblox, there are only Roblox games. So, if the receiver is a PC gamer, then know if he/she plays Roblox games or not.

Steam is the most popular on PC so you can go for the steam gift cards.

There are other online shops to buy PC games, but they don’t have gift cards.

  • Mobile: As time goes, mobile gamers are arising. For mobile gamers, there are google play gift cards available. These game gift cards can be used to buy games, books, movies, apps.
  1. Game-Specific gift cards

These are types of gaming gift cards that can be used on a single game and these cards are not for buying games. Rather these gift cards are used to buy a game costume, skin for weapons, or other accessories. Sometimes there are special items that can be obtained through real money.

They can also use these game gift cards to buy in-game currency and season passes.

But in this case, you have to know which game the recipient likes the most.

You need to know on which platform they are playing the game too.

  1. Online store gift cards

Knowing which platform they play games on, which games they play might be hard to get. The one getting the gift might have a different taste by the time they get the gift.

They might like to change the platform and game on others or might go for a new game. In that case, you can give them these gift cards.

You can give them

  • Visa gift card
  • Walmart gift card
  • Target gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Apple gift card

With these gift cards, they can buy any game they want. They can also buy game accessories like headphones, a controller, a mouse, a keyboard, and many more.

They can buy other stuff with these cards too.



Game gift cards are good for giving them as a gift. You can use these gift cards for yourself too. If you don’t want to use your bank account to connect with game platforms for security reasons, then gift cards are an awesome substitute. Again, kids don’t have a bank account, they can’t buy games or game items. So, they will be happy to get a gift card.



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