5 Tips for Designing Your Military Challenge Coin
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5 Tips for Designing Your Military Challenge Coin

Military Challenge Coin Designing has lots of good tips.  Military service members know how difficult it is to serve the country. It’s great to present them with something that reminds them that you appreciate their sacrifices and efforts.

Military challenge coins are a perfect gift to the ones who serve the country. It provides them with a tangible memory that they can cherish for years to come. However, you want to give them Challenge Coins with meaningful and unique designs. Here, we will discuss the best tips for designing challenge coins for the military.

 Designing Your Military Challenge Coin tips

1. Act Early

If you plan to present a custom challenge coin to a military member, act early. It takes time to create a design that suits the person or troop and add details that will make it unique. You don’t want to rush the design. This can lead to a common challenge coin.

Create a design and submit it to a manufacturer well in advance of the presentation day. Some manufacturers may need to contact you for samples or corrections.

2. Use Colors

You don’t have to stick to the typical colorless military coin style if you don’t want it. If you think the colors fit your design best, don’t be afraid to add them. There is no limit to the colors you can choose for your military challenge coin.

Just like creating a logo, keep the psychology of color in mind when designing your challenge coin. Colors are powerful elements, and some colors affect someone’s mood or reactions. and find a way to incorporate it into your project. For example, your unit has been serving all year in a country with warm climates.

To give back a feeling of nostalgia, use warm colors like red, yellow, and orange. You can also go for a warm color finish like gold or copper.

3. Add Elements

Don’t get stuck with the typical challenge coin design elements. Ignore the navy symbol and add something else the recipients will love. This may sound like an inner joke that the whole unit is sharing.

It doesn’t always have to be a formal or serious challenge coin design. What’s important is that it elicits positive emotions in recipients, like bringing a smile to their faces. It may be something that brought troops together during the deployment. If the unit shares a religion, add a verse that keeps everyone motivated.

4. Pay Attention to Details

The signs and text of the challenge coins grab the viewer’s attention with a single glance. However, you can get people to take a closer look by adding details to your design. These details are easy to overlook, but they affect the overall look of the coin.

You want to incorporate these fine details into your design, even if you’re creating a simple design. Paying attention to these little things is the secret to livening up the challenge coins.

5. Design the Reverse

Remember that the coin has two sides, so don’t neglect the reverse of the coin. It serves as the second half of the canvas. If you want to get the viewer’s attention on the front, keep the back design simple.

You can only put one word or phrase on the back, you can also place the military branch logo on the back. If you want to add weight to your design, do it so that the front and back complement each other.

Last Lines

These are things you need to remember when designing military challenge coins. Just keep in mind that the coin presented should bring up positive emotions in the recipient which he can cherish for years to come.

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