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8 Simple Tricks to Crack Competitive Exams

We all know that cracking a competitive exam is an onerous task. Candidates use their wits’ end to study for the exams. Ever wondered why candidates pour hard efforts to prepare for the exam?

It is because cracking a competitive exam is the only way to secure a government job in India. You need to dedicate months of preparation to cover the humongous syllabus of government exams. Following a systematic routine can work wonders for you. Additionally, you need to keep yourself calm and poised during your preparation phase. 

Every year the government of India conducts a plethora of exams to select capable personnel. The public banks of India issue notifications every year to conduct exams for designation of PO, Clerk, SO, etc. A bank exam notification is released approximately three months prior to the exam date. Stay focus is need for Preparing for Government Exams.

Simple Tricks to Crack Competitive Exams
Simple Tricks to Crack Competitive Exams

If you are planning to appear for any competitive exam, make sure you are ready to do hard work. Many candidates remain oblivious to the effective tips and tricks that can help them ace exams. 

Here we have jotted down eight  simple and suitable  tricks to crack competitive exams:

1. Have a thorough understanding of the exam

The Indian government conducts various exams at different times.  Each exam has its own eligibility criteria and exam syllabus. Firstly, you need to know whether you are eligible to appear for the exam or not.

Afterward, gather information regarding exam patterns and syllabus. It is advisable to pick a reliable source for collecting this information. You can go through the official website of the exam conducting bodies. Otherwise, this information is meticulously mentioned in the official notification. Getting exam information can help you set a study structure for yourself. 

2. Design a timetable

It is mandatory to manage your time during the preparation period. Preparing a timetable can help you prepare for the exam in an organized way. Try to make a timetable in which you’ll give equal importance to every subject of the exam. Also, list your hard tasks on the top. Completing your hard tasks first can keep you stress-free.

Moreover, you can choose those hours of the day when you feel most productive. It can help in easy retention of topics. Additionally, don’t forget to assign yourself short breaks. You can rejuvenate yourself in those short breaks. Avoid studying for long hours, it can lower down your efficiency to prepare for the exam. 

3. Avoid Rote Learning

Understanding the concepts through the heart can help you solve the toughest questions. Never commit this mistake to adopt rote learning methods. This way you’ll not be able to get conceptual clarity. Without a doubt, it’s tough to prepare for the government exams.

So, you can create acronyms and memory tricks to retain the concepts of different subjects. Understanding the concepts can help you to retain the concepts for a longer period of time. 

4. Self-evaluation is Necessary

Candidates generally engage themselves in regular learning. However, it is essential to brush up on yourself by analyzing your performance.  So, how can you do that? It is possible by solving mock tests or previous year papers. Practicing mock tests can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it can aid in improving your weak points. Also, you’ll be able to increase your speed and accuracy of solving questions. 

In addition to it, you can go through the previous year’s papers to judge the difficulty level of exams. For self-help, you can solve previous year’s papers. 

5. Opt for an appropriate set of books

Study material is an essential part of competitive exam preparation. You need to pick the books that contain topics of the exam syllabus. Additionally, you can take help from various online portals. It is recommended not to collect jumbles of books. Collecting enough books can only create a mess around you. Instead of creating a mess, try to purchase books that are according to the exam syllabus. 

6. Avoid the last-minute rush

A majority of candidates fall into the vicious circle of procrastinating. This is one of the lethal habits a candidate can follow. Try not to postpone your tasks. Instead, adhere to the routine you have set for yourself.

Keeping everything for the last minute can create rush and anxiety. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to retain the concepts during the last hours. You can keep your last hours to revise the concepts instead of preparing a new one. Furthermore, you can also keep your last hours to clear your doubts or practice mock tests. 

7. Swear off Distractions

Every candidate feels distracted while preparing for the competitive exams. However, it’s vital to refrain from every distraction during exam preparation. It is noticed that candidates fritter their time scrolling social media.

You have to keep your smartphones off during study hours. Moreover, you can avoid parties during your preparation. Do your best to keep yourself away from distractions. 

8. Keep a check on your health

In the haste to perform well in the exam, candidates ignore their health during the preparation period. It is very important to make your good health so, while preparing for the exam you need to take care of your health. Good health can help you achieve your desired goals.

Try to intake a diet that can fulfill all the necessary nutrients for your body. Following a good diet can help you maintain high energy levels while studying for the exam. Additionally, you can exercise daily to keep yourself physically fit. Doing this can improve your focus to study for the exam. 

7 Tips to prepare Competitive Exams

To prepare and crack competitive exams, First of all, you need to be dedicated and you have to do the hard work. it should have well analytical and mathematical skills. For scoring high in competitive exams, You can follow these steps  in this  section:

  • Always plan the reading and plan the test accordingly by yourself
  • Collect and Practice past question papers. Practicing old questions will provide you with exam patterns and be able to prepare accordingly.
  • Always practice full-time mock papers. Regular practice on mock paper will make you the way of answering and time management.
  • Jot down the important formulas and major points which will help to enhance your speed and accuracy of the answer
  • Always start with the question which you are most comfortable with. Try to do the confused and difficult one at the end. By this, you can save time and you will not get nervous
  • Make daily revision time so as to memorize the previous time preparations
  • Do not discuss with yoursarounds. This can eventually get confusion and loss of time during the exam time.

Currently, there are a number of Punjab govt jobs in the queue. It is a golden chance for the residents of Punjab. Interested candidates need to crack an exam organized by the government of Punjab to secure a job. 


Cracking a competitive exam would require you to put in sincere efforts with unwavering dedication. Most of the candidates remain oblivious to the useful tricks that can help them channel through the exams.

They can go through the aforementioned tips before they start preparing for the exam. So, follow these tips strictly to taste the fruit of success. 




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