Configuring Steps for NTC ADSL Router installation

ntc adsl setting
adsl ntc setting

Nepal Telecommunication Corporation or NTC ADSL router need to be installed before its use. if you dont know how to install the router here are the details and short steps regarding the setup of ADSL router and connecting the NTC Network for using the internet at your home .many companies  provide internet in the market. Now a day’s fiber network are also available in market. To run internet in mobile and computer at first router is needed to be configured without configuration internet cannot run.So here we can configure NTC ADSL setting in TP-LINK Router or similar other routers

Steps to install ADSL router for NTC connection

  • Disconnect your telephone line from distribution point inside your house
  • Connect it to the input of splitter
  • Connect DSL modem in the splitter interface marked ‘modem’ with R-J11 connecter
  • Connect your telephone set in the splitter interface marked ‘phone’
  • The computers are connected with RJ 45 or USB interface to connect to the DSL Modem.
  • Then create the PPPoE Dial Up connection.Because ADSL can be used for broadband access and involves a wide range of multimedia services, you are recommended use a computer with such configurations :
    • Shall be equipped with the 10M/100M Ethernet adapter or USB 1.1. or higher interface
    • Shall support the TCP/IP protocol.
    • CPU above Pentium III, 128 M memory, 10 G hard disk, graphic accelerating adapter with above 2 M displays memory, audio adapter and sound box.
    • Operating systems can be Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. For system configuration in the WEB interface, the browser of Internet Explorer V 6.0 or later.
  • If you need extensions, connect it after splitter only. (Important!)


To Set up TP-LINK Router with NTC ADSL Setting Follow the following steps:

  1. Open router setting
    To open router setting just type ( or ( in browser address bar
  2. Page will open asking username and password
    Type user name and password (Default username and password is admin and admin)
  3. Quick Start tab
    Click Run Wizard
    It will show this 4 steps
    step 1. Choose your time zone
    Step 2. Set your Internet Connection
    Step 3. Wireless network configuration
    Step 4. Save setting of this ADSL Router
    Click NEXT button
  4.  Time Zone selections
    Select GMT+05:30 Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
    Click NEXT button
  5.  ISP Connection Type
    Chose PPPoE/PPPoA
    Click NEXT button
  6.  PPPoE/PPPoA setting
    Username: adsl(land line number) (Usually Username and Password is adsl with phone number)
    Password: adsl(landline number)
    Connection Type: PPPoE LLC
    Click NEXT
  7.  Wlan setting
    Access Point: Activate
    SSID: Free Wifi (Name to display you can write anything)
    Broadcast SSID: chose Yes ( to display SSID if you chose No It will not display you wifi SSID)
    Authentication Type: always chose WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    Encryption: TKIP/AES
    Pre-Shared Key: 123456789 (Wifi Password you can write anything but don’t forget)
    Click NEXT and its done


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